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Danish dramedy about midlife crisis, flavored with 0.5 ppm alcohol.

The plot in the plot is inherently basic and unpretentious. Four old friends, twelfth grade teachers (historian, physical education teacher, psychologist and music teacher) at one of their birthday start to discuss the theory that from the very birth somebody suffers from too little alcohol within the blood. Me and my wife watched Druk movie 2021 on 123movies blog online.

They plan to test this theory on themselves - solely to examine the psychological and therapeutic effect of alcohol, as well as to observe possible improvements in her own professional and social competencies when using it, employing strictly working hours, wood breathalyzers and meticulously recording all the new changes in life. ...

It is actually logical to assume that something need to have prompted the heroes for this slightly reckless venture. Just what exactly is exactly what we observe further inside the plot. Outwardly, seemingly quite successful in daily life, seemingly well-off average European "bourgeois", these four friends actually wind up somewhere deep in their souls truly unhappy, taking taste and inspiration for life, you are themselves - each their own, however in general it feels very similar. Here you will have the notorious "midlife crisis" that covered the heroes using heads. The experiment began quite successfully. Maintaining a state of constant drunkenness has yielded initially encouraging results.

But ... you know, the further in the forest, the more firewood breaks on the road of life. The euphoria from your successful introduction of the experiment leads that the the libations of the heroes are gaining momentum - a lot more doses and more and more degrees ...

And somewhere here, in the center of the film, the rather lightly comedic tone in the film is gradually turning into a dramatic one, depicting in bright colors the inevitable steep peak of your gallant four of alcoholic experimenters. An invigorating and inspiring few sips of alcohol in the morning, somewhat in a special afternoon and more - for just a good mood at night, gradually and steadily, along a sinusoid, slide to states of uncontrollable binges. All this started so well, right? As it can often a loads of cash attentive viewer, Thomas Winterberg's film is not very popularizing alcohol in order out associated with a problem.

It is also not an anti-alcohol manifesto. Not surprisingly, the theme of degree drinks runs during the entire plot similar to a red thread, linking each of the events going down together. It may not be for nothing that a few minutes of screen time was used on a humorous archival cut with not too sober famous politicians. For Denmark itself, with it's external well-being, the main topic of alcohol abuse (especially among the younger generation) is already quite acute. Yes, yes, and exactly the same race of schoolchildren around the river with a box of beer - this tradition also transpires with take place in Denmark.

While the main focus with the film is presented to some middle-aged teachers, the characters with the schoolchildren are also crucial in the plot. That may see some kind of comparison here. Schoolchildren, graduation class, exams, a new stage - going into adulthood, you will find fears, doubts, and not enough confidence in oneself and ones own strengths. Similarly, the personalities of the four main characters can be looked at from the same angle. They - today's ones - are unsure of themselves, have drowned in their own personal gray monotonous everyday living, have long lost (somewhere while in the depths of themselves) the taste for life-long, its small sometimes more so - great joys. And are generally also overcome (carefully hidden from others) internal fears of doing the like, perhaps even dashing and fun-reckless, to be able to return the sensation of former youth again, breathe deeply and feel like here you go - life, around, and yes it actually pretty cool. But ... to achieve this - there may be neither the courage nor great and bad the fallen and indifferent to everything along with the whole spirit. There are actually obvious symptoms of the notorious “midlife crisis&rdquo ;.Feeling as if you're standing on a platform, as well as your train left without you.

In the context of the plot, alcohol can be viewed by both the younger generation along with the older as a type of panacea for those internal fears and barriers. However, the "green serpent" is insidious, and hobby for him does not produce anything good. Perhaps this really is one of the many leitmotifs of your film "One More Each ".But, with thanks to the directorial and screenwriting talent of Thomas Winterberg, this semantic load doesn't put pressure around the viewer with the burden of moralizing, but is presented very skillfully and subtly. Having been released and noted at possible (in today's limited pandemic conditions) festivals, the film has recently won rave reviews from critics, several prestigious awards and, above all, the passion for the audience. All this can be the common merit from the entire team of creators who worked together. The director and scriptwriter - Thomas Winterberg - dedicated the film towards the memory from the tragically deceased daughter, who had been likely to have fun playing the daughter of the key character from the film. This fact, certainly, added its own emotional, deeply truthful color towards picture.