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x06 is the big one for 2006 for microsoft

i think they will have all the details for halo the movie have gears of war movies tom lancy stuff assasins creed maybe halo 3 but i doubt it and we have no chance of seeing gta 4 because rockstar keep themselves to themselves

what a day im not aloud a wii but i got oblivion

i was in gamestation and i saw the advert for the wii and my mum said no chance so i was looking a the 360 bit of the shop then  i didnt see oblivion and my mum said what game are you looking for and i said oblivion so i went to gforce and they ordered it and it came within an hour so  ive played it a bit so read the rest about what i think of oblivion so far oblivion is the best game ever and i have only had it for an hour the storyline is better than lord of the rings and the gameplay is the best gameplay i have ever seen in a game so im away to play it for hours on end for weeks to come