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Beating Wiegraf is easy, it just requires some thinking. His main attacks are: - Lightning Stab - Holy Explosion With the right items, you can disable his attacks: - Rubber Shoes (cancels Lightning) - Chameleon Robe (absorbs Holy) Wiegraf will attack you using Wave Fist and Earth Slash (for a ridiculous 60 damage), and he will counter attack you (for about twice that); have a shield with good Physical Evasion equiped. You may need to use a Potion or Chakra once. Physical Evasion skills such as Blade Grasp are useless against counter attacks, and you can't rely on mantles due to the rubber shoes. Auto-Potion is a better ally, but you don't really need it.
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Hi, just thought I'd share a good build I like to use for my (female) geomancer. I have two builds actually; one for the early game and one for later on when Deep Dungeon has been explored. Elemental White Magic Blade Grasp Half of MP Move+2 Rune Blade Aegis Shield Twist Headband Power Sleeve Bracer My geomancer has good physical defence (Blade Grasp) and good magic defence (Aegis Shield). MA is higher for female characters, and it is boosted by the Rune Blade and the Aegis Shield, which makes for a good mage. PA is boosted as well with the Twist Headband, the Power Sleeve, and the Bracer, which makes for good physical damage. This build allows for average geomancy damage, good physical damage, good Holy damage (can kill most anyone one-shot), and, to top that off, you have a good healer. Later on, when you have explored Deep Dungeon, you can really go for an excellent all-around character that can amount to your most useful character: Elemental White Magic Blade Grasp Magic Attack UP Move +2 Rune Blade Aegis Shield Twist Headband Robe of Lords Bracer (or Genji Gauntlet) The Robe of Lords gives a good HP and MP boost, which allows your geomancer to switch Half of MP for Magic Attack UP. Plus, it gives you the same PA bonus as the Twist Headband, but you also have more MA, Protect and Shell. There is not much of a difference between the Bracer and the Genji Gauntletin term of overall damage. You might wanna keep the latter for a Samurail. This build is reliable in all combat situations all game-long. This geomancer is a good all-around character that can defeat bosses and their monsters pretty easily thanks to Holy, can heal your party quite efficiently, is hard to kill either physically or magically, and provides a whole lot of possibilities as to how you choose to attack the enemy.