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Labor Day

Nothing exciting happened today. I was about to go to the state fair with some friends. I decided against going because my hand hurts too much. I just stayed home and did a lot of sleeping so I could give my hand some rest. I sprained it due to an earlier incident. It hurts alot even after doing the most simplest of things, such as clenching my fist and carrying any type of object. I'm hoping it will get better.

Friend's Open House

I went to a friend's Open House, to celebrate his new house finally being built. His house is pretty far from his old house. By the time I got there, there were only a few people there. I arrived to the Open House late because I had to drive with another friend, and he didn't get off work till late in the afternoon. There were still some food left though, hehe. I had some hot dogs and a couple of drinks.

Later when night came, we all watched The Italian Job in one of the newly finished rooms. The movie was pretty good. I think I was the only one watching, hehe. Everyone else were talking about whatever. I'm so tired, I had a long day. At least I got to take a lot of cake home from my friend's Open House :D

Fun Day with Girlfriend

I picked up my friend at the airport. I'm glad I came early because I got lost walking around looking for baggage claim. They need to make their signs more visible or it could be that I was half-awake, hehe.

After picking my friend up, I went home and got some more rest. After realizing I didn't have work today, I wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend. We went to the local mall and just walked around. We saw the movie Hero, it was pretty good. We spent the rest of the day at her apartment watching TV and just chilled.


Had a long day at work today. I'm so tired, I worked ten hours.

Went to celebrate a friend's birthday at a bowling alley. Ate some food, drank some beer, and played a couple games of bowling. I only won one game :( I had a lot of fun though, that's all that matters.

Need to go to bed. I'm picking up a friend at the airport early in the morning.

First Entry

Testing. I'm watching GameSpot Live at the moment.

*edit : I meant to write that I was watching On the Spot (with Jeff as guest host) at the time. *