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i'm ashamed

i'm ashamed at my self for not being on here.... :cry: i well do better now or at lest try... i'm sorry i havn't been on... but you all know that things come up and stuff happens... school as run me ragged... i move to Arkansas with my mom during Thanksgiving and move back to Alabama not to long a go... all i could think of was when i could get back on here and talk to my friends... i'm so sad that i havn't been on... well i hope some of you remember me but if not its ok you will in do time.. hopefully......... oh and so every one knows i can't comment for some reason i think my computer is alittle slow for that or something i'm not sure... but i'll try to pm you

Its time to Destroy

Season 5

i got season Five of Dragon Ball Z today... the walmart i went to didn't have the others so i got it(well its got Cell in it so i'm happy... he is my favorite characeter) hopefully next time i get money i well be able to 2, 3, and 4.....

well any way

Well i've mostly only been on here to check my pms... but now i'm going to get on here when ever i can and blog and be active in unions.... i got two new games while i was a way(well new to me) they are: Monster Hunter Freedom, and Onimusha3 Demon Siege... i finished the onimusha game in 6 hours not as long as Dawn of Dreams... but other than that i mostly been playing my Pokemon games

Yo what up

Sorry i haven't been on alot... Well i've started school last week:evil:... Its so sad that my summer is over:cry:... Well any way i'm going to try to be on alot more... Oh just so you all know i've been back in Alabama for some time now... Well whats goin on with all of you?

I'm going to Arkansas tomorrow

i'm going to Arkansas tomorrow as you can see from the title so i'm not going to be on at all tomorrow.... GoGa i'll see you realy soon Cuz hahahahahaha.... AHHHHHHHHHHHH ITS TIME TO DESTROY SOMETHING!!!!!

Dragon Ball Z

well i'm going to start on my turnament(not sure how to spell it) now so i'll be on tomorrow night or so i'm going to have very one in it but not King Cold i don't have him yet but i will soon this well be awsome...

hey every one

hi i have a new friend here and he is new to all of this his name is GoGaToR07.. oh his my cusion.. he is a fun, care, free guy... well let him tell you about himself so please add him

I'm back

Hi every one whats up Its me planet_destroyer... i like to destroy things every now and so every one whats happing

Whats up every one

So whats new any thing happen when i wasn't here.... i got Guitar Hero III frieday and i like it its fun to play but some songs are um to long and my fingers slep off and hit the wrong notes most of the time.. i'm not going to be on for some of the week couse of stupid school.. man i need to destroy all the schools.
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