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just a quick gripe

Enough with the match-three games already, I'm getting match-3'd out. It was great the first time (Puzzle Quest Warlords), but only because it was so new and innovative. Now it's just a wee bit stale, and if the frills aren't there, like Galatrix, it can become a headache fast.

You know what I miss? Those old town-building kingdom games you used to see coming out of Germany. They had charm, strategy, and most importantly, were a lot of fun. Can't someone re-do one of those for the DS? Anno 1701 was OK, but I'm talking about the really medieval ones from yore, whose names escape me. I loved those, and would pay a dollar or two to play them there's a whole new generation of players who never saw them waiting to get medieval on you.

Why not "The Brady Bunch" or "American Idol?"

If I want to watch television, I'll turn on the damn TV.

1 vs 100?


Hell's Kitchen?

The Price is Freakin Right????

They ran out of PC games to cannibalize onto the DS, so now they're turning to the tube. And we're supposed to just take it, like gas prices and tainted sandwich meat.

Oh, the troubled times we live in.

Anno 1701 already out a few weeks early? Sweet!

Imagine my surprise when I popped into the local EB to discover that Anno 1701 is already available for the DS. Well, $30 later, and I am sitting here playing one of the finest town-building army-generating real-time sims ever made. I love this game. It's what The Settlers could have been, but done so much better.

Of course, for some bizarre reason, Gamespot isn't allowing reviews to happen yet, so I have to wait, but needless to say, it will be a very positive one indeed. I recommend you run, don't walk, to wherever you buy video games, and get a copy. You will not be disappointed.

PSP and EB games: trial separation?

So is there some unofficial policy change at EB games concerning PSP titles? It seems they aren't updating their stock, getting older title replacements (wanted FF aniiversary edition, no dice...), and are letting the stock dribble down to all the crap. What gives? Is EB games deserting the PSP, just when I re-bought one? Sheesh...

What ever happened to....


I looked at the video for Warhammer 40k for the PSP, thought for a brief moment that maybe they'd done a Starcraft-ish version, but quickly and sadly learned otherwise. This, though, led to a few minutes of wistful thought of those wonderful days wasted wasting zergies all afternoon.....good times. And judging from the sales, I know I'm not alone in wishing for a portable version.

So why haven't Blizzard attempted to cash in further on their PC juggernaut of the 90s with console/handheld versions of their spectacularly fun RTS?

Can't be system limitations; the gameboy even had a knockoff version of it that wasn't too terrible (Mech Platoon...very difficult to find, but my generous wife found one or me on Ebay; what a sweetie).

So I ask again: why haven't any developers approached Blizzard with the idea for say a PSP version of Starcraft? Nearly anyone I can think of would certainly pick up a copy, provided it ends up being true to the original.

Millions to be made here, boys.


Never expected to complain about this but.....

there are just too many great new games coming out for the DS and PSP these last two weeks. For example:

-Just finished Jeanne d'Arc, and found it to be one of the most enjoyable tactics RPG's I've *ever* played. It's that good.

-In between, been trying to play through Settlers, but finding it to be a little on the slow and tedious side....but a far better management style game than, say, Sim City. I'll probably pick it up every now and then to get through a chapter, but can't stay awake long enough to play it in extended spurts.

-about to start Luminous Arc, which looks an awful lot like Jeanne d'Arc, so it should be fun as well (7.5 according to the stingy reviewers here at GS)

-had to put down D&D tactics, due to the tedium of it all, but I know that it will keep me coming back for weeks on end until it's done. Just need to level-grind to finish the dang thing.

-wanted to pick up Monster Hunter 2, but Futureshop ran out, and Gamespot had a huge enough line of smarmy teens arguing over the 50-cents they were being offered for NHL 2003, so I will try again tomorrow.

In short, there are just so many fun new ones out or coming out soon, that I need more time! Having a 1-and-a-half year old who is very interested in all things Daddy these days means I try to spend most of his awake time showing him the ropes of manhood (how to *really* play in a mud puddle).These sorts of complaints I love.

Something slightly sinister


Sorry, but that "Win all 3 consoles" contest sponsored by the US army gives me the serious creeps. 

What are they doing sponsoring a contest clearly aimed at kids?  Where's the morality there? 

And don't anyone reading this try to get all high and mighty about me 'not supporting the troops'.  This has nothing to do with supporting troops or being pro or anti war or any other anti patriotic attitude you may want to accuse me of having.

It has everything to do with protecting our children from any and all forms of propoganda and indoctrination until they are old enough to make an informed choice for themselves.

Frankly, this has seriously pissed me off. 

It must be genetic


My wife has grudgingly accepted that I have the game bug, have always had the game bug (ever since that first encounter with Rogue on the school VAX...very few of you know what I'm talking about, but don't worry, it's just something from the prehistoric pre-MTV world when we had to make our own pizza pockets by folding two slices together), and will always have the game bug.

 She was intent, however, on making sure my son didn't catch the same disease.  But what she has failed to comprehend is that it isn't a disease you's passed on genetically.  He was born a gamer.  Plain and simple. How do I know?

At one month, he began to coo and smile joyously at the sound of the gameboy booting up...that soft tinkle of bells and the white screen caught his attention, and that was the end.

Nowadays, its the DS or the computer that gets him happily peeping away.  Too late mom...he was gaming in the womb I bet.

 That's my boy.

daddyhood is great....most of the time

Long long time since I've had the time to days:

Junior screams us both awake around 5-5:30 am.  I take him, change him, then carry him to the kitchen where he thoroughly enjoys watching me make my coffee in the espresso machine (all the steam freaks him out in a good way).

We spend about a half hour together while I get my caffeine fix, then he begins to pine for mama, so I take him back to her, usually still in bed.  I get him to walk on her until she wakes up, and takes him.  Then its off to a full day of work.  Upon returning home, he is thrust back into my arms while mommy does all the stuff she wanted to do all day but couldn't (like reading a book or cooking a meal), then we sort of trade him back and forth for a few hours until he gets cranky enough to go to sleep (around 7:30pm).  We both crash around 8pm, he cries every couple of hours for food or warmth or whatever, and gets up around 5-5:30 to start it all over again.

If I have enough energy when he goes to sleep, I get to play for about an hour....these days I'm hooked on the new Pokemon RPG for the DS....better than the reviewers seemed to think.

One thing that has changed a lot (besides the time I spend playing anymore): I am way more picky about what I play....if a game is anything less than great, I sell it instantly.  Must be growing up or something.

so far so good...

Being a guy is great, especially when mommy wants to exclusively breastfeed junior.  I am off the hook for all feeding, but will awaken when the Goober starts screaming for a snack and offer moral support anyway.  Luckily, I can crank on the DS and talk and play at the same time.  So, I don't really mind the 3am feedings, since lots of interesting stuff happens in Sims 2 around then.  Yes, I do more than my fair share of diaper duty, and soothing when he's crying for no reason....but for the most part, I am support staff, doing the cleaning, cooking, and shopping while mom takes care of the demands issued by the Prince.  Oh great, it's 5 pm, the crying hour has begun....nobody tells you about this "suicide hour" until you have the child....probably because if they did, you'd think twice about having one.  Oh well, this too shall pass.  Time to offer my shoulder to cry on.
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