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  • prostatic wrote a review of God of War III.
    User Rating 8
    God of War III (2010)

    8.7. It delivers the ancient Greek goods in spite of some enemies/gameplay growing familiar - overgrown cerberus mutts are always some of the most problematic foes, period - and some questionable voi...

  • prostatic wrote a review of Odin Sphere.
    User Rating 9
    Odin Sphere (2007)

    Or rather, 8.9. It falls a bit short of perfection, but I think this game's been growing on me over the years, and it's probably going to improve with more time, even. At the same time, the parade of ...

  • prostatic wrote a review of Contra 4.
    User Rating 8
    Contra 4 (2007)

    8.0. It satisfies a niche and then some. While most of the boss fights aren't exactly difficult, this game just may hand you your ass at times (be it setpiece or enemy onslaught in sheer numbers) even...

  • prostatic wrote a review of The Legend of Zelda.
    User Rating 8
    The Legend of Zelda (1987)

    8.6. People still play this template-setting adventure because it holds up to this day. Few '80s and possibly '90s games stand a chance against its dated but enduring charm. In fact, it even holds its...