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For what it's worth...

... thought I'd may as well whack it up here - a little eclectic slow-mo mix I whacked out today. Sunday boredom/etc.

EDIT: Sound levels are a little wonnky - can't be bothered to sort it out as I've just eaten a massive roast.


Track listing:

Banco De Gaia - Desert Wind
African Head Charge - Some Bizarre
Material - Reduction
Kid Machine - Night Freaks
Junior Boys - Under The Sun
Sebastian feat. Mayer Hawthorne - Love In Moti
Venice Beach - SAM
23 Skidoo - F.U.G.I
Mooqee - Supacat Police
Mantronix - Simple Simon
Bot 'Ox - Tragedy Smphony
Fu Schnikens - Breakdown
The Men Behind The Sun - Salvia
Luiz Pareto - The Vibe
The Wolfgang Press - Kansas
Avanti feat. Zhanna - That's The One
Pulp Disco & The Outcasts - Journeys Into The Bright World
Woodhead - Drive
Beck - Black Tambourine
Joey Negro - Beyond The Dance

Creme Brulee


We've a few on the bubble - thought to pop the first one out

The PeteBox - Kids


I fuklng love this guy. Such a talented fella deserves a little recognition...

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