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Screw portable fanboyism

The DSi on the right I bought two years ago, with another DS Phat (not in the picture) which I bought six long years ago. The PSP on the left I just bought two days ago with a few games I've been dying to try on it for some time now (with Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX pushing me over the edge) so...yeah. I now own both rival handhelds of this generation, albeit very late to the party :P

The PSP screen looks amazing after being fed on a diet of DS games since 2005, though the game library is weaker than the DS and the battery life is much shorter. I won't abandon my DS for it either; it's still one of the most memorable handhelds I've owned and there are still games I want to play on it.

Nintendo and Sony finally coexist in my bedroom. Screw fighting in console wars. I get the great DS games and first-party titles and the PSP's graphics, multimedia capabilities and desirable niche Japanese games.