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Mastering Pesky Re:masters... Maybe.

My Utopia, wouldn't have ANY recent games Re:mastered
My Utopia, wouldn't have ANY recent games Re:mastered


After seeing details of the launch of Bioshock Trilogy's re:release, I saw some of the comments (not only on Gamespot) and was astounded at the volume of people wanting to buy this, even though they already owned it on a previous generation console. So began this rant on the state of console gaming... of sorts.

If this were real, I'd have 300G added to my tally
If this were real, I'd have 300G added to my tally

One of the reasons as to why I didn't go out and buy a PS4 or XBONE, in the first year of their launch was this remastering of barely old games. I was also sick of my games being tied to the generation of consoles it was launched on. I was on my 4th XBOX 360 in just 7 years of gaming on that platform, (two of which due to the dreaded Red Ring of Death), so the chances of digging out an older console each time, in order to play those older games tied to it, at a later date, is not really going to work any more, as they are just so unreliable.

Then came all the shiny "NEW" Remasters, meaning paying out more money, just to play the same games, I already owned!? Seeing as Backwards compatible was no longer a thing at the time, I said to myself, "F*** IT! I'm going to PC."

I know XBONE made BC a thing again, which is great and good on them for doing that but the lack of newer titles and the ever increasing pay to play online prices, it still wasn't enough to consider investing in a next gen console when they launched and still isn't now. The first time in almost 30 years, I have no console, nor any desire to get one. Such a shame.

Remasters, are not enough of a reason... FOR ME. Great if you feel otherwise. Remasters certainly have a place, I am not against them completely. I think they are a great way to get to play older games on previous consoles for people whom never got a chance to play them before. It is the ones that want to buy this, knowing full well what is in store for them, as they own all three already, that I scratch my head at.

Maybe I am just getting too auld for games. *shudder* Oh no, I hope not.

*This has been annoying me for some time, so this was just a quick rant using an older blog post I never quite completed, re:edited to incorporate the overwhelming acceptance of this Bioshock Trilogy remaster, from an Internet full of people, only too happy to buy the same games, they already own again. Which I am not 100% against, just disappointed in how console games have become this way and it is now so common place, it has become the norm.

Ghostbusters the game is ok in my book!

Having no new games to play around the festive period and still in complete annoyance over the lack of enjoyment i experienced from playing FABLE III, I decided to download GHOSTBUSTERS THE GAME from xbox live. Now i know of the reviews on websites about the game and i had heard the stories from friends who had bought it but i decided to give it a go anyway... to my surprise i liked it. I obviously have problems with the game but in the end, i thought overall it was good. Not GTAIV good but better than the general opinions of my mates was giving out about the game. First of all, i thought the characters was brilliant even if 'the rookie' (player) never opens his mouth to talk. I thought when i saw that the main cast was in the game that the creators would only use the audio used from the films but thankfully no. Even if it is following the basic format of the first film, the game still has a likeable story. Other pluses about it were the game graphics, which were also a surprise, as i said before because i had played FABLE III and frankly the graphics were a disaster, i wasn't expecting much! The downsides to the game are the obvious things like game length and depth and sometimes it wasn't exactly clear what was going on in the story but it cost me £15 unlike £38.99 i had paid for FABLE III. (did i mention i was disappointed with it?) So finally, if anybody wanted a game of good fun but were not worried about too much depth then i would recommend this as a simple but enjoyable gap filler until something better comes along... (FABLE IV MAYBE?,,, nah!) punksterdaddy