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2014 Year Of The Game

This year i have challenged my self to play through every single pokemon game that i own before buying any other games now this will be an accomplishment for if i finish them all beacause i am quite busy in my adult life and do not have the time i used to have for video games but i will do my very best to make this a reality.

I have been playing soul silver since the start of this year and i am currently heading to blackthorn to collect my final johto badge.

Im Back

Its been nearly a year and a half since i have made a post on my account finally decided to get back into the gaming world so just thought i'd say hey to all my friends and hey im back lol =)

X Box 360 ELITE

The newer x box 360's the ELITE is by far there most reliable and impressive models so far i my self have one of these and find that they are very very nice x box 360's. With a 120 GB hard drive it makes this model the best for storage of music, game demos ect. its mainly ment for people that are going to have a live account.

Its Been Forever

Hey every one its been nearly 6 months since i lost my internet but i am finally back and wow am i ever happy lol... it would be great if someone would fill me in on what i have missed while i was gone so just comment on my post or send me a message:)

I am back

Well i am back and to my surprise i am level 5 yey but anywhooo i have been camping and dirt biking for a week or 2 so that is why i havent been on..........

Crazy dog

OMG i was playing fetch with my dog and she would run at the toy grab it then through it like 5 feet pick it up and then rip arounfd with it lol it was so funny....................

Going Home

OMG i have now been in ontario for one and a half months and i go home this saturday and i can't wait. I mean staying here is fun and all but holy i can't do any thing here soo bored lol but any way as soon as i get back it is my sisters birthday turning 17 and it is going to be a huge party lol can't wait.:):):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Wish

If you could have one wish and it could be any what would it be.......................... well my wish would be to go back to the days when pokemon,Yu-Gi-Oh,and of course Beyblade were in.

Write me back with what your one wish would be :)

Pokemon Special Yellow Version

I have finaly figured out which pokemon game is my all out favorite and it is none other than one of the all out best Pokemon game Special Yellow Version . This is one of the most amazing games out there it is an instant favorite. This game may not have th best graphics but it is the best of the pokemon games because it is based on when the series just came out and for all you little kids who were to young to understand what pokemon really was you don't know any thing.

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