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xbox live and stuff

well i was playing call of duty 4 yesterday and people talk about like how weak it is that you cant drink in the national gurad or they take away your scholorship and that he might not want to join now. and i was playing GH3 and i got the standard controller achievment i just turned on my controller and went to my completed hard career mode and i got it! and also, im planning on buying bully SE and rockband soon!

so yeah there yah go

why im frusterated at guitar hero 3

its not because i cant beat a song, its that my orang button isnt working and the yellow and green buttons make split second on offs every held note. usually at the begining. and on LIVE i have to play medium untill i get guitar hero 2 with the X-plorer guitar. witch i think looks tight. and when im playing LIVE on medium people that play expert come and beat me i get 96% on the devil went down to georgia they get 100%!!!! and if that doesnt happen people leave at the last second so i dont get the points!!!!! ARRHHGG!


well last night i ruined my oblivion GOTY disc because i accidently moved my 360 but i got it fixed. i beat shivering isles and knights of the nine. pretty ccol but KOTN was to short but the armor was cool. and shivering isles was cool and i get paid like 100 ever couple of minutes!

and p.s. i got ym gamertag:pspmax022

add me up

well theres still shopping to do...

and i can buy oblvion GOTY! yay! that will be so fun. my friend already bought it on the 26th and beat shivering isles yesterday morning. and i know about that game so i think ill beat it before he did. and i think ill buy call of duty 4 if i got the money :P

ok i got my

xboxlive and im gonna belaying forza 2, saints row, marvel ultimate alliance, and guitar hero 3 online. soo add me up

im pspmax022

im in underground

and i have barley like 300 Gamerscore i THINK

after my abbsense....

i got a 360 pro. i own forza 2 and marvel ultimate alliance and i am borrowing saints row. pretty kool. i reccomend it. and im getting rockband and GH3 for it for christmas. i got a new friend named Amber. i am going to ask her out sooner or later.

so yeah ive missed alot of things but, im sure no to important.:P

PS3 or Wii

lately i know i cant just have A nex gen console. i need 2 or more! so after my 360 should i get PS3 or Wii. post your answear!