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Monster hunter 3 demo...my play through

So yah....my play-through of monnster hunter 3,its hella fun I like using heavy bow and switch axe....so I beat the 1st boss with ease.....yah switch axe is beast,then later I decided I wanted to fight qurepeco the second demo boss with my heavy bow,which by the way is like walking around with a bazooka..so im fighting qurepeco who has the ablity to mimic other creatures....and wtf did he mimc this time........a GIANT WAYVERN!!! A>K>A a giant ass dragon....I died :) with 1 hit cause im stupid and could'nt doge :(.

Making a family....mh3 style

So if any of you guys are gonna pick up MH3 let me know I want to start a tribe on there I need 3 more people since its 4 player co-op and im one of the 4 just leave ur friend codes on here ...only if your gonna get it tho!!

Yay!! new games im getting

Ok so I dropped my dough for monster hunter 3 tri!!! specail edition with black classic controller pro,also im saving for TvC since I will no longer be playing ssbb any longer,I lost all fun for that game...and thats about it guys!

In my collection of games



2.rockband 2

3.Guitar hero 3

5.Mortalkombat vs Dc

6.Streetfighter 4

7.Assassins creed

8.Assassins creed 2

9.devil may cry 4

10.Ninja gaiden


12.Fall out 3

13.Dark sector

14.Gears of war 2

15.Modern warfare

16.modern warfare 2

17.bio shock

18.rainbow six vegas 2

19.army of two

20.mass effect

21.Dead space

22.Resident evil 5

23.left for dead

24.kung fu panda

25.lego indiana

26.crack down

27.saints row 2

28.Fable 2

29.scene it box office smash

30.your in the movies