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3DSi prediction of hardware

I am obsessed with new hardware, and I love to brainstorm what a new console could look like. So I downloaded a 3D modeling software and I'm working on a model of what I think the upgraded 3DS should look like. Lets get some things out of the way first...

1. The next 3DS model may or may not be close to being announced. The DS lite was released only a year after the DS phat only because the huge demand for the console cleared out the units that Nintendo was shipping. The 3DS sales haven't come close to overwhelming and Nintendo needs to sell these systems before they even think about making another.

2. It will be a substantial redesign. It's safe to assume the new model will include the new control methods added by the extension circle pad released in Japan and soon in the US. These are 2 more shoulder buttons (ZR and ZL) and a second analog stick. It is worth noting that the PS Vita only has one set of shoulder buttons. Once these controls are implemented on the system without an addon, I feel that developers will be more likely to use them. It will have to stay as a clamshell design to keep the 3D screen safe from scratches that could ruin the effect.

3. It is possible that multiple models will be tailored to different users. On model could trade off the 3D for a larger screen, better cameras, and more battery life. For people who have no intrest in 3D. The original model could still be sold as a core model for much cheaper.

Been a While...

I haven't really been posting often. Heres what games i've been playing.

inFamous 2: highy reccomend, great story, better graphics, awesome new powers, this game is the sequel everyone wanted. Alot of gameplay to be had playing through the game as good and evil and in the level creator.

LIMBO: reccomend, a very atmospheric game, the game plays well and though the platforming isnt hard the puzzels can leave you not knowing what to do. all around a fun, cheap, downloadable game.

Oblivion: highly reccomend, ive had it for two years and im still playing it religously. cant wait for skyrim, buy this game for a real bang for your buck. 300+ hours of gameplay

Battlefield BC2: somewhat reccomend, its a great online shooter but much slower pace then COD. If your a COD fan and love the high intensity fights in close quarters, dont play battlefield. If your new to the online fps genre i wouldnt reccomend it either. try battlefield heroes first, then buy if you like it. It didnt have enough unlocks or ranks to keep me intrested.

Metroid Prime Trilogy: buy!!!! 3 of the best games on the gamecube and wii put together in a package with upgraded controles. Easily 150+ hours of entertainment. I've had it for a while but i'm replaying metroid prime.

Looking forward to:

buying a 3DS when the price drops and playing OoT3D Star Fox 64 3D and Mario Kart 7.




Skyward Sword

Minecraft update

perhaps im missing something... idk maybe not lol

E3 2011 Nintendo predictions

1. It will all begin with a couple Nintendo representatives discussing the 3DS.

-Discussion of the eShop and browser update that lauches the day before the conference

-Discussion of 3DS sales and a $50 rebate for 3DS owners and a price drop to $199 to boost sales

-Already announceed game discussion (trailers and release dates!)

-New Games

-The new Mario

-Pokemon Snap

-Fire Emblem


-Sonic the Hedgehog

-Monster Hunter portable 3rd port

-Blast Works 2

-Side scrolling Meroid

-Ice Climbers

-other suprises (new IP's please)


-Social Networking with discussion of social gaming

-Virtuale Connsole equivelent discussion

2. Reggie will come out and explaining how big of a success the Wii has been. Wii games will be discussed such as:

-Skyward Sword

-New Kirby

-The Last Story


3. Iwata gives a history of Nintendo presentation. Reveals the Nintendo Stream, the next evolution in gaming!

-Triple Core processor as predicted

-No blueray support

-1080p of course!

-Only 8gb hard drive ohz noz! BUT check the eShop section

-Uses DVD's but supports double layered or even double sided DVD's for bigger games

-Controller is not a tablet, but does have 6" hd touch screen

-Can stream content to controller (reason for name)

-Looks like an xbox controller but with the nintendo d-pad, screen in the center, and multimedia controlls like an onlive controller.

-Console is large, size of the playstation fat

-Shown in a veriety of colors but only released in black

4. Reggie returns to talk about new online system: Nintendo Stream Connection (creative I know lol) and 3rd party games



-Reminisent of PSN or XBL in terms of accounts, achievments, and friends list

-Cloud based game hosting so there is never a bad host or host migration

-Stream eShop using actual currency instead of Nintendo Points

-Downlable titles

-Vritual Console (same as Wii, but controls are mapped to new conroller)

-Gamecube titles available or your old gamecube games can be downloaded onto your memory storage and your saves can be pulled off your memory card (played with stream controller)

-Free virtual console NES download once per month to introdue young gamers to the orgins of Nintendo

-You can buy extra cloud storage depending on what you need.

-Can buy 100gb for $50, 250gb for $100, and 500gb for $180 may come preinstalled on certain bundles

-Any of this data can be accessed from any Nintendo Stream console by logging into your account

5. Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage and announces some 1st party games for the Stream

-Metroid FPS with intesne online with massive bounty hunter customization brings the multiplayer of a modern FPS with the customization depth of an RPG and the story of a Metroid game. Sandbox elements. Want this most of all.

-Pikmin 3 (multiplayer?)*

-Custom Robo

-Console Pokemon by Retro Studios (action RPG?)

-New IP's*

-Fire Emblem*

-Luigi's Mansion 2*



-New Super Mario Bros with level creators

-Super Smash Bros

*possible launch title

6. So Nintendo leaves fans stunned, crying, the greatest show ever done. 2011's e3 is always remembered for Nintendo.

a bit much i know but this would be great

First post

I'm further exploring the features of gamespot and decided to start a blog here. I cant say for sure how often ill update but hey if you want to follow along then by all means... Ill post my predictions for e3 here later from the forums.