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OMG its been awhile!

So yah. I gotta check in more often. But I arrive with good excuses!

I finally found and decided on a condo to purchase and closing was on June 30. The month before that was spent jumping through hoops of paperwork and arranging movers and carpet cleaners, etc. I moved in that day and I'm fairly settled at this point but it doesnt quite feel like "home" yet. Its weird having so much space after living in a studio apartment for 4 years and the idea that I "own" the place.

In addition to settling in, I've been spending much of my spare time playing WoT (world of tanks). Its free and very addicting! (BTW, the alienware survived the move.) My name on there is the same and I can be found in the 13TH2 clan.

Other than that, July is hell month at work as everyone is taking time off and the schedule is more haywire than usual. Luckily I am one of the people taking vacation and as of 8pm Thursday I will be free for about 9 days!

I have made advancements quitting the cigarettes. I'm down to a pack a week instead of 2+ packs a day. I'm now a "vaper" and smoke digital (e-cigarettes). I also opted to follow the Dr's suggestion and take welbutrin to help quit. (Not to mention some xanax for when I feel like Im going to blow up)

I've also been Zilla free for quite a few months but get the occasional text (just blocked her number again) and a surprise stalking visit before I moved.

Thats all for now. Hope everyone is doing well and you are in my thoughts!



Moving forward! Finally got a new console! Weeeeiiii!

Spring has sprung, although on Friday this area is due for a few inches of snow. Last hoorah.

Making this a year of CHANGE! Gonna kick those damn cigarettes next month and getting on a health kick. (Found out I have high blood pressure last week) Guess I gotta quit salt, (OMG now that I'm watching sodium levels I see how much is really in what I've been eating) excercise, (Great excuse to buy the Wii and the Fit package, yay!) and avoid stress...which has led me to finally tell the drama queens I hang with that I will no longer do so. (FREEDOM!!) It was getting old and so am I.

Blah dee blah. Time to sniff around and see what I've been missing around this place.


The more things change...

YEP, the more they stay the same. AHHHHH contradictions!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Riding the wave here. Fell off and swallowed some water a couple times but nothing thats going to keep me from riding it again.

Not ready for summer...unless it rains every day.