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Why am I hated on this site?

Ussualy on System Wars I try not to be baised or anything but today I made a thread called"My problem with the Wiimote" and I put a joke choice in the poll"Poopinloop32 should be banned" and that choice won by 30 votes:(

Why do you all hate me?

The Football season is almost over)=

Like me I am sure that we are all looking forward to the Super Bowl,whether you are watching it for the commercials or just a hardcore Football fan.But this also means that the Football season is over. This Football season hasnt been really good to me as the Raiders went 2-14 but I dont want to wait a whole nother 7 months for the action. Im not saying that Basketball,Baseball, and Hockey are bad im just saying that Football is hard to look foward to when you have to look past another year in school and other things in least we got the draft"All hail Jamarcus Russel"

PS3?For me?

So guys I have been thinking..My 360 has treated me well and has never dissapointed,but thier is an urge in me to get a PS3 when i get enough money to do so.But thier is a lot of hating on the PS3 and i wonder if its worth it?So far I admit that I have been on a little slump on my 360 after getting bored of Gears..So please help me make my desicion