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I can't sign out


Farewell Pinkie and Sunshine :(

Pinkie and Sunshine are chicks, the two of them are not my chicks, It's my friends'...Okay I think I'm making a big deal about these two chicks :oops:, Well anyway my friend ( Audrey ) fed the chicks with 2 little pieces of bread ( instead of bird food ) She ran out of bird food so that's why she fed them 2 little pieces of bread :|

Note: Actually She has three chicks, Pinkie, Sunshine and Buttercup :D

Audrey's two chicks Pinkie and Sunshine


Sorry if I post this lame blog:(

When I opened my profile and I said WOAH!!!

Hey :lol: you saw the new look of gamespot :question: I'm quite surprised about the new look like the level bar :D, the new name of emblems is now achievements, the common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary achievements :| AND THE GAMESPOT FUSE :shock:....Are you going to join the Gamespot fuse??? Me probably not :( kidding I'll join:P

Question: You like the new look of Gamespot??? ;)

I hate him...

Yes I really hate my younger brother :evil: If you ask why he doesn't have respect to me and to my older brother, He keeps touching my stuff without permission :x, He talks back to us even to my parents, He's a backstabber. Sometimes he keeps me ****ed. I wish he dosen't exist

I got my card and playing games on facebook :D

Hello again :| I finally got my report card :lol: and I wondered why i got a VG in my penmanship :shock:, for the last 3 quarters i got a G in my penmanship, I did'nt expect to have a VG in my penmanship, Well anyway for the 4th quarter I got 90 on CLE, 89 in Science and Health, 88 in Reading and Phonics, 87 on Language, 91 on Mathematics, 88 for MAPE and 87 on HELE/Computer :arrow: my general average is 87.29 for my attendance I'm present at school for 195 days out of 204 days, but I don't come to school late. My mom is not quite happy about my grades, She wants me to have a general average of 88-90, It's quite hard to reach that goal because most of my cla$$mates are honor or they are in the top 10, but I'm part of the top 20 in the cla$$ :roll:...... Yeah

I play Restaurant City on facebook,it's a little boring but it's quite addictive

My restaurant inside it's a little ugly :)

My restaurant inside

Here is my restaurant called "Tsuyosa" tsuyosa is japanese for strength or power

My restaurant called Tsuyosa

That's all ;) BYE

I want it...

It's me again :| and I want some RARE DUNKS ;) . If you want to look at the DUNKS I want, just take a look at my images :) and tell me which is the best


Yes, I finally Graduate ;), My Graduation happened on March 27, 2010. I got only 1 award the loyalty award ;)...I got bored in my graduation. But I'm really greatfull that all of us were given a chance to graduate.BUT I'm also sad that one of my batchmates didn't graduate :cry:

Earth Hour

Earth Hour on March 27, 2010 @ 8:30- 9:30 pm........ My Graduation is finished!!!! :D I'll continue it tomorrow

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