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***PROVING YOU HAVE TALENT, 4 different links***

***Calibrating your television***

It is always great idea to adjust/tweak your tv picture settings at least once every 6 months. By making minor tweaks to the color/contrast/sharpness settings, you can make a very big improvement to how the picture looks. Better picture quality can make an average game seem like an amazing game !!!

Also, important to keep in mind that ONE calibration setting does NOT fit all. I have about 3 different calibrations saved to my tv's internal memory. That is becuase different devices show colors differently. Streaming Netflix movies on my xbox, Blu-ray movies on my PS3, and regular video games. So I have 3 unique settings saved to my tv's internal memory for watching those 3 items.

***Need inspiration on making a beautiful female Shepard***

***The Best Troll Comment, 3/13/12 by banned user moremoneythanu:***


Posted Mar 13, 2012 9:42 am GMT -12 (hide)

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