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Face Of GameStation

Long time no blog but just wanted to announce that I am now a 'Face' of GameStation. The UK games retailer that I work at. Im on the far left :)

Got A Job In GameStation

Been a long time since I visited this site ! I got a job at a local games store, Gamestation. So im happy to work with something I like. Waited for Alpha Protocol for far too long & im going to play it this week but im not sure how good it will be since reviews have said its pretty poor !

Completed Bioshock 2 & Now Stuck For What To Play Next

Got Bioshock 2 on Monday, the Rapture edition with the fantastic artbook. Tonight I completed the 'evil' story/ending. I must say, I feel so underwhelmed by it ! I have done a review anyway, if anyone cares to read. But now I feel stuck for what game I should buy next, any suggestions ?

Finding Me On Sites// Blah Blah Blah

Hey all :) Cant believe its February already ! The only new game I got recently is Smackdown Vs Raw 2010, it was cheap & its fun so who can blame me ? My Bioshock 2 got despatched on Tuesday, I preordered it from Zavvi because they were the only online site offering the art book unless I got the special edition. Just hope it lives up to my expectations ! Also wanted to post my new obsession at the moment, Formspring ! You can follow the link to ask me anything, you dont need an account to ask things; www.formspring.me/missqueenvee Look forward to your questions :P

Almost 2010

I felt like I needed to update this thing, so what have I been up to ? I got Tekken 6, done about 70% of the scenario mode but I havent enjoyed it as much as the earlier titles & Azazel is just a pain, but I managed to beat him in Arcade mode. So I may be selling it at the exchange store, havent played it in a month. Tonight I got full achievements on Assassin's Creed II. Really enjoyed the game, thought it was great ! Not sure what I will play next, waiting on Bioshock 2 ! Hope everyone has a happy new year :)

New Xbox 360

After a week of my Dad trying to fix my old Xbox, I gave in & bought a new one. Just the original core console so I could just pop my old hard drive back in ! Happy to be back on XBL & complete Resident Evil 5 ! Just got to find people to team up with in Versus now :)

Rest In Peace Xbox 360

So yes, as the title suggests... my Xbox 360 got the RROD last night. Was in the middle of playing Resident Evil 5 when it froze & the screen went blank, took the game out, restarted the console & there the lights were...blinking away at me (T____T) Naturally im pretty upset, ive only just recently got some new games, renewed my LIVE account and got some Microsoft Points. Rang them up today, im out of warranty so im paying £80 to have it fixed & get another years warranty. Some people suggested me buying a new console but shops only offer a 12 month warranty anyway. Not really happy bunny at the moment D; Poor Xbox 360.

My first few weeks on here...

Forgive me for my title being pretty wrong, since I joined this site last year BUT never really took part in forums etc. I am now level 5, enjoying my time on here. There are some cool people. I never know what to put in site blogs, so if there is anything you want to ask me about my interests, favourite music, films etc. go ahead :D On to games chatter, I hadn't really been looking forward to any new games apart from Fallout 3 GOTY until I saw Alpha Protocol. Previously I hadn't taken notice that it was a modern day RGP ! *head desk* So im planning to buy that ! Im also going to give Mass Effect another try, I played it last year & never got into it. Maybe because I went out & bought many games at once that overshadowed it. Hopefully I can get into it more. In life, I have a computing mathematics exam at university tomorrow, eek ! Nervous. So that's where I will leave my blog, time to revise !


I thought I may as well use my first blog post as an introduction. My name is Viki, I am 19 years old from the UK. I have a Xbox 360, PS2 & a Nintendo DS and myfavourite game genres are RPG & RTS. Games like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion & Fallout 3 are what I enjoy the most, I prefer mass exploration, attention to detail & a good storyline. Some people say that it isnt possible to have a great story in a sandbox/exploration game but these two games are my favourite for a reason. I rarely pay full price for games anymore because I dont see how a game like COD can be the same price as Fallout 3. One can be done in 5 hours while the other takes weeks to complete fully ! I guess what im trying to say is, I love RPG & hope to enjoy my time here at GameSpot.