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Making the Switch

I need to make a bold statement. For the longest time I was a Gamespot guy (weren't we all?). I am now officially a Giantbomb guy (a "duder", if you will). I have nothing against the GS, and I wasn't following gaming press (and for that matter I was barely following gaming at all) when all the shenanigans with Jeff went down so that hasn't really affected my outlook on Gamespot. The reason I switched from GS to GB was one thing, the Giant Bombcast, which is the weekly podcast created by the Giant Bomb gang. Long story short I love it and listen to it regularly and always love it. There is enough news content in it that I am kept up with what is going on in the world of gaming fully and good in depth commentary on specific games, happenings in the industry, and so forth. Plus it is wicked funny. I can't stress enough how genuinely entertained I am by listening to the Bombcast and how likeable and personable the hosts are. It's weird, I feel like I know the crew on at least a small scale after listening to so many of their thoughts on things. This it was what drew me away from GS and to the GB website. Reading reviews that are always well written and informative from people who I feel I know where they're coming from, what sort of bias they bring to the table, and what they like and dislike in games not only makes for a better read but allows me to make my own judgment calls on reviews. Not that the reviews ever seem blatantly biased, not even in the slightest, but you cant ignore that all reviewers bring their own personal experiences and preferences to a review and at least this way I understand what's behind the review.

So to those of you who followed me on GS, I am sorry for just sort of dropping of the site. If it makes you feel better I just wasn't blogging at all. I wasn't cheating on the blog and blogging somewhere else:P My plan from now on is to just copy/paste each blog I write so it is posted on both GS and GB because although I am fully a GB guy now, I have no followers and am quite isolated in the community. I am sure it is the same way on GS for me now though after being pretty much gone for a year :O One thing I'll miss from GS is certainly the community. I enjoyed being actively involved in unions in the past and met some pretty cool gamers and shared some good discussions. I guess it's just on me now to get involved in the GB community.

To anyone on GS reading this I suggest you check out Giant Bomb, at the very least listen to the podcast. That's what started my road to gaming website conversion and I am very happy I made the switch.

Oh, and belated merry Christmas, and happy new year! A salute to 2010 is coming in my next blog. So long!

I got my first platinum!!! And convince me to buy FFXIII

I platinumed Borderlands. Great game and I am happy to have it be my first platinum. You never forget your first time :P I had a bit written on Borderlands, but I accidentally closed my browser and I do not feel like typing it again. I really should blog in word first. C'est la vie, all you really need to know is I like the game and am currently playing the Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC and enjoying it as challenging as it is.

Before FFXIII was released I was very exciting for it and assumed it would be a day one buy. I mean come on, it's final fantasy, next gen. What's not to love? But for whatever reason, leading up to the release I all of sudden lost interest in it. I don't really know why i'm just not feeling it, but there are some reasons that don't have to do with the game (and some that do).

-As big of a Final Fantasy fan as I am, I do not own a FF game past FFVI. I have played parts of VIII and X and enjoyed them, but I only own the old school ones. And I love them. I think I am so used to thinking of FF as a SNES title or a GBA/DS port that the idea of a full on HD FF game seems unreal to me. Plus, I am used to the magic and almost medieval style of gameplay of old school Final Fantasy games.

-I am backlogged. Oblivion, Assassin's Creed (first one), Prince of Persia, NSMBWii, Borderlands DLC, Zelda Spirit Tracks, Orange Box, plus more I think I am forgetting all need to be played. I don't need a new game, i just want one and have the disposable income to waste on video games.

-I am really busy right now with school and other activites. With exams coming up a new game doesn't make sense. If I do have time to game it wont be very much.

-Reviews are good, but all seem to portray the game as all flash and no substance. I'm talking about awe inspiring visuals and animation, even great characters and emotion, but underneath limiting character building and linear exploration. All the reviews and everyone I have talked to say this isn't a serious problem, but it definitely has been on my mind when i think about getting the game.

I guess its pretty clear why I haven't bough FFXIII yet. But I still feel weird about it. I was looking forward to the game so much for so long my sudden decline in interest surprises even myself. Don't get me wrong, I will buy this game at some poing I know I will, maybe even in a week or so when spring break starts. Regardless, I want to hear your pitch. Convince me to buy this game because I am very much on the fense about it.

Better Late Than Never - 2009 Awards

I've been meaning to do this since 2009 official ended but just never got around to it. I probably should have done it while I was still on Christmas break because from the time school resumed until now it`s basically been consistent hard work. What little down time I had for gaming was spent gaming, not talking about games on gamespot. Well I wrote my finals this past week and now I have a few days off between semesters. Might as well blog again now before school starts up and I dont have the time or energy. And what else to blog about than the games of 2009?

Although I never really got out of it, 2009 really got me back into playing video games. The sole reason for this was that at the beginning of summer I got a job at Best Buy as a cashier. I assumed it was only going to be a summer thing, but I hve now been working at Best Buy for over 6 months, and I work in customer service instead of running a till all day. I really do enjoy my job, and angry customers are often very entertaining. After my second or third paycheck I decided I had earned the opportunity to do some splurging and bought a PS3 slim they day Best Buy got them in, which was actually almost a week before the scheduled release date. Working around games all day really made me want to play games, and for once I had the money to buy games. Better yet, as one of the perks of the job I can quite often score some sick deals on games. I buy considerably more games than I used to, but still in end spend about the same amount of money because of the deals I get. So basically I have access to cheap games, I have the money to buy games, and I work around games all day. It isn't hard to see why I got back into gaming:P

An interesting thing about my general gaming this year is that most of the games I played this year are older. Most of my best buy deals are because the games are "clearance" (and I use quotes because although complete crap goes clearance, so do a lot of excellent game. Case and point: Fallout 3 was clearance) so I was more inclined to by older games I had heard good things about. As well, only buying a PS3 this year I had a lot of catching up to do with some of the definitive PS3 titles. As much as I would like to wrap up 2009 be discussing all the games I played (future blog?) I will instead cease my rambles now and discuss my favourite games that were released in 2009.


New Super Mario Bros Wii

First things first, multiplayer mario is fun just not in the way one would expect. Mario is a solitary experience for the most part. Previous to NSMBWii the multiplayer aspect of mario had been in comparing yourself to your friends. Whether it was passing the control to your friend so he could play the same level you did in attempt to beat your score, or trying to best your friends speed run all the multiplayer was trying to beat your opponent, while still playing the game as a single player experience. This is what gamers were used to, and this is what gamers were expecting with NSMBWii. This is why I think the majority of the gaming public reacted harshly to NSMBWii's multiplayer. I personally enjoyed it. Get three or four friends running through the levels and its n absolute blast. It's frantic, exciting and it takes a great mix of skill and luck. It's accessible to all (the day I bought the game me and my parents played a couple levels:P) and doesn't try and throw to much at the player. Many say it is too casual. Sure the multiplayer is casual and I wont try to deny this. But is that so wrong? I played mario with my parents. You heard me, MARIO WITH MY PARENTS! If one insists on their "hardcore" mario they can still find that by playing the game solo in some of the later levels. That stuff gets hard! NSMBWii is one of my favourite 2009 games simply because it is a blast in a group, and offers a satisfying challenge played solo.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I will start out by saying I did not anticipate enjoying this game as much as I did. This game falls into the long list of games I only bought because I was curious about it and was able to get it for cheap. There was a week last summer where I had my friends xbox and played the campaign for COD4. It was awesome, and really showed me how far FPS campaigns had come. I really wanted to play the campaign for MW2 and that is all I really planned to play. The campaign did not disappoint. Although I would have liked to see a more immersive story, rather than over the top set piece after over the top set piece, dang were those set pieces awesome! And the ending? I actually laughed out loud when it looks like the game is going to do the COD4 ending again, but then doesn't. Just an awesome tidbit for those who played COD4. And then where the game goes with its ending? DANG! They tease you with COD4's intense ending set piece only to completely out do it with an even more intense ending. (OK I know that last bit was very vague, but I do not want to have spoilers. If you played COD4 and MW2 you know exactly what I am talking about). The biggest surprise with this game was that I actually got into the multiplayer. I am generally a single player gamer and bought MW2 with no intention of playing online, and only playing spec ops when I have a friend over. I made the mistake of trying the online, and was hooked. Although as school get more busy I gradually played less and less until I more or less stopped playing altogether, I was very involved with the multiplayer for a while, and I am sure I will jump back into at some point.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Interestingly enough I played Among Thieves before playing Drakes Fortune. This game was so good that once I had completed it soon after I bought Drakes Fortune. I was hooked on the characters, the themes, the humour, and most importantly the great gameplay. This game really define ths term "polish" when referring to video games. Everything looks so clean, and I'm not just referring to the graphics, which are fantastic. (I am going to say the best graphics I have EVER seen, and no I have never seen Crysis) By clean, I simply mean everything fits. No messy details anywhere in the game. Not only do the guns, the story, the characters, the settings, etc etc work, but they work together in a way that is truly stunning. The characters are absolutely fantastic. On the surface they are your typical action-movie cliches. But as the game progresses they reveal themselves to be much more unique. The familiarity of the cliches they are based on combined with the originality of their personalities combines to create characters that are deeply engrossing, yet at the same time safe and familiar. Oddly enough on of my favourite characters is Tenzin (pictured on the right). While not speaking any english whatsoever and without subtitles, he is someone able to convey a deep, selfless caring for Nathan Drake. It really has to be experienced, but the way Tenzins character is shown simply through his mannerisms is something I have enjoyed seeing in certain movies, but never in a video game. It is simply fantastic.



Easiest the biggest surprise of the year for me. I really took a chance on the game as well. Reviews made the game look fun, I was intrigued at the idea of a true FPS RPG (I say true because lets be honest, Fallout 3 is an RPG FPS, and yes there is a difference) but also skeptical. I generally do not enjoy FPS games, and I was well aware that this game was a shooter first, RPG second. Regardless, after several of my friends at work recommended the game rather highly I decided to buy the game, even though I wasn't able to save much with my best buy discount. Well I can now say the gamble paid off. Borderlands stole easily 40+ hours of my life and I loved every minute of it. I loved the art **** the shooting controls are near perfect in my mind, and by far the best feature of the game are the guns. There are guns galore to be found, and it keeps the combat feeling fresh the entire game. You are constantly finding new unique guns, or upgrading to more powerful weaponry and it really feels satisfying. It not only makes the combat exciting, but you really feel like you are being rewarded for the combat. Add in the RPG elements of traditional XP, levelloing up, and a skill tree and you feel all the more rewarded for your struggles. If I were to sum up Borderlands in one word it would be "satisfying". At one point in the game I released I was in fact level grinding my character. It was weird because I didn't make the decision like "oh well those guys up ahead are tough, need to level up". I simply enjoyed the combat so much and was motivated to earn the rewards of playing the game. Co-op online is awesome, but surprisingly I found the game to be quite fun playing solo, something almost every review seems to disagree with. This is the game I am closest to earning a platinum trophy (I am only missing two trophies) and I even bought the Zombie Island DLC. This game took hold of me in an awesome way and I am very happy I gave this game a chance even though I was not sure it was right for me.

And those are my contenders for GOTY 2009. Let me remind you that most of the games I played this year were not 2009 releases. Most likely in my next blog I will discuss what I played throughout the year, and then I can finally wrap up 2009 and be done with it! Anyways, that is why this list is fairly short. As well, there are quite a few 2009 games I have heard great things about, but never got around to playing. I'm talking about games like Assassin's Creed 2, Killzone 2, Demons Souls, Arkham Asylum, and Dragon Age. Of those games I am probably most interested in Dragon Age, but even then it is not really a must have on my list. As of right now I have more games than I have time so I am willing to wait it out until I can buy it for cheap. So if there is a game you put on your GOTY list and I didnt remember that no, I did not forget about them it just doesn't make sense to put a game I never played up for GOTY. And it's my list, I can do whatever I want! Honestly, video games are one of the most subjective forms of entertainment that is popular today. It really bothers me when people, usually internet forum goers, forget this.

But on to the winner!

[spoiler] Uncharted 2. Borderlands a close second, but really not that close:P For starters the most obvious reason to give it to Uncharted 2 is the graphics. When talking about MGS4, my previous best graphics ever game my friend told me that MGS4 had the bets graphics because they managed to make attractive women in the game that actually looked attractive. Going along with that I have to say Chloe and Elena > Naomi and the BB corps. But in all seriously aside from making very attractive females, the environments look awesome, the characters animate superbly and the game is full of colour which is very nice to see. And the set pieces:o That smiley is well deserved because that was my face throughout much of the game. The train sequence is simply spectacular (and it is talked about enough that I am sure most of you know what I am talking about) but it is not the only amazing piece. There is a helicopter chase culminating in a one on battle between a grenade launcher armed Nathan and an attack chopper. Or the awe inspiring truck chase which involves jumping from truck to truck before they explode or crash, all the while chasing a lead truck and shooting bad guys. After typing that out I realize how rediculous that sounds, but trust me it doesnt simply work, it fells completely natural. I could go on, but really the game must be experienced to appreciate. Adam Sessler from G4TV in his review of the game calls it "the best single player experience [he's] ever had". And I completely agree [/spoiler]

And that's that. Let me know your thoughts of 2009 and what some of your fav games were.

For the Record

Yesterday I bought Modern Warfare 2, simply because the best buy I work at finally got a used copy, and the used copy was only $30 on my staff discount:D And yesterday I finished the campaign on normal. Yay? I mean, it's cool to say I beat it the day I bought it (as soon as the credits started rolling I texted by neighbour who is a hardcore COD fan to brag), but still a 5 hour campaign is a little disappointing. Not that I'm surprised at all. Or even unsatisfied, not even close. The campaign is intense and goes hard the entire time. And the ending...? If you've played it you know what I am talking about. Unfortunately MW2 will likely sit on my shelf most of the time. I'm going to give the online a try but once school starts up again I will likely give it up in favour of other more appealing games. Spec Ops is a great addition and it's good to finally have a game with some solid split screen multiplayer.

About a week ago I finished my first playthrough on Borderlands. I had set myself up for an ending that "makes the whole game a waste" as I distinctly remember one GS user telling me. Honestly I was not as put out by the ending as that user or most of the reviewers seemed to be. The game is more about your journey, gaining better weapons and levelling up. The story did a good job of tieing it altogether, and the ending for me didn't leave me disappointed. I am on my second playthrough and am a level 39 soldier. I'm asking for a PSN card for Christmas so I can download the zombie island DLC. After that, my goal is to platinum Borderlands. The only trophy that will take a while is getting level 50, but other that that I more or less have them all.

My next blog will be my year end awards blog. Now that I have MW2 I might as well wait until I've explored multiplayer and Spec Ops a little more so I can include the game in my decisions fairly.

Borderlands is Awesome!


With all the hype of Moder Warfare 2 coinciding with my paycheck :P I felt compelled to buy a new game. MW2 was the obvious choice, but I ultimately decided to pass on it for several reasons. 1) I generally don't like first person shooters, especially those focused on competitive online play. 2) My neighbour and hardcore gamer best friend is a huge COD4 fan, and because of this over the course of a year I probably ended up playing the equivalent of a prestige as well as finishing the campaign. I can assume that with the amount of time we spend gaming together I will probably end up experiencing MW2 just as thoroughly as I did COD4 without having to buy the game. 3) I would rather get a game with a longer single player experience 4) I am still loving Uncharted 2's online and don't really need a new competitive online game yet.

So I picked up Borderlands instead. I was unsure about it because I usually get bored of FPS games. I know now that its not FPS mechanics that bore me, its the restrictions. In your standard FPS you can replay missions or play online. I know that to some that is awesome. You can focus on one thing and get really good at it. And in the cause of games like the COD franchise often the missions are good enough that they can be replayed countless times without getting bored. Nevertheless, these confinements always bothered me, and before I played Borderlands I always just assumed I simply did not like FPS's. Well I was wrong. I absolutely love the FPS mechanics in Borderlands. And the open world gameplay and RPG ****quest system and XP make the game completely satisfying to me. Nothing against MW2 or other high quality shooters, but after playing Borderlands I now know what I want in a FPS. Games like MW2 or Resistance 2 (which I bought for 5 bucks the other day:D) seem to only be able to keep me entertained for maybe 10 hours tops, and thats a very generous estimate, whereas I've been playing Borderlands for maybe 20 hours so far and loving every minute of it.

But by far the best part of the game is the guns. The game claims to have millions of guns, and while this is actually true, there are many guns that are only slightly different. With that being said, there is still a tremendous variety of completely unique guns, and it is tons of fun trying them all out. Many have criticised the fighting for being repetitive, and although I can see why people might raise this issue, with the huge variety of guns you can always run into a fight a new way and this keeps the game fresh in my mind. Plus, the combat is really satisfying. Any good RPG has some amount of level grinding, and Borderlands grinding happens to consist of shotgunning psychos in the face:P It is completely satisfying and it is easy to spent an hour or so playing co-op online simply killing baddies.

Satisfying. I have said it a few times in this blog and that is the one word I would use to describe Borderlands. The RPG mechanics of leveling up with XP and building up a skill tree makes every kill seem like it is counting towards something. Enemies drop a large variety of interesting and valuable loot giving the player some instant gratification for killing a bad guy. The co-op element allows you to work together and support each other, which is very fulfilling in itself. Add on the fact the the game is tougher in co-op and you have to support each other and it just gets better. Even the art ****is very satisfying, it almost makes you feel like you are playing your own comic book.

Sorry for the lack of a solid conclusion, simply you should buy this game.

PS I am currently a level 28 Soldier

It's my Birthday!!!! + Beat Uncharted 2

17, M rated games! Not that I have ever had any problems buying them haha. Plus now that I work at bestbuy even if I was having problems I could just get someone I work with to ring it through for me. Still now I can buy them legitimately. Other than that I don't really care about my birthday. I never make a big deal about it. And its weird cause I'm sort of at a point in my life where I dont really want to get any older. 16 was sweet cause I could drive, but after that I have no interest in growing older. Sounds phony but I actually love my life. My school, my friends my family, everything is sort of where I want it to be it's great. Yeah school can be a pain sometimes (especially with my IB classes, for those who dont know what IB is its AP on steroids...) but ultimately i pull through it and then its back to normal. I guess I am sort of worried about the future cause although I am sure I will be fine, at this point in my life I have no interest in changing anything. And my birthday just reminding me that I am getting older, and in a couple years everything will be totally different. And I have no idea wtf I want to do after high school. I easily have the grades to go to university, but I have no idea what I would want to study. But thats enough of that. It's not a pressing issue, it's all just been on my mind because of my birthday.

More importantly I beat Uncharted 2! All I can say is... wow... so good. The campaign is full of surprises, you get sucked into the story, the characters are unique and enjoyable, the variety in the missions is really amazing, the graphics are top notch, controls are perfect, online is actually fun which surprised me, I could go on but all you need to know is the game has a 97 on metacritic for a reason. Everything comes together perfectly to create an experience only a select few games can even compare to. Right now I'm going for the trophies, there are a couple gun ones I didnt pick up which I am in the process of getting, I need the one for 10 steel fists in a row (this is really hard) then just the treasure and hard/crushing trophies. Mix in some online and even after completing the story mode there is still tons left to do. BUY THIS GAME.

Oh and I bough Assassins Creed for $5. Its the limited edition with the tin case and action figure:P Man I love my best buy hookups:D

Uncharted 2 tomorrow!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one pumped for this game. If you've been to the PS3 threads lately I am sure you've seen all the Uncharted 2 threads. The game looks awesome, from what I have read in reviews the game seems to be a large improvement over its already great predecessor. And I wasn't too excited about online but the beta really convinced me Uncharted online could actually work. The standard deathmatch was a blast, and even though the beta only gives one short co-op mission it was a blast. I'm excited to have a whole set of online co-op to play.

But as good as I am sure the online co-op will be, I am very disapointed that there is no local split screen co-op. Actually no split screen multiplayer of any kind. I'm not the only one who still enjoys split screen, right? As exciting and convenient as online is, nothing will ever be better than beating our friend and laughing about it right there with him. Or playing through some co-op levels and discussing strategy face to face instead of over mics.

Nevertheless, I am excited for this game. I am going to pick it up after work tomorrow (great thing about working at best buy, even though I am working I can just pick up a copy and set it aside for myself to make sure there is a copy waiting for me at the end of my shift:P) And a sweet thing is the best buy employee discount is cost (the price bestbuy pays) plus 10%, which is great for a lot of things but usually on new videogames you end up saving only a couple bucks or even sometimes the retail price is cheaper. But I looked up Uncharted 2 in our computers to see the cost price and for some random reason it's a good $10 cheaper than the cost price of any other new video game. Very weird but works out nicely I'll save some cash when I buy it.

And one last thing. I am considering picking up Demon's Souls cause it looks so awesome and I want a good action RPG to get into. I was considering buying Oblivion but Demon's Souls looks awesome and looks like something I would really like. I am worried about the difficulty, though, so I'm not totally sure I should get it. I'll be busy with Uncharted 2 for quite some time so maybe ask for Demon's Souls for Christmas. Any thoughts on this? Have you played the game and is it totally unbearably difficult, or a good challenge?

stressful couple weeks + new games

Wow it's been a bit since I last blogged. I've been very busy. School and all my extra curriculars are keeping me busy like never before, and honestly for a period it was quite stresful. On top of that I somehow developed gastroesophical reflux disease, which really is a fancy way of saying I get wicked heartburn whenever I eat. But seriously calling it heartburn doesn't do it justice. It was crippling, I basically couldn't eat it hurt so bad. I've lost a good ten pounds over the past week and a half or so, and I'm already a pretty skinny guy so that really is a problem. Anyways, I did finally see a doctor and he gave me some medication for it and it's a lot better. I can still feel it but the burning heartburn is gone, now it just sort of feels like a lump in my chest. Still sucks but WAY better than before and I am eating regular meals again.

So yeah last couple weeks have been bad, some issues at school got me really stressed out, and homework was keeping me up late. Add that I couldn't eat and I was on edge like no other. A couple of teachers even talked to me about my so called attitude issue because I was so friggen irritable. Honestly thought I hate it when teachers try to act all sympathetic to me. I'm sure it was legit but it still really annoys me for some reason.

I flew down to minneapolis last weekend for the Vikings Packers game. AWESOME! It was my first NFL game (I live in Canada, CFL ftw!) and it was a total blast. But the weekend coincided with the peak of pain from my GERD so as much fun as the trip was I was still really annoyed the whole time. And then I get back to find out I am totally f***** because of the days I missed. I'm not going to go into it because the week is over now, but honestly I have never had so much school work in a 2 day period before.

BUT! Happy ending here. As stressed as I was it's more or less over now. It's Canadian thanksgiving weekend so I have a four day break from school. Plus, I am finally caught up on the work I missed when I went to the game. And the other issues at school I mentioned have all resolved themselves fairly positively. There is still some stuff going on that is rather troublesome to say the least, but none of it directly affects me. Still annoying. Haha honestly I could tell you what it is but I'm so sick of dealing with it that I don't even want to blog about it.


I bought the orange box a while back for 20 bucks. Seemed like a good deal for the package even if it is old. But not gonna lie I havent been able to get into half life at all. Portal looks sweet, but I haven't even tryed to get into it. Just other games to play I guess haha. But Team Fortress 2 makes it all worth it. So much fun and the graphics are awesome.

I also bought Prince of Persia for 5 bucks NEW! If you didn't already know this, I work at Best Buy. Long story short apparently PoP is soon to be clearance on PS3, and clearance items lose the store money (my manager explained it, I had no idea what he was talking about) Basically to prevent the game from becoming clearance they are trying to sell them to the staff for cheap. Or at leas I think thats the reasoning behind it. All I know is that there is a list of about 40 or so games on all platforms that are soon to be clearance games that I can buy for 5 or 10 bucks. Honestly they are mostly s*** games that should be clearance but there are a few like PoP that looked alright. I've barely played it and my first impression is that the graphics are sweet, but the game is very repetitive. Maybe I'll change my mind about it once I get farther in.

On a related note, has anyone played Wolfenstein? Is it good? For some reason even though we are still selling it for 54.99 or something like that wolfenstein is on the clearance list so I could pick it up for 10 bucks if I wanted to. Seems like too good of a deal to pass up, but the game really doesnt seem my styl.e so I didn't buy it. Let me know if you've played it what you think of it.

And my last new game is Rayman Advance. Rayman for PC was one of the first games I ever played. My friend gave it to me for my birthday and I loved it, even though I remember finding it terribly hard. I was never able to get past a completion level of 20% or so. I remember not being able to configure my keyboard controls either, and having to press random keys to find the right buttons. Every new ability I got was the same process until i figured it out. Funny thing about this game is that the friend who got it for me for my birthday loved it so much that I bought it for him for his birthday:P I saw the game for 9.99 used at a gamespot and I knew I had to get it if only to relieve my childhood a bit. I still have the PC disc, but Vista doesn't seem to like it too much (XP doesn't either, so it's basically unplayable to me)

Well yeah, thats my blog. Just read some of it over and.... wow. That's what I get for blogging without a plan. Just a series of random, barely related thoughts. I feel like I owe you an apology now for this terrible blog, but it had been a while and now that I am finally in a good mood again I really just felt like writing a blog.

School blows!!

Man do I hate my new schedule. Everyone is supposed to have a spare period each semester for lunch, and then usually a couple more. Well not me. I have no lunch spare BOTH semesters, and only one other spare. wtf!!!! I should have at least 2 for lunches but no I have one spare out of both semesters. And its first period so I cant eat my lunch during it. So dumb. I guess thats what I get for taking some IB classes:( I can already tell I am going to be really busy this year. Like I said I am doing some IB classes, which for those who dont know what IB is it is basically AP on steriods. Its extreme to the point that for a couple of the IB classes I am taking (physics and music) by the end of it I get a first year university credit. Pretty sweet I know but it shows how tough its going to be. Add to that my IB math class which although gives no university credit is still going to be quite challenging. Luckily I am pretty good at math:D

The whole year is going to be really busy. On top of my over booked schedule I am on student council meaning I have to come in early some days for meetings, set up for events, organize intramurals, etc etc. Then when basketball season starts... oh my I will be screwed. I think I am going to have to quit my job which really sucks cause I like working at best buy and the money is really nice. But that being said I knew it would be tough with school and I dont want to waste my highschool life working.

It really sucks having no lunch cause thats when I would normally chill with people I dont usually see outside of school. Add in the fact that basically all my friends are not in IB classes, and most of the people in IB classes aren't people I really like. If I dont watch myself I am going to become very antisocial this year. Haha ok not likely but still I am going to miss all the chill times.

Oh and my girlfriend broke up with me two days before school started. Great. Actually its not as bad as it sounds we were sort of going through a rough patch and I was even wondering if maybe a change would be for the best. But of couse right as I decide it would be better to just work through it she ends it. It's all good though I was sort of ready for a change, and the timing is actually great. New school year and I'm single, new start I guess.

Anyways summer was fun but went by way too fast. And I don't really feel like I did much either. I hung out with my friends a lot, much more than last summer, but I didn't travel anywhere which I really missed. Plus I had a lot of gaming goals planned to take advantage of the free time but I basically did none of them. I was planning on playing through some of the zeldas, mainly OoT and WW, but I did neither. Basically all I played all summer was Mega Man Battle Network (see a couple blogs ago), Pokemon Platinum (beat the elite four!) Wii Sports Resort and Megaman 9 (so hard). I got my ps3 with about 5 days of summer left so I really didnt get to take advantage of it too much.

So yeah thats whats up with me these days. Trust me I am sure I am making it sound much worse than it is. It should be a tough but fun year. I am really starting to feel older and with student council I really feel like a leader in the school. Should be a good year. Once again post your PSN if you have one I have like 4 friends right now haha. All my friends are xbox guys:(

Got a PS3!

Picked up the slim today from work (I work at best buy). I am really enjoying it so far but havent actually played it that much. I popped in little big planet but had to do some update thingy that took at least half an hour. But the wait was worth it the game is really fun and I am looking forward to getting further into the game. So far I have only beaten the garden and played a few created levels.

Even though I still had lots more little big planet left in me I took a break to download Battlefield 1943. I figured this was a good choice for its budget price and decent enough reviews. A good online FPS is sort of necessary, but I didn't feel like shelling out 70 bucks for killzone 2 when im just gonna get modern warfare 2 when it comes out. I grabbed some snacks and let the download finish (which again seemed to take quite a log time) but as soon as I started up to play, my brother decided he need the tv to hook up his laptop to cause he was going to show some friends his recent vacation pictures from when he went to germany. I'm a much nicer guy than he is so I let him have the TV which is why I am writing this blog and not enjoying my new PS3.

My PSN is pjacobson21 (surprise!) By all means add me and post yours, perticularily if you have Little Big Planet or Battlefield 1943.