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This massage many times produces a moderate climax. Sharon was no exception. Her hips were bucking and flaying with each in and out mini thrust. She was squealing with lust and excitement. I now knew from which parent she gets all this sexual energy. By the time I approached the 12 o’clock position, Sharon was panting and contracting her vaginal muscles around my fingers. This time her climax was the biggest yet; but not the last. I wanted her to know the big one. 0 - xporno.top 1 - https://xporno.top/cat/massage/ Michelle and Ellen became close friends at work. I was waiting to see if Michelle was going to talk to Ellen the following Monday. Coffee break time came upon us quickly this day. Michelle and Ellen never got together at break time. Later while filing some folders next to Ellen’s cubicle I caught a lucky break. Neither Michelle nor Ellen knew I was nearby. I heard Ellen ask, “How was your massage Saturday?” Michelle couldn’t wait to tell her. I heard her say, “I got more aroused and exited than the first time. I don’t know if it was because I was more relaxed to start or just Pete’s magic fingers. I almost came right there on his massage table. He didn’t seem to do anything different than the first time, but my tummy was fluttering and I could feel myself getting wet. I almost felt like asking Pete to touch me more intimately, but I felt embarrassed.” Ellen spoke up and said, “I know just how you felt. The same thing happened to me the last several times I went to Pete. I still haven’t told Pete how I felt from his tender hands smoothing out all the aches and pains and stresses from working all week. I am going to get up the nerve to ask him next time if he would give me a different type of massage. I’m seeing him this coming Saturday. I’ll tell you all about it.” I was thinking, “That little conniving sweetheart, Ellen. She knows I’ve just started stepping lightly over the legal boundaries of massage with her, but she is trying to get Mich to do the same thing.” It looked like my future as just a plain ordinary massage therapist was going to be called massaged ‘specialist.’ Just then I heard Michelle, “Maybe I could book an appointment with you. I’m getting aroused just thinking about it.” It was time for me to go file elsewhere. I had heard too much already and I felt myself getting stimulated.