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Im BACK!!!

sorry guys i havnt been on in awhile...i been playin xbox live and had to catch up with school work and i had a girlfriend and was in a band but we broke up so now i'll be on alot more

i need 1 more officer for my punk union

o my god. im gonna die. its been forever and i still only have 3. i need 1 more. please if u like the music join up for officer or watever u have to do. ill invite u or watever just let me kno cuz its killin me. its like a gunshot throught the head and out the other way.


i beat sa fan today. 2wise. we were playin a game up to 250 but he was getting tired and wanted to do somethin else so we made it to 150 and i won and then i beat at zanzibar.

today was sooooo.......

BORING!!!!! it was like my sister's birthday and she finally got donky konga 2 and donkey kong jungle beat and meet the fockers movie and troy. that all i kno. other than that i had no fun. i beat halo 2 again. i just cant wait for me to hook up xbox live.

i hate sunday's

i went to church today. i didnt want to but my mom made me. then we went to get pizza. then we went shopping for my sister. she neded school shoes. i bought a new belt. then i went to gamestop to see if they had the red vs. blue series. it really funny. i remeber i had to download each episode from redvsblue.com. its a really funny series about the halo game. then i went to barns' n noble and got two books. slam and spare parts. spare parts is some army book about a dude in the war with iriq or somethin like that. i heard it was really good. slam is the sh**ty crappy ass book that i have to read for h.s. and thats about it. i saw some of the vma's but not all of it.

kung fu hustle

i woke up late today. was botherin my sister. and then i went to my friends house. his names chris. we played halo. had food, played hand ball all night then went back tonplayin halo but couldnt finish cuz i had to go. and thats it. and we didnt get to whach Kung Fu Hustle last night so we gonna whatch it tonight hopefully.

i went out 2day finally

today i went to blockbuster and rented Sin City and Kung Fu Hustle. i ran into my friend Steffon and we went to the library. i was supposed to get a book gor my h.s. but they didnt have it but i got an Isaac Asimov book called robot dreams and this learn how to draw anime manga monsters book. then i went to a pet stoer for no reason and then got mcdonalds and then went to another pet store and thats it. Steffon went back home i went home ate my food saw some tv. it was better than wat i did yesterday. thats cool

man i was so board all these days

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