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Going back to the US of A! couldn't be happier

So ive been living in New Zealand the past year and a half for family reasons. Going to college here was very...lame lol. Found out a lot about myself though. so that's a plus. going to be moving to texas. i applied for a spring semester entrance so hopefully one of the 3 colleges accept me. im incredibly nervous. i find out in about one month. i should be good though. other than that, nothing has really been going on. just dealin with life, finding out who i am and who my real friends are.

My car was broken into.

im so MAD!!!!! i SWEAR i kept it locked but apparently i didnt. passenger side door was unlocked. its not like I have a good car, its a 91 mazda. i had my ipod, gym shoes, gym towel, sunglasses and my radio in it. all of them were stolen. how can someone be so heartless? how poor and effin ignorant about the world do you have to be to steal peoples possessions that they worked countless hours for? GREAT 2nd day of college. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /rant.

Rap Lovers! attention!

if you like rap/hip hop but are sick of mainstream stuff check out Syntax. he's from austrailia and he only has one album. The Musical. its really good and i definitely recommend it. he doesn't talk about the things that lil wayne mostly raps about like "money, cars, women." he's more real. xD

Embarrassing Profession?

So i want to be a nurse. I told some germans at work because they asked and they said something in german to each other and laughed. WTH MAN!!! its my first time meeting these people and they have the audacity to just laugh at me? god, it made me feel so insecure. ive gone so long not caring what people think about it but when its RIGHT there in your face, its kind of hard to ignore. i feel very embarrassed now. :( almost ashamed. help!

I actually LIKE my job.

I pack Kiwi Fruit boxes all day long for sometimes 12 hours with an 1 and a half break (2 15 minute breaks and 2 half hour meal breaks) but i actually like it. I met ALL sorts of people there. Malaysians, Germans, and one from the Czech Republic. Also i met 2 argentinians which was REALLY cool because i was able to use my Spanish with them. that was really fun.

So i only worked for a week so far but i almost love it. Everyone there is really nice. plus i get a good workout carrying 25 lb boxes and sometimes 50 lb ones.

In Conclusion, its funny how things turn out to be better than expected. I notice that happens a lot in life.

I have a job now. ugh

I gotta job packing kiwifruit boxes here. i start on monday. i would normally be psyched but its 9 hours 6 days a week and sometimes i get to work 12 hours! i honestly dont know how i'm going to have time to play games, read, or do anything i enjoy doing. It starts at 8 but ill have to get about around 5 if i want to work out before. i'm really starting to hate this idea. i won't have time for anything! ugh. /depression rant

I finally went out to clubs while being here in NZ!

So yesterday i went to a few clubs with some people and drank. man i haven't drank in a while! i had a lot of fun. its funny how i met them because our realtors daughter agreed to take me out with her and her friends. i met a lot of cool people! i needed that night because i was getting really depressed because i didn't know anyone. now i at least know a few people. :)

drinking age 18 FTW

Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, and universities!

I recently finished Heavy rain with all the main characters living!! im so proud of myself. i honestly would give this game a 10 out of 10. The gameplay was awesome and pretty intuitive. The story was what did it for me though. i loved the story. i was shocked when i found out who the origami killer was. Really good game!! buy it!!

I bought Uncharted 2 and am about to play it in a few minutes. I really enjoyed the first game and i hear that this one is even better. i heard online was fun too for it but i can't really see it being all that fun. I guess i will be the judge of that.

And yes, it may seem like an odd time to be applying to universities to those of you in the States but here in NZ its uni applying time!! I want to study to become a nurse. yes...a male nurse. "hahaha" I really hope i can become one though because i love helping people and there is a high demand here for male nurses. thats all i got to say. peace.