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force unleashed 1 wii vs force unleashed 2 wii

alright having beaten both i gotta say the first force unleashed is a lot better than the second and i will touch up on points that the reviewers didnt.

first lets talk about what the second had done better. well it has better graphics better gameplay against regular enemies and because of this makes you feel like a badass since you don't die.

also regenerating health is a good thing too. alright heres comes the things it did worse and one of the major ones is the story. the possible clone of starkiller escapes vader and saves juno that is literally the game so yahh its paper thin.

the cameos were worthless other than to get fans excited as you never fight or train with boba fett or yoda.

the boss fights were also boring you had a machine,some kind of animal that could eat a rancor and darth vader thats it and all of them felt like chores. compare that to general kota,proxy,darth vader,the emperor,shaak ti, the green chick,the other sith lord as well as maris brood.

now another point to make is that the force unleashed wii had a lot more abilities. there are about 5 or so special attacks and 4 force powers in the second compared to three force powers and many more special attacks. its true you never had to use them but the same could be said for the second game as well.

bottom line wait till the game hits 20 or 30 dollars before buying i got mine in a amazon sale so i'm not complaining about the price anyway