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possesed_fox's crazy top ten's episode #1: top ten worse video game events

Now just what do I mean by worse video game events? well moments or events of the video game history that just made you said: WHAT THE... or simply moments that was an insult to our intelligence or to our love of games of finally something that was a total disgrace for the video game: industry, series, genera you name it (those are my personal choices however so you might not completely agree with them)

-10: burger king video games: what the king has his own video games?! How can that even make a good video game? Burger king is the mascot of the fast food chain of the same name how can he possibly become a video game character? although these three games where sold for the really cheap price of 7 dollars video game fans aren't idiot they can spot a marketing racket from miles away...

-9: kirby GC unreleased: this one might only be on my list but I was truly pis*** when I learned that an awesome Kirby game that was supposed to come out for the game cube was unreleased because well I'm a big fan of the Kirby series so I really don't understand why they stopped a project that looked so great...

-8: Mario bros the movie: this one is low on the list only because it's not a video game in itself but since it's based on a video game I have no problem putting it on the list. The movie is just bad 1st of all Bowser is a human(really great...) then Mario and Luigi are father and son not even brothers... and then well the goombas looks like freaking mutants and Yoshi looks a velociraptor from Jurassic park...

-7: sonic and his sh******* of cr**** game: come on what as happened to this great franchise? It seems that since the dreamcast all of his games have been going downhill I mean sonic adventure was good but then...

-6 scales's boss fight: here's another one that might only be on my list but this one really deserves to be talked about. Remember when you 1st put dinosaur planet in your GameCube and then in the 1st cinematic you see that badass dinosaur general and you know you want to fight him later on in the game and when the moment finally comes... well you give him two hits and then a cinematic happens where he dies because Andros tells him to surrender... I mean what the whole game you've been fighting bosses with no back stories except the ones you make up for them and when you finally get to one of the boss you actually want to fight well this happens... come on Nintendo that's just wrong...

-5: Wii fit: one of the worse gaming peripheral of all time this one requires you to step on a platform looking like a moron and basically bending from side to side seriously I can't find any fun in this peripheral, and this is why it's so high on this list (why where some Nintendo fans hyped when this thing came out is beyond me...)

-4: psycho mantis boss fight: now I don't have the twin snakes (I have the three other metal gear solid but sadly not that one) but I've heard enough of this boss fight to know just how crazy it is I mean psycho mantis looking into your memory card and the fact that you have to defeat him by WARNING!!-SPOILER ALERT!!------------------------------- plugging your controller in port two ---WARNING SPOILER ALERT!!-------------- (how the heck where we suppose to figure this one out?)

-3: Mario bros: sorry but the princess is in another castle... what the heck how can that even be an excuse?! I'm sorry I know that phrase still haunts many of us, Nintendo why just why? (I know the last two where taken from screw attack's top ten but the last two are my personal choices and I think your gonna like them)

-2: Rareware sold to Microsoft: Rareware one of Nintendo's best ally sold to Microsoft for the Xbox fans it was actually a good thing but here I'm talking from the Nintendo fans point of view think about so many players who played Rareware good games such as Banjo Kazzoie, Donkey Kong 64, Conker Bad Fur Day... all the hopes and dreams of seeing sequel for these great games on the GameCube where ruined (although they still sometimes make games for the GBA such as grunty's revenge or banjo pilot...) (oh yeah and they also took part in creating dinosaur planet (why the scales boss fight why?) since then rare(as they now call themselves) hasn't made so much good games have they I mean sure there is viva piñata and at the very limit maybe Kameo but look what they have done to banjo in it's upcoming sequel...

Ok let's recap before we get to number one

Number ten........ (Yah just kidding I'm not that much influenced by screw attack)

And the worse video game moment of all time is:

-1: red ring of death: call it red ring of doom red ring of fire or whatever you want those three blinking red lights on the 360 make gamers everywhere pis*** off and I can see why because... IT HAPPENEND TO ME TO!!! Men was I enraged when I saw my 360 die in front of my very own eyes. I know how can the worse event in video game history be an Xbox thing while in the last event I said I hated Xbox? Well why do you think I hate Xbox?

Before I finish here is some other notable moment/events that could had been on the list:

The virtual boy and it's lack of any good games, the dreamcast discontinued, simply vampire rain itself for a good concept that's been scrapped

so what did you think of this top ten list was it good? what would you've put in place please people your oppinion is important

just who is waluigi?

Ok I know who the character is so to speak... but something's been bugging me about this guy for a long time... why in the world did he never appeared in a canon game? I mean Donkey Kong had his own games, Yohsi had, Wario had, Luigi had, heck even princess Peach had so why doesn't Waluigi get's a least one canon game appearance. think about it... this guy only appeared in spin-offs:

Mario party 3,mario hoops, Mario kart double dash, Mario tennis, Mario party ds, ddr Mario mix, Mario kart ds ,Mario super sluggers, super smash brawl. That's a lot of appearances but he never had a canon game... Mario party is a party game thus not part of the original canon then Mario kart, Mario hoops, Mario golf, Mario tennis are sports spin-offs and then dance dance revolution Mario mix isn't canon because it only involves Mario and Luigi dancing their way to save a kingdom and then super smash brawl is a cross-over thus non canon... so the question is this... who is Waluigi and what is his purpose in the marioverse (aside from the obvious making a Wario like rival for Luigi and at the same time giving Wario a side kick) if you think about it he has been made as a spin-off character and he will stay that way otherwise he would had been included in a canon game a long time ago... really why was baby Bowser, baby Wario, baby peach, baby donkey, baby Mario and even baby Luigi all present in Yoshi island ds but there was no baby Waluigi? (this also takes the question of daisy but at least she once appeared in a canon game Mario land) then again all those characters still sometimes meet in their own canon games: like the Yoshi's in Mario sunshine or Wario Luigi Yoshi and Mario teaming un in super Mario 64 ds or even Mario facing his 1st true rival in Mario vs. donkey Kong and in march of the minis which even brought back Pauline (a character way less important than Waluigi if you ask me) in the canon universe... even sometimes they make cameos like the Yoshi head shaped planet in Mario galaxy but the only cameo I would see for Waluigi is that in paper Mario the thousand year door you can have a Waluigi colored suit using the L emblem (Luigi's suit) and W emblem(Wario's suit) at the same time to give you the Waluigi suit... why doesn't he has an appearance in a canon game, I mean after all this time it would only be right if they gave peach her own game well they could at least make him appear in the next Wario world or something like that...