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There's No Love, Like Your Love

Hey all, how are you guys doing? i hope good. i am doing alright. i have a little sore throat i have to call the doctors tomorrow and make an appt. I started taking a nursing cl@ss it's going ok. it's a bit harder then i thought it would be. I just don't know if it's something i am gonna enjoy doing. well we will see what happens at the end of the semester. Tomorrow i am gonna go buy a movie which is Nick & Nora's Infinte Playlist. that is such a good movie, you guys have to see it. it's with Michael Cera, i love him i think he's cute. i made 2 videos i want you guys to watch and let me know what you think. i hope you like them.

Relient K-The Best Thing

Britney Spears-My Baby

well i guess that all for now. ttyl

Bye Bye8)

It's Freezing Outside Today

Hey All yes yes it's so cold outside. but i have been staying indoors as much as i can today. I love all this snow we have, it really is a winter wonderland here:P. My aunt came to visit from california for christmas. it has been a long time since the last time i seen her. i'm happy she is here. My christmas shopping is almost done i just have one last gift to get. it's a gift card so it's gonna be easy to get. Now i just have to wrap gifts and i am all finished with everything,can't wait until it's all done. Yesterday my aunt had a b-day party for my cousin at a indoor lazer tag and go kart place. OMG it was so much fun:D. i would love to do it again.

I think it was a year ago when all my friends decided not to be my friends anymore but like a couple weeks ago one of them is my friend again. I have questions to ask him but i won't ask him until we can talk in person. I just think it would be better that way. All in all i am happy to have atleast one of my friends back. All i got to say is "it takes one person to ruin every one of ur friendships". i am not saying he did cause he didn't.

i think that's all the interesting stuff i have for now. i will make another blog on christmas:). well i will talk to u all later.

Mariah Carey-Christmas


So What I'm Still A Rockstar I Have My Rock Moves And I Don't Need You

Hey all i hope all is good, today was my mom's birthday,we took her out to eat and i got her a target gift card, my grandma is doing good to, i had to go give blood for blood tests today, don't worry i am fine just some test my doctor wanted me to take. i will get the result in a few days i know it will all come out good:).

Nicknames: i know i have a few already like Princess, Shorty and Baby(i am only lettng one person call me that though;) ) i wanted to bring up a couple more that people don't know about which are Erica (my middle name) my dads side of the family calls me that and Nena my uncles mom called me that she was like a third grandma to me, she passed away like 5 years ago from lupus. so there you go a couple more names i go by:P

Pics: i have a couple pics i would like to show you all, the first is of a yoshi shirt i got a couple days ago I love yoshi:P, the second is of a MDew bottle, my aunt bought it for me, i haven't seen a bottle like that before, i think it's kool:)

Pink-So What

Well i guess that's about TTFN


blank on the title lol

Hey all it's been a long time since i wrote a blog. it's been so hot outside that last 2 days. i had my cousins birthday party yesterday and it was outside. i thought i was gonna die of heat stroke or something. ok ok maybe not die but pass out. i hate the heat i so can't wait until fall/winter. i have been busy the last well pretty much the whole month cause my grandma is coming to visit. since she is gonna be in my room(like everyone always is) so i am finally gonna paint it. i just don't think it will be don by the time she comes so she might have to sleep on the sofa bed downstairs. i am either sleeping on one of the other couches or the floor. i really don't mind people staying in my room i just don't like them to touch my stuff they have no business touching it anyway:P.

In other news: I am looking into taking singing lessons. a couple people said i have a good voice. i need lessons to help make it better. singing is really something i love to do so i think good will come of the lessons heres some bad news, we had to put one of our dogs to sleep and put the other up for adoption. so now we have no doggies in the house. it was a sad day when we had to take them. i miss them so much:(. well i guess that is about all i have to say for now. ttyl

Three 6 Mafia-Lolli Lolli

Franz Ferdinand-take me out

Bye 8)

Laugh Hard,Love Deeply And Dance Like There's Nobody Watching

Hola Peoplez how are you all i hope good. I have been good. we got a new puppy and he is so cute:D. we are still training him but all in all he is doing pretty good. his name is Diesel and he has blue eyes. i forgot how much energy a puppy can have until we got Diesel. it's been a while since we had a puppy. our other dog is a big dog and wants to sleep all day. so his energy is gone:P. we are planning on putting him to sleep though cause he's an old dog and has all kinds of problems and we can't keep up with taking care of all of it. but the new puppy isn't gonna get all fat like our other dog is well atleast try. oh yeah i almost forgot, i might be going to las vegas at the end of july. i really hope we go. it's been a long time since i have been there. well i think that's about it for now. ttyl. here is a pic of our puppy.....

Fall Out Boy-Beat It


Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Hola all, so you all might be wondering what all this cinco de mayo is about. well it's....well you can just read it here cause i am to tired to type it out:P. so anyways yeah i had to wake up early for a doctors appt but don't worry i am fine, i am good. nothing else has gone on with me so i guess this is it. ttyl

i am gonna put a song in spanish just to go with the whole theme here:P

I Love This Song


Happy Birthday To Me!

yes it's my birthday today:D. i know this is kinda a late blog but i really didn't feel like getting online earlier. well i am here now so i think that's all that counts. it's really been awhile since i did a blog wow. i went out to eat for my b-day. got some gifts and that's about it. we had alot of snow last night and today it was pretty much melted away. weird weather here:P. i am gonna be busy again next week for my nieces 1st b-day party. but this time it doesn't sound like i will be doing much but you never know. i think that about it. oh yeah in case you were wondering i turned 24 today. well talk to you all later.

Finger Eleven


It's To Late To Apologize

Hey all, I hope all is good. this blog has nothing to do with the title it's just me being random like always:P. we got 6 inches of snow and it's still snowing. i have no idea how much we are suppose to get. I love the snow:). i am so bored that's why i am making this blog. i have nothing better to do. my cousins are over one of them i don't mind, but the other complains about being bored then my younger one is here and can't understand the words shhh the baby is sleeping. i have to tell him every 5 minutes *rolls eyes*. anyways i am gonna put a applictaion in for a job at walmart, i need a job so wish me luck:). there was something else i was gonna say...oh yeah now i remember if you have yahoo and you want me to add you just send me a PM with your email. i think that's about it.

One Republic-Apologize


Important everyone please read!

i know another blog:shock: but this is gonna be a short one. anyways i changed my email for msn so if i had you on msn i wrote some people down so you should get a invite from me, but for other you can just leave your email in PM and i will add you again. it's gonna come with a messege it's me steph so you know it's me:P. my myspace got hacked into last night. it sucked. i cancel my account from there. if i make another idk i have to think about it:P. that's all i wanted to say. talk to you all later Peace8)

This is one doodle that can't be undid home skillet

Hey people, How are you guys? i am doing good. i know you might be wondering about my title well it's from the movie Juno. OMG i love that movie. i so can't wait until it comes out on dvd. lets see the only thing new that has happened to me is that the 2 friends i had left are no longer my friends, they didn't want to be. but don't worry i am fine, idk but i think i am more happy without them then i was with them:). lets see anything else......oh yeah i have been watching bleach. i am on episode 45 i would have been further along but i took a little break. i am gonna start watching tomorrow again. I love Ichigo, he is my favorite:P. well i think thats it. i will talk to you all later.

Colbie Caillat-Oxygen