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Gone for the weekend

Yep, I'm going on a 2-day trip out of town(don't ask where).

That means I won't be here until Sunday night(in my timezone).I'll be back by then.

Being the boss

I may start a Kirby union next month after my school test ends. How tough is it to manage a union? I don't know what to expect. Anyone who are Union Leaders please respond!

My mascot

Look at my blog header image. This is what Pikaby looks like. IMO, it isn't perfect, I'm not a designer.But do tell me what you think of  Pikaby, and how I can improve on his design!

A challenge!

While Pikaby was resting under a shady tree, a Pokemon trainer comes up and challenges him to a battle! The trainer calls himself Ikari Warrior, and brags of his extreme skill.

Pikaby calls up his Pokemon friends! "Hey everyone, we have a battle challenge!" And so they came.Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, Jirachi and Dragonite, all 5 of them. the stage is set and the fight begins!

..."Ikari Warrior wants to battle!"

" Ikari Warrior sent out Nidoking!"

"Go Charizard!"...*I guess I should attack*

"Charizard used Slash! A critical hit!"   "Nidoking used Toxic!"

*Oh man, he used Toxic* "Charizard's badly poisoned!"

Pikaby yells out :'Come back! You can't battle in that condition. Looks like he takes this round...He's not bragging, this guy's for real.'

"Go Dragonite!" "Ikari Warrior sent out Scizor!"

In a swift move, the enemy Scizor flew round Dragonite, hurting him all the way!'Don't give up!'Pikaby cheers on Dragonite.'You can do it! Focus on one point, then block him there!'

*A strong move should do it* "Dragonite used Hyper Beam!" "It's not very effective..."

Type advantages didn't help the speedy Scizor as Dragonite's Hyper Beam stopped him dead in his tracks, piercing through all his defenses.Scizor dropped down like a dead fly and Dragonite, out of exhaustion, collapsed as well.

Pikaby comforts him:'Don't worry, you did well.We won this time'

The rest of the battle ended with Blastoise and Pikachu losing, while Jirachi won another round.

Ikari warrior scoffs :'Not bad for a trainee like you.I'll consider our match even.Whoever wins the last round is the champion.Oh, but all your friends are used up! Who else is there?' Pikaby steps up 'I am.'

'You?! Don't make me laugh, you look too weak! Go, my Pokemon!'

"Ikari Warrior sent out Blaziken!" 

The two fighters stood on opposite ends. Who will win the final round? Will the delicate Pikaby prove his strength to Ikari Warrior?                                                                           

-To be continued.When I level up again that is. And yes, I consider Pikaby as a Pokemon.

New emblem

Oh yeah.Thanks to everyone who wanted to be my friend.

By the way, anyone knows why Gamespot uses butterflies for these emblems?

Battle scene

pikaby walks around in the grass and the screen turns black.

'Wild Wingull appeared!' 'Go pikaby!'

I choose my attack and then...

'pikaby used Thunderbolt!' 'It's super effective!'

Yeah, Quadruple Damage!  'Wild Wingull fainted!'            *well that was easy*

'pikaby gained 8 EXP.' 'pikaby grew to Level 8!'

---Just a random Pokemon battle.Nothing big, really.


No way...!

How did I skip from level 5 to level 7?There must be a mistake.....