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Being sick and playing WoW

So I am sick and it sucks horribly bad. My lymph nodes are swollen and my throat hurts, but there is an upside. I can still play video games lol Anyways, I got the new Zelda game for the DS for Christmas. Havnt played it yet...I know I know its already the 5th of Jan and I have yet to open the box. I have just been feeling horrible this last week tho. So I am thinking about playing it today..I hope its as good as Phantom Hourglass. That one was insanely amazing and revolutionary. In other news Jayla is sick as well. Technically I dont know if you would call it sick but she has pink eye, poor baby. She also has impetigo on her face. :( Hopefully it will clear up soon. I havnt been playing much recently except WoW. But I dont really want to waste the time that I paid for so I might as well play that. Still havnt gotton the PS3 fixed but a friend got a free blue ray player when he purchased a new tv so he gave it to us. How awesome is that, I mean its worth a couple hundred dollars and he just gave it away to us. I guess karma has our back this year lol

So I hope everyone had a good new year!


So I just noticed that I have only posted two blogs this year...I cant believe that I have drifted so far from gamespot...But at least its for a good reason tho..Being a mommy! Havnt been playing too many games over the last month either..I went down to bama for a visit with the family...It was fun...I got to see pretty much all my closest family...I was there for three weeks...I have only been back for about a week and a half & I miss bama so much...I love it there, its always going to be home in my heart :)

But in other news, I went and got two months of WoW, and realized I could get 7 free days cause I havnt played in a while..Free play time is awesome, especially when it cost fifteen bucks a month. I tried L4D2 the other night, it was ok..I didnt really play it too much but there was a lot going on when I first started the game and it was confusing me. Or it might have have been the few drinks before playing lol

I love Borderlands...I think I might play that tonight..My bf has been begging me to play with him..I want to but I hate playing split screen..I guess I just need to get over it and do it for him...I will prolly get into in once I start playing anyways.

World of Warcraft

Well about 2 1/2 weeks ago my bf's friend sent me a 10 day trial for WoW. I played for two days and loved it so much that I purchased it immediately. Without thinking my bf and I purchased with a credit card online. We hadnt realized that before I could even upgrade my account i would have to wait 72 hours. Which sucked big time. Anyways the game is great. I recommend it to everyone. I never thought I would like it since you have to pay every month for it but once I played the trial it was over. Now I am a WoW feine. I just cant stop playing it. And when I am not playing it I am thinking about it, and dreaming about it, its crazy!

Update: Havnt posted in a while, beat new game, etc..

Well its been quite a while since I posted a new blog. I have been busy the last few months. I just beat the new Resident Evil 5 yesterday. My bf and I beat it together on normal. We are currently taking on veteran, which isnt too much harder but I have only gotton through chapter one so far. Its definately a great game tho. I prolly would have never played it if it werent for my bf begging me to play. I also just got the game Lips, I know what your thinking lol. But its not too bad. I dont play it unless its just me and my 3 1/2 year old lol. She definately likes to sing. Its fun for her at least, I know she gets bored with me playing other games.

Well I guess thats all for now. Peace.

Games, Movies, & getting crushed

Well not too much lately. Been playing some Rock Band 2 since my bf got it for free on his work trip to Las Vegas. Its pretty sweet. Its got a lot of good songs. And it has challenges on it. Which is obviously something new.

I also saw The Dark Knight. It was really good. Not what I expected at first but it definately kept my attention the whole movie. I also watched WALLE and it was really good. My daughter liked it a lot.

In other news, I found out that my bf cheated on me again. Which really sucks. I dont know what went wrong. But I guess thats all for now!

*Updates* Not too much lately

I havnt really been on here too much lately so I thought I would at least write a blog. I have been playing a few games recently. They include: Oblivion and Civilization Revolution. I love Civilization Revolution. That game is so addicting. Anyways my bf just bought a few other games, Arcade Unplugged Volume 1 and Rockstar Table Tennis for really cheap. I have yet to play them, maybe I will get a chance today tho. I am really excited about PS3 trophies and PSP trophies. I think its gonna make more people get back on their PS3. I havnt played that much since I got my 360. I think you get more out of your games when you are trying to work for acheivements. I will actually finish games for that reason, maybe even play through again. I guess thats about it for today!

Got a couple new games

Well I got a few new games just recently...Guitar Hero II & III and also Rock Band all on the Xbox 360...I have had GH II and III for about 3 weeks now...I am on Medium on both, I finished easy mode...I just got Rock Band today and finished the drums solo on easy, and started on the guitar solo but have only made it through a few songs...I got tired...But anyways, I had some volleyball games today in a recreational league that I play in ...We the lost the first 2 and won the third...Same as last week too. I also started playing some Bioshock also...I like it but I have other games that I would rather play for now...And oh yeah did I mention that I have a cold...It sucks..I hate getting sick! Oh yeah I played in a poker tournament about a week ago and won a little over five bucks...I got 8th place out of like 197 people..The buy in was only like .35...So I made my money back and way more..It was very exciting for me cause I just only learned how to play the last couple of months...Well I guess thats all for now. Later!

Kinda Aggravated...but excited too

Well I am aggravated because I just took a bag of trash out...I know you wouldnt think thats something to get mad about..but the story continues...The trash just ran a day ago...So the can was empty..The trash can was bought for my bf and I from his dad...Now to were the aggravation really comes in..My roomate is outside right now cleaning his car out...He delivers magazines for a living...He filled our trash can to the top with old magazines...Now what am I supposed to do with my trash for 5 more days?..I cant just sit it outside cause the racoons and cats around the street always destroy it!

Anyways the good part is that I received my free copy of Pirates The Burning Sea today...I am really excited to play it but I havnt had a chance to do it today..Maybe tomorrow...Well thats all..I just needed to get that first part off my chest!

Got my Advance Wars..FC here also

Well I got my copy of Advance Wars...You know the completely free copy!..I played it a little bit...Its a cool game...I have never actually played advance wars before..I should have given it a try cause I got my butt kicked on my first online game..Anyways heres my friend code 2621-1899-5872 my name is Pixie6285..Let me know if you add me

Level 23 Now!...And my 360 gamertag is here

Well I am a level 23 now...I actually made it a couple of days ago but I didnt feel up to writing a blog that day

Got my 360 gamertag..if you cant see it below than heres my name, Pixie35147. I dont have but like two games right now so I prolly wont be playing a lot until I get some new ones...I have Dead Rising and the Orange Box...So the only online game that I have is Fortress, which I havnt played yet but I have watched my bf play it and it looks descent but I think I will still like Warhawk and Resistance on PS3 better than Fortress...Oh yeah I went up a rank on warhawk the other day...I was stuck for the longest cause I couldnt for the life of me get the badge for killing 5 people with the 4x4 during the game...But finally I was on a team that actually worked as a team capturing all the zones...The other team only had there home base so I hopped in the 4x4 and circled over and over until I finally got the badge...Anyways thats about all for today I guess....I might play Warhawk tonight if anyone wants to play let me know