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reviewing of games whats gets more comments negative or positive ???

this is just a something thats playing on my mind,and its just my thoughts agree or disagree im not really fussed when it comes to reviewing games im not sure of the whole process,how many hours are played if any and is it the complete game or beta,these thing i dont know,what i do know is that if you say something negative about a certain frnachise like the current aliens colonial marines,people will be bugging out me included,ive been waiting for years for this game to come out since the first story of the game was going to be an on the raills shooter,so when it finally came out and certain website sites have bagged the game i was wondering what the hell is going on they reported that the game has some bugs, hell alotta games have bugs when released and they usually get resolved in a few weeks or days depending how quick they are and those game still got good reviews so why is aliens colonial marines different ?? is it an easy target was someone wanting to push gearbox of their mantle,either way i just get tried of reviewers bagging games what do they want in a game hell we hae the next gen consoles comming out this year and im guessing the same type of games,to me a game that i can enjoy online or off is a good game whether the framrate is dodgy or crappy dialouge lol who gives just aslong as im enjoying it isnt that good enough,with aliens colonial marines drop in out co-op splitscreen mutiplayer im sure some willlike game i know i will i hope if not i will eat my words.. anyways just letting off some steam i hope you enjoy my banter

movies ,movies

ive been watching alot films threw my holidays ,ive enjoyed the hobbit,django unchained was excellent ,also i watched the impossible which was a very sad film but very good ,i think ill have to see lincoln and 7 pschopaths will watch crawlspace a brgade aussie sci/fi horror flick looks ok from the makers of wolf creek which is awesome film.

anyway here is my rating for the films ive seen




wii u worth getting or not

i see the wii u come out my thoughts are its just wii upgraded with a fancy tablet ,it has some cool designs but i dont think ill be out rushing to get this console ,hell i still wanna get a ps3 ,and i rather get that than the wii u ,i the only game that made me wanna get it was zombi u ,but that has gotten some negative reviews so i dunno ,either way no doubt there be tonnes of ppl buying it but i havent seen a huge cue at my eb games shop of people buying them so what are your thoughts on this console ,hell on any new console will they live up to the hype , to me i dont think nintendo wii u has, it will just another in 3rd place in the console war when xbox720 and ps4 comes out ,this just my opinion but would like to hear others on this :) thanks for reading this whoever you are

games bought today

3 cool games bought today well i hope there good got boderlands game of the year edition, dead island and rage which looks good.. all 3 for under 100 aus dollars which is pretty good . so got heaps of games to get threw wish me luck also any tips on these feel free to help me out thanks

fuse hiccups again

ok its been over 24 hrs now my posts appear then go ,i know im just venting out but this is just plain annoying .sick of the crap fuse needs to get it together thats why ppl who were on here before good friends of mine have left hell i was goin to recommend this site to some of my gamer friends but i wouldnt want them to be pissed off at me with fues technical issues which seems to be many .

fuse whats up with it :(

ok let me just say i like fusechat and thats why im here to say that its killing itself slowly when i first got on here i thought great ppl i can chat to about games popculture and had some really cool ppl to chat and post to ,but in last few months with glitches and ppl doing othe r things or moved on it is now pure and simple friggin boring hell i post on other ppls comments and put pics or vids but other ppl just dont bother so you just dont see what the point ,but my biggest grudge is fuse itself mygod i thought facebook was bad with glitches but i never lost posts or comments from facebook ,but fuse is just glitchy as hell im at the crossroads what do we do to make fuse bigger and better a glitch free who do we talk to any suggestions im guessing if anybody bothers to read this who am i kidding lol , anyways im just getting this off my chest .... thats what it all about freedom of speech and all that **** well its been fun ride so ... GAME ON PPL ..and most important with each other ok

max payne 3

just my copy of max payne 3 been waiting for yrs to play this so i hope its worth all the hype also scored left 4 dead 2 aswell woo hoo my weekend going to consist of gaming as much as i can

bad days

im usually a happy go lucky guy nothing really annoys me or gets on my goat but today i just seemed to be cursed .i must of pissed off a gypsy or a whole bunch of them , i had two near misses at work today and usually im careful as hell but today nothing seemed to go right at work , i was stacking cartons in the place that wont be named when one of them hit me in the neck and shoulder ot of the blue, stung like hell ive done a muslce in my neck , then later in the day was unloading a blast and one of the heavy metal poles dropped and cracked me in the side of the head ive never fainted or been unconcious in my life but today it came close , either way today sucked ass ,so im glad to be home alive and well with kids and wife and xbox :)

mine craft

hi will be working on next video review which will be minecraft,more like a tips review ,tyler will give you tips on minecraft and ill ask him questions keep watching :)

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