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Created an account just to post this: This is a *great* game. In the style of choose-your-own adventure novels, you use dialogue to uncover facts about people you're investigating. It's a game (and not an interactive story) because you can win or lose each character investigation, and that impacts both the next investigation and the story.

This game reminds me of board games like "Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective" - you really need to be perceptive (and sometimes take sensible logical leaps and guesses) to get the questions right.

Also, the story is great, a thoughtful rumination on the future of technology :)

For folks crowing about "SJW games," I don't get your complaint. So, there are gay characters. Ok, what else is wrong with it? There is no political message to this game. Gay people exist, so that's cool, but I don't think you can really complain about it. There's also a transgender character. It's the future. One lady has half of her head replaced by a cyborg brain. Surely it's not so far fetched that transgendered people can exist?

If you're a trogolodyte, don't worry, the game makes literally no comment on the rightness/wrongness of being either gay or transgendered. That just kind of exists as background flavor text.

TLDR, this game is rated a 9/10, I agree that it is an excellent game that deserves a 9/10. The dialogue is stronger than a Long Island Ice tea from a bartender who's trying to screw you after last call. I left thinking dark thoughts about both my job in marketing and the uncontrollable future of AI technology.