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@ricku1967: But see, JediMaster's point was that Gamespot used to be very critical with its reviews and I can agree (having used this site for over a decade now). I used to be so hyped for a game and then find out when the review came out that it was actually tripe. Flaws were highlighted much more frequently than after Kevin Van Ord left.

Now it just seems like these 8s and 9s are thrown around too much. Syndicate getting a 9 here? When most other sites find it average? NFS getting an 8? When the IGN review is more like the old Gamespot reviews actually critically pointing out the obvious and terrible flaws. If I was younger and went with this review, I would have wasted $60 on a game that has always-online (so connection timeouts can ruin my SP experience and have me restart because that's so much fun) and rubberbanding. This would have gotten a 7 at best with the old crew.

Thankfully I'm older now and much more skeptical/cynical about games that pull things like this. It is NOT okay for companies to do something like online-only and then close down the servers in a few years (EA is notorious for that as some FIFAs from within 5 years ago have no online multiplayer now). Thankfully Van Ord, Gerstmann, and Kasavin have all left impressions on me to critically look at the problems in a game and truly ask "Will I honestly like playing this game for full price or are there some glaring flaws that have been included to ruin the experience?"