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New York, New York!!!

Yesterday I took a day trip to NYC. I hadn't been there since 2004 and since my Mom's job was hosting a bus trip my son and I went along for the ride.

I spent the majority of my time in NYC around Times Square and Rockafeller Plaza. My son and I spent over an hour in the Time Square Toys r Us. We were both in awe since both of us had never been inside such a huge toys store. We took a ride on the ferris wheel inside and just had a blast. I checked out the video game section downstairs and ended up buying X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I guess you could call it an impulse buy. I downloaded the demo on Friday and I really did enjoy it but I was going to buy it when the price dropped. Instead of waiting I found myself at the cash registar with it....I'll blame that on the atmosphere, all the bright lights and loud music got to me.

I wanted to check out the M&M store but unfortunetly I didn't get around to it. But I did spend some time at the Nintendo World Store. I walked away a little disappointed.

I had never been to the Nintendo World store and I didn't really know what to expect. I thought that it was going to be this huge store filled with Nintendo goodness. Turns out the store isn't that big. The first floor of the store is mostly dedicated to Pokemon. There are cards, games and all types of Pokemon merchandise for sale. There is also a DS Bar where a few DSi's were set up and you just tell the person behind the bar what game you want to play and they get it for you. The final thing on the first floor is this DS sitting area where tournaments are held. It sat right in the middle of the floor and it was really comfy!!!

Upstair is basically a bunch of flat screen TV's with Wii's hooked up to them. The entire store was so crowded and it was really hard to move through all of the craiziness going on upstairs. People were playing ExciteBots: Trick Racing and Wii Sports. There was a nice size section for shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas and hats. Another wall had Wii games galore. And there was also a wall dedicated to Nintendo plushies and figures. There wasn't a lot to chose from but I managed to find a few things that I thought were cute.

The cash register area had a lot of different odds and ends like stickers, PEZ like dispensers, gummies, mints and stickers. I also had fun looking at the glass display of Nintendo things. There was a damaged original Gameboy from Desert Storm, some exclusive DS designs, a Famicom and other cool things.

I had a good time....I always do whenever I head to NYC!!!

Looking for a Bargain? Get to Best Buy ASAP!!!

I've never realy had luck with sales. Whenever a really good sale comes around I never seem to know about it or I don't have the money to take advantage of it.

For the past couple days I've been reading about this massive video game clearance sale that Best Buy was going to do but I wasn't quite sure if it was really going to happen. I woke up this morning and checked the Best Buy weekly ad to see if the sale was the real deal and once it was official I couldn't wait for the store to open at 11:00 am.

The deal is pretty sweet since there is a big selection of games on sale for $9.99. Yes I did say $9.99!!!! If that price sounds good to you should check out the Best Buy website to see the list of games....or better just drive to your closest Best Buy to see for yourself.

Here are the games I bought for $9.99:

  • 007 Quantum of Solace (boxset which comes with T-Shirt) (360)
  • Infinite Undiscovery (360)
  • Too Human (360)
  • Overlord Raising Hell (PS3)
  • Soul Caliber IV (360)

I also managed to raid the clearance bin before I left I bought:

  • Zoo Keeper (NDS)
  • Luminues II (PSP)
  • Feel the Magic (NDS)
  • Guitar Hero On Tour Decades (NDS)
  • Unsolved Crimes (NDS)

And since the didn't have any ExciteBots: Trick Racing games at Best Buy I drove over to Gamestop to pick the game up. I mad it clear to the clerk that I just wanted the game and not the bundle (game and steering wheel) but they still managed to ask me if I was sure.

So I just wanted to share the sweet Best Buy deal with all of you and I hope you got to take advantage of it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

All about Bizness.....

....I'm actually not a business woman but my recent purchase is making feel mighty important (for some strange reason).

My previous phone, LG EnV, clunked out on me and I was no longer to make phone calls or hear any sound from the phone at all. So I waited a couple weeks and finally I gave into temptation today, walked into the Sprint store and bought this Blackberry Curve 8330.

I've had it for a couple hours and I have to be honest, I'm overwhelmed. There is just too much to do on this phone. I figured out the basics; making calls, text messaging, internet(facebook, twitter, email) but for the life of me I can't figure out how to change the ringtones or wallpaper. Maybe it's time for me to open up the manual.

Other than that, nothing much has really been popping off for me. Same old same old. Still buying games and trying to find the time to play them. Right now I'm sitting down and watching the NFL Draft waiting patiently to see what team my cousin is going to. Hope it's the Ravens!!!

Before I go I wanted to invite those of you that still read this blog to check me out on Twitter. Looking to tweet mostly on video games but you might get something random every now and then. If any of you have Twitter accounts post them so I can follow you. I'm fairly new to all of this.

Check you all later!

What a Random Day.....

Finally an ending to a pretty random/crazy day.

The day started wonderful with the sun finally making an apperance after raining for a good two straight days. I took my son out to ride his bike since it was so nice. After that we hit up 7-11 to get a slurpee....a must have when the weather is nice. Then we hopped back in the car to drive 45 minutes away so I could finally see what all the hype about Play N Trade is about. People have been recommending me to the store so I can get my hands on some retro games for a good price.

After driving there I get out of the car only to be disappointed that the store is no longer there. What a waste. I guess I'll continue to use Ebay as my number one source for retro games. But to put the cherry on top we get home, chill out and watch some TV. It's been a while since the last time I've actually sat down and watched TV so I turned on HBO. Low and behold this movie just started:

Now how random is that. And let me just tell you that, after watching this movie 20 years later, I can't believe how cheesy it is. But it's still essential to all gamers out there :P. Just wanted to share that with you guys. I'm gonna go back and finish up watching Don't Mess With the Zohan.

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter Gamespot. Hope everyone is enjoying this joyous day and I'm thankful that it has finally stopped raining> My goodness, don't get me wrong, I enjoy the rain sometimes but when there is too much of it it just starts to become annoying. I don't have anything special planned for today. I'm basically sitting back and playing some games and I just might actually end up watching TV. I just got back from taking my son bike riding and I figured I would sit down and update you guys on what I've been up to lately.

Last week I celebrated my 29th birthday and I had a blast. I went out to eat with my husband, son and father and law and then my mother in law, brother & sister in law and nieces and nephews came over afterwards for icecream cake. My main gift was the DSi which I picked up at the midnight launch on April 5th. Pretty cool iteration of the DSi but I'll talk more about that in a future blog.

I also got a bunch of DS games so now my DS collection is huge and my parents got me a new digital camera. The following are some of the games that I got over the past couple weeks:

  • Wheelman - Just picked this up yesterday since the price has already dropped to $40.
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • Ninja Blade - So far so good. I need a break from all the shooters recently
  • Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
  • Lux Pain - love the art style but the localization stinks
  • Final Fantasy Echoes of Time
  • GTA Chinatown Wars
  • Broken Sword DS

Thats all I can think of right now for some strange reason I'm having a brain fart. I'm going to head out of here to play some more Ninja Blade. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Resident Evil 5 Final Impressions

Yesterday I had the afternoon off so I picked my son up from school, went over to my Mom's house and helped her put some tunes on her Ipod Touch and then headed home. I really only had one thing in mind and it was Resident Evil 5. I know I haven't really mentioned it here but I did end up getting it when it was released a few weeks ago but I didn't play too much of it. Yesterday my objective was to finish up RE5 so I could finally give my impressions on the game. It turns out that things started to get a little frustrating (Chapter 6 I'm looking at you) and I ended up powering down the 360 so my husband and I could watch some TV.

This morning I woke up around 7 am and laid the normal mode to rest. Yes I finished the game and I'm going back for seconds on Veteran. RE5 was a thrilling ride that really delievered. I thought the story was great, it focused on events that happened in the previous games but people that never played any of the RE games would still be able to follow along. At first I had some gripes with the gameplay and thats just because it took some getting use to. By now we all know that you can't run and shoot, and suprisingly that didn't bother me, it was the fact that the controls still feel a little clunky(as far as the turning around and things of that nature). I love the music in the game, especially the final boss fight, and the voice acting was well done.

One thing that I miss about Resident Evil is the scares. RE5 wasn't scary at all. Some of the enemies and bosses were kind of creepy but I found myself longing for that moment to jump from something scary. This game is more action than survival horror and with that being said it does offer some tension at certain parts of the game. I guess when I want to get my survival horror fix I'm going to put in a Silent Hill game.

So playing and beating the game I can honestly say that so far this year Resident Evil 5 is my favorite game. I know it's too early to say stuff like this but the game was awesome. Who knows, Bioshock 2 could come out this year and be mind blowing. But for now I'm going to give Capcom a pat on the back for making the game and I'm off to start playing it again.

Platinum Status

No one makes me feel as special as Nintendo :|. Turns out that Club Nintendo wants to show some love to their Platinum members by giving them a 'sneak peek' of the new DSi before it is released in weeks.

I was surprised to see an e-mail from Club Nintendo giving me the low down on this event and I quickly RSVP'ed. I took a second look at the invitation and realized that this 'special' event is being held in Virginia. Usually Virginia isn't a problem for me since I live in Maryland and Northern VA is basically part of the Metropolitian area. The location of this event is inside a Gamestop in Southern Virginia, which is basically 2 hours away from where I live. Does it sound crazy that I still want to go?

My husband, son and I are setting out on Sunday afternoon to take a mini road trip to go see the DSi. The invitation says that I'm only allowed one guest, but hopefully I can sneak my son in there. I don't know what to expect from this but I can say that I am excited. I plan on taking my camera to take some pictures of all of this but I'm not sure if thats going to work. Apparently I'm supposed to bring a DS game to test out on the DSi, any suggestions?

I just wanted to give you all an update on my platinum status. Most of you probably thought that the title was referring to Pokemon ya!!!

Took a Bite of the Apple

I've spent the majority of my weekend messing around with my newly aquired MacBook Pro. I went with my mother yesterday so she could buy herself a new MacBook since she said this year and a half Pro was too complicated for liking. After spending a day trying to get it connected to the internet, I finally have everything up and running and I have to say I'm digging it.

So far I've messed around with iMovie which is amazing, it really does put Windows Movie Maker to bed. iTunes is the same but it's just more convient. iPhoto is pretty cool because you can tag people in photos, Garage Bands looks like it wiill be useful if I ever decide to do a podcast. Safari, on the other hand, get a big 2 thumbs down from me....I just don't like it at all.

So that's basically been my weekend. Besides that I've been gaming, but mostly on the DS. Spending a lot of time with Pokemon Diamond and Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. I'm also slowly working my way through RE5 (on Chapter 5...almost done!!).

But right now I've got to go. I should have been to the grocery store and back hours ago but this MacBook ate up all of my time today. Catch ya'll later.

Pre-Order Confirmed!!

So I might be a little late on this post but I thought I would share with you my excitement for the release of the DSi. Last week I hit up Gamestop when I picked up my copy of Killzone 2 and reserved myself a black DSi.

I know a lot of you are skeptical on this new iteration of the handheld but Nintendo has me sold. Will I use all of the funtionalities it has to offer? No. It's definitely not the 2 crappy cameras that are getting me hyped for the release. The thing that I'm most excited about is DSiWare which is going to be comparable to WiiWare. Sure there is a lot of garbage on WiiWare but I'm hoping that DSiWare will deliver. Matter fact I would love to see some older GBA, GBC, GB games that I missed out on.

On top of all of that the games that are coming out within the next couple of months are crazy!!! There's Peggle DS, Henry Hatsworth, Zubo, Tokyo Beatdown, GTA: CW, Starfy, TrackMania DS, Flower Sun and Rain, Kingdom Hearts 352/2 Days...the list could go on.

So with the combanation of the potential of DSiWare, better screen and ton of great games, the DSi is something I'm definitely counting the days for. 31 days if you were wondering :).

Game Radar - March 2009

March, so far, looks like it is going to be yet another great month for gaming. Here are the games that I'm looking forward to getting this month.

Madworld (Nintendo Wii) - Looks like its going to be pretty fun. I'm curious to see what this game is all about. As of right now the only thing I know is that it's gory and it looks great.

Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) - This is my most anticipated game for the year and can't wait to get my hands on it in 2 weeks. I'm curious to see where the story is going with this one. In order to get ready for the new release I'm playing through Umbrella Chronicles to refresh the story.

Grand Teft Auto Chintatown Wars (Nintendo DS) - I'm not certain if I'm going to pick this up or not but I definitely have my eyes on it. Apparently this DS game is supposed to be bigger than all of the GTA games on the PSP. Crazy huh!!!

Resistance Retribution (Sony PSP)- The only reason I haven't played Resistance 2 is because this games story is after Resistance. The game is looking awesome and hopefully it plays well too.

Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo DS)- I'm a sucker for the Pokemon games. Right now I just started playing Diamond over again since I only got 5 hours in and then stopped playing. I'm excited for the game to be released and I'm ready to (at least try) to catch them all.

What games are you looking for this month?