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My small collection of Shiny Pokemon

A hacker would be able to come up with this number of shinies, and easily ten times more, in just an instant. I've never even caught one shiny Pokemon with my own hands or tried to breed one before (cross-breeding Pokemon of different regions apparently gives you a higher probability of getting a shiny- look up the Masuda Method if you don't know), but I've had a few people hack a few for me, and traded for the rest over Wi-Fi.

If I didn't say anything you'd all just call me a dirty cheater and just using the shinies to show off, but I'm not that kind of person, if I really wanted to hack a Pokemon I wouldn't stop at just the shiny, I'd do stats, nature, ability and EVs, which I don't. This also means that if you guys find me in battle and I have a shiny on my team, it's just for the sake of aesthetics, and it doesn't have any tactical advantage over the regular colored Pokemon. To me, a shiny Pokemon shows how much of a fan of a particular species of Pokemon you are and you're willing to go out of your way (very, very far out) to go find and get it, whether it belongs to you or not. It's not about getting the bragging rights.

Although I just said that the shiny Pokemon I usually want to find are those of my favorite Pokemon, I don't turn down other shinies either- they're damn rare to begin with and that's the usual purpose of wanting to collect them. The ones I requested to be hacked are the Pokemon which I love the most, you'll see in a bit, and the remaining ones of other Pokemon I have are gotten online off Wi-Fi trades and GTS.

Finding one on GTS is no easy business either. Although finding a shiny on GTS is actually simpler than it looks, most of them want illegal and absurd Pokemon in return, like a Reshiram below level 9 or any other evolved Pokemon below level 9, which are untradeable even if you do own them. I tried hacking one myself (a level 1 Boldore in exchange for a shiny Shaymin on GTS) just to try it out and it didn't work. It won't let me beam Boldore to the other end. And the ones that do involve legit Pokemon are usually traded over in ten seconds before you have the chance to. If you don't have the Pokemon the other party wants on hand and you want to disconnect so you can go get it, forget it, it'll be gone by the time you come back online. I was lucky enough to grab a few :)

I keep all my shiny Pokemon in a box behind where my legendaries are

Ignore the two Pokemon on the bottom right, the rest are shinies. Of those few I have, these are hacked by my own request: Togekiss, Chikorita, Cherrim, Jumpluff, Jirachi, Manaphy, Phione, Celebi and the other hacked one form online is Registeel. The rest of them are most probably legit. Hey, why don't I just pick a few out of these to say something about them?

We all know where this one comes from. The easiest shiny to catch. Ever. This red Gyarados comes from my JP Soul Silver, nothing really special about it. I haven't even trained it yet! I know some people who do that because Gyarados is supposed to be a really strong Pokemon....unless you factor in competitive play.

My beloved Togekiss, which I had my cousin hack and trade to me. It has a Timid nature and Serene Grace...not hacked, I swear! He set all wild Pokemon to shiny Togekiss on his game and I handled the rest, catching Togekiss after Togekiss till I found the one with the nature and ability I wanted. Then I EVed the thing manually. See? Just hacking for aesthetics :) Oh yeah it's also caught in a Cherish Ball. That part was again hacked for looks. I really cherish Togekiss~

Tepig and Archen shinies, gotten off GTS. And the best part is, I didn't ask for either of them! All I did was put up Oshawott and Tirtouga for trade on GTS, requesting for these two so I could train them, and I got shinies in return! Someone must be feeling generous~ I don't think they were hacked either- although the levels may not show like they're legit, I got both of them at Lv1, meaning they were bred from eggs (Masuda Method). The only reason why they're higher was because I left them at the Daycare to breed regular-colored versions.

This Budew here was given to me by a good friend of mine over at Nintendo 5-Star, Asiankid. If you're reading this, just know that I've been taking really good care of it and traded it over from Soul Silver to White and it's still in my collection! This Budew is totally legit, Asiankid found this in a patch of grass and caught it- the lucky fellow. He nicknamed it Totoru. It brings back memories :)

Cherubi, Pikachu and Rayquaza (look at that black!), all of my lucky trades from GTS (not the only ones though, Regirock and Gible are also from GTS). I ran into Ray by accident but I was intending to search for Cherubi and Pikachu. Cherubi comes from Sinnoh where the breeding level is 5 instead of 1, so it's still possibly legit by Masuda Method. Pikachu, probably hacked, unless you guys can think of places where there are wild Pikachu at around Lv10 to 15 in Gen 3/4. Rayquaza comes from Hoenn and is at Level 70, caught in a Master Ball. Might be hacked, but remember what Ray's level was in Ruby/Sapphire, and if you reset and restarted the game a billion times just to get the shiny, you wouldn't want to catch it in anything other than a Master Ball, right? Don't want it to accidentally faint after so much effort.

An Azurill shiny named WDrop I got back in Gen 4 GTS. Honestly I really don't know about this one despite owning it for so long- but it doesn't matter because I love Azurills- they're adorable. Aw, don't look so sad, you're still being loved by me~

And finally, the shiny Manaphy I had my cousin hack for me together with my other favorite Pokemon. I already own quite a few other Manaphy- as many as I have Pokemon Ranger games, probably more, so I was looking like hell for a shiny version, and even though getting it hacked lacks the sense of achievement I get when I find it online for a steal, it's something I keep to this day. Not much difference in the color though- it's a lighter shade of Manaphy blue.

So, I'll be continuing to expand my collection of my favorite Pokemon in shiny version. Wish me luck! Or, do anyone of you have a shiny Reuniclus to spare? :P

Top 10 Favorite B/W Pokemon

I'm sure everyone playing Pokemon B/W has got a list of Gen 5 favorites by now. No matter how awful you think the new Pokemon (and their English names) are, it doesn't take long before their designs grow on you and you start accepting them as Pokemon. There will always be the odd exception, but that happens every other generation too, right? Five or six years down the road, I'll be expecting the same charade to repeat itself when another batch of 150 get made. And laugh at it :)

Me? As I've said quite a few times before, Gen 5 Pokemon are all lovely. My fave list is mostly populated by cute Pokemon~

10) Klinklang

Totally wasn't expecting this eh? Even with a completely hopeless movepool, Klinklang still has one ace hidden up its sleeve, and that is Shift Gear. Attack up 1 and speed up 2 is nothing to scoff at and it makes Klinklang's Gear Grind do a whole lot more damage and make it really fast. Combined with its already good defenses and a Steel type and this is a useful Pokemon you can have when you're not fighting Chandelure, Volcarona or Conkeldurr. And for some reason I find this Pokemon really unique (which is the direct opposite of the general opinion on this bunch of gears). Even the name doesn't sound all that bad.

9) Vanillite

Why all the hate on the ice-cream Pokemon? Unoriginal concept is one thing, but the ice-creams are actually pretty well designed. Pokedex entries try to cover the obvious fact though (Fresh Snow Pokemon?). And Vanillite is cute. Really! Maybe it was made to look like a Casteliacone on purpose.

8) Volcarona

One pseudo-legendary Pokemon that will make you wish you had something on your team with Stone Edge or any other Rock-type move, because Volcarona is almost unstoppable otherwise. It already has great Sp.Atk and Speed and is liable to raise it even more with Quiver Dance, making this a pretty common threat online. One of my most favorite powerhouse Pokemon this gen. Bug/Fire is an interesting combination, and it evolves so late, but it's worth the effort!

7) Cinccino

Just look at it! So neat and fluffy and cute....but don't take Cinccino for a fool. Underneath all the cute is a decent battler. With Technician, it's one of the most effective users of all those useless multi-hit moves, of which it learns three different ones, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, and Tail Slap, giving it a really nice type coverage. Probably the first adorable Pokemon family to not be in the Fairy breeding group.

6) Litwick

Cutest Ghost-type Pokemon ever created. Don't you agree? Its name doesn't suck, its design doesn't suck (and neither do its evolutions), the 'guiding light' concept behind this is reminiscent of Drifloon, and good. This is one Pokemon that can do no wrong. Not to mention Chandelure, its final form, is extremely powerful.

5) Whimsicott

Honestly speaking I have not met one person who doesn't like Whimsicott. Its design, aside from being super-cute, is simple and effective (It looks so happy! XD). The name makes sense and rolls off the tongue easily, although I have heard arguments about Erufuun being the better name (stuff that always happens when you look for Pokemon news too early and end up being stuck in Japan). Not to mention Whimsicott, with the Prankster ability is the second troll support Pokemon next to Jumpluff.

4) Oshawott

Most hated starter ever? At the beginning, yes, while everyone else was swooning over Tepig and espeically Snivy, Oshawott was left out of the welcoming party. I had no idea why too- I loved him right from the start and thought he was pretty cute. The tables turned pretty quickly with anime Oshawott and ass-kicking final form Samurott. Now I can sit back and enjoy the most popular starter of Gen 5. Ironic, eh? Samurott doesn't do too badly in battle either, though I really wish he learns Shell Break.

3) Leavanny

I wasn't really going to bother with the insect line this generation, but after reading all three Pokedex entries for Sewaddle, Swadloon and Leavanny, my opinion of these three changed drastically. Also see comic below to understand why I love them. They're like a loving, caring family! This is something never seen with any of the previous bug Pokemon. And their English names are very well done. Too bad about the terrible type, which gives Leavanny a billion weaknesses. Believe me, I tried to use Leavanny a lot more often.

2) Lilligant

Petilil was freaking cute, so I had high hopes for its evolved form. Like Whimsicott, its appearance hasn't generated an obvious amount of hate. Doesn't she look sweet? Oh, I said 'she', but male Lilligant actually exist. Proof of how ladylike this Pokemon actually is. Can be used to put things to sleep, use Quiver Dance repeatedly, and then proceed to destroy everything. Well, not everything- Grass-types, especially the cute ones, tend to have lacking movesets.

1) Reuniclus

Most people who know me knows how much I love Reuniclus. Cutest and most unique Pokemon in the entire Gen 5! Its evolution line is based on a dividing cell (Solosis and Duosion are just as adorable~), which is quite creative and has never been done before. The name is hard to get at first and a lot of people just wanted to stick to 'Rankurusu', but what the heck, I like the change. Reuniclus sounds so cool. Green jelly blob does wonders in the battlefield too- with either Calm Mind or Trick Room, a recovery move, either Psychic or Psycho Shock, and a few others, not many Pokemon can stand up to its ability to absorb attacks. Also, Magic Guard + Life Orb = win. Now to wait for a Reuniclus plush to get made~

Now that that's over with, I completed Pokemon White last week (first ending versus N and Ghetsis). This was my team! Notice how many of my listed favorites are in here. Lol.

Cutest Pokemon comic ever made

A seven-panel fanart of Sewaddle, Swadloon and Leavanny, the Gen 5 token Bug-types. Leavanny (leaves+nanny) is a motherly creature and takes care of small Pokemon with affection, particularly Sewaddle. This adorable comic depicts it so well I've just fallen in love with the whole evolution line XD Especially Swadloon~ You have to show it some love :) Even more so because it evolves by happiness.

Note: NOT MINE. Japanese artist. If you can log in to pixiv, the original artist is 'ひれ', and the link to the artwork is here. I'm just sharing it because of how cute it is~

5 things I really like about Pokemon B/W

I've talked about all the things in the latest Pokemon versions that grinds my gears, now I'll be taking things in a more positive light, cause it's because of these 5 things below that keep me occupied from the beginning to the end, and it's because of some of these that made me so excited for 5th gen in the first place. Oh, did I mention this is one of the most well-executed Pokemon games ever made? If you don't consider the 'third version' games, of course. Those are always better than the first two, no questions asked.

5) Great Gym Leader/Elite Four challenge, presentation

Some of the Pokemon Gyms in this game, though you don't visit them more than once, are the most creative ones I've seen in the entire history of Pokemon. They're well-designed, don't involve too many mundane puzzles and the later ones actually have more than 3 Gym Trainers in them. Gone are the days where Gym Challenges meant making a beeline straight to the Leader with no obstacles, or going on confusing teleport panels, or stepping on god-forsaken arrow puzzles. A few of them stand out as some of the best. The very first Gym battle with Cress/Chili/Cilan, which for once, teaches you the most important aspect of playing Pokemon (type matchups) in the most effective manner possible! Second battle with Lenora, who hides the Gym in a library behind a totally innocent-looking Museum, and actually has a hidden passageway like all good libraries! (and is also, to my knowledge, the only Gym that doubles as the Leader's actual place of work) Fifth battle with Clay, if only for the super-cool lift descent into the Gym Leader's room! Seventh battle with Brycen, which turns the old 'sliding on ice' puzzle on its head with curves and levers! And above all...that suspense-filled music when the Leader is down to the last Pokemon! Really wish I could hear more of it. As for the Elite Four, besides the unique presentation of each room, is improved by the fact you can go through the four of them in any sequence you want. And notice that this is also the first Pokemon dual games which the E4 has increased levels of their Pokemon after the first set of credits roll! This feature was usually reserved for third versions like Emerald and Platinum, as well as remakes like FR/LG.

4) Improved online/wireless options

Friend Code battles are cumbersome. No, they really are. It's difficult trying to schedule a match with someone halfway across the world if you don't have a laptop and chatbox at hand, which kinda ruins the point. And even then you're not guaranteed a solid connection with one another (hey, I can't see you...did you type my FC correctly? You did? Then it's me? Double check? Arrrgggghhh!) so random matchup is my savior, even if it's just a 3-on-3 which I usually always lose to skilled Japanese players. There's always the thrill of 'can I win this?' whenever I find someone, even if he's way out of my league. GTS is rock-solid as usual, although absurd trades far outnumber the sensible ones. Then there's infrared built into the cart (pirates will forever be left out of this one) which allows lightning-quick trading with a nearby dude anytime, anywhere. No really! If I'm playing with a friend, I can just hook up with him even if I'm in, say, Chargestone Cave, and trade to evolve a Boldore, for example. Quick battles too via infrared. Then there's Global Link. Although it isn't up yet (and god knows when it will, what with the tsunami and all), from my experience with the JP version I can tell you it's a decent amount of fun on the Dream World, and you get exclusive Dream World Pokemon, berries, C-Gear and Pokedex skins!

3) Nicer caves

As much as I liked Mt. Coronet for the giant, complex maze connecting almost every route in Sinnoh and the intense snowy peak, I sigh every time I was obligated to visit it because it always meant I have to scarifice one or two spaces in my Pokemon team to bring a billion HM moves into the cave. Not just Mt. Coronet, every cave. Every stinking one of them. Flash, Strength, Rock Smash, Surf, Waterfall, Rock Climb, even Defog for crying out loud. Sinnoh Victory Road was the worst of the lot when it comes to HM use. To the point where I'm always reluctant to enter caves no matter what great things there may be in there, which there usually isn't. And you know the amount of backtracking we have to do every time we get a new HM. Which is why Unova's dungeon areas are far less of a hassle to visit. Almost no repetition between forests/caves and the wild Pokemon that reside within them (Pinwheel Forest, Chargestone Cave, Giant Chasm and Victory Road, come forth and take a bow), and most importantly, greatly reduced HM usage. Rock Smash is axed from the blacklist of annoying moves, Strength is one use per rock only (compared to the increasingly complex boulder-pushing puzzles over the years), Defog has been burnt to the ground (good riddance), and you spend marginal amounts of time using the rest. Kudos!

2) Greatly improved battle animations and speed

This is what we keep seeing in trailers and gameplay videos. Admit it- you were just as impressed with the moving sprites and the background as I was, even if we all know the core mechanic will always be the same. Every last one of the 647 species of Pokemon have their own jiggles, the background moves back and forth with each attack and battle animation, and the pace has been upped significantly, compared to the laggy battles in Diamond/Pearl. When you've fought a thousand battles in both D/P and compare them to B/W you notice all the little things. In D/P, the HP bar takes ages to move up and down, stat changes meant ten seconds of waiting for the text to slowly scroll, the potion-using animation is twice as slow as in B/W, and there's a really noticeable frame rate drop during double battles, especially when fog is involved. All rectified in the new games. The frame rate stays smooth even during Triple Battles, and all six Pokemon are moving at once!

1) Completely new Pokemon, and good ones at that

You don't know how thankful I was that there were no old Pokemon in Pokemon B/W. Not only did this meant putting an end to the silly 'is this Pokemon a new pre-evolution/new evolution to that Pokemon?' nonsense, it also meant not seeing annoying scum like Tentacool, Geodude, Machop, and above all, Zubat and Golbat. Gone they are and replaced with alternatives. Good alternatives. The Gen 5 Pokemon are wonderful and I have a long list of favorites. Reuniclus, Cinccino, Samurott, Haxorus, Chandelure, Lilligant, Conkeldurr, Klinklang, Volcarona, Swoobat, Whimsicott, Vanniluxe, Escavalier, Leavanny, Electross, Alomomola, Bisharp, Seismitoad, Braviary, Musharna, Beheeyem, Virizion...nearly everything seems good. Only a few duds- Basculin, Stunfisk to be exact. I've said this so many times, but walling off all old Pokemon till you beat the game, as simple a move as it is, brings back the memories of my first Pokemon game, where Pokemon were all weird and wonderful, evolution methods were unknown to those who didn't have a perfect guide at hand, and the adventure feels fresh, for the first time in years.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in JP, and I'm in the midst of doing it all over again on my US copy. Just beat Skyla, the sixth Pokemon Gym, and my team looks like this! (Not in picture: Leavanny, Litwick, Minccino, Pansear, Swoobat, Tynamo)

5 things I don't like about Pokemon B/W

Pokemon Black and White, to me, are some of the most exciting and fresh Pokemon games in recent years. It gets everything right in the main story mode right up until you beat the Champion (which is a very long way off), from the complete walling-off of all 493 old Pokemon, to the more dynamic battle scenes, to the changes in the metagame, and good villain design, for once. Ugly Pokemon? I don't think so- aside from one or two duds I actually love the entire roster in Gen 5. Never have I been so excited to train them all as I do now. On the surface, and to most players, this is the definition of a perfect Pokemon game.

If you're the type to delve very deep however, you might find more than one thing to nitpick on in Pokemon B/W, which will almost always be rectified by the 'third game'. A few elements which I didn't like in the game:

5) Gear Station isn't all that exciting

It's a great avenue for competitive AI battle, and you get single, double, tag and even Wi-Fi modes. But there just isn't enough to motivate players to battle on and on other than to buy TMs and items. The one single flaw of infinite use TMs manifests itself here- what are you going to save the BP for once you buy all the TMs? Also, what happened to all the great things Battle Frontier introduced in Gen 4? Granted, it was also in the 'third game', Platinum, but unless Nintendo are holding the exciting modes back from us, I don't see any other reason why there wouldn't be things like rental Pokemon battles or roulette battles, which are my personal favorites. There's just not enough to do in the Gear Station. Still, much better than the Battle Tower in Pokemon D/P and the awful one in Pokemon R/S.

4) Pokemon Musical?

The Pokemon Contests in R/S and then the modified contests in D/P were solid diversions and could potentially sap hours of your time if you really get into it. Your reward come in the form of Ribbons, which were pointless, but at least you get something out of it! Then Pokeathlon in HG/SS, which was even better. The first time touch-screen minigames were implemented in the main line RPGs, and a great job they did, as all 10 games were fun. For your troubles you got actual useful items like PP Ups, apricorns and evolution stones! Then comes this rubbish, where you do nothing but dress your Pokemon up and watch them dance on stage. Aside from a few touch-screen prompts, which you only do once or twice for the whole performance, all you do is. Sit. And. Watch. Your rewards for dressing your Pokemon in pointless accessories is...even more pointless accessories. Hurray. Nintendo, I hope you're listening.

3) Smaller, more linear overworld

I understand that this was done on purpose to cut down on cumbersome exploration time and the beyond-annoying wild Pokemon encounters, but to be honest I actually miss going on epic quests to routes and mountain ranges that are bigger, taller and with more varied terrain. Especially in Sinnoh, where most of the routes, even the shortest ones, are at least twice as long as the biggest route in Unova. This could be solved easily though, by having short routes for the main quest, but long, meandering ones with a billion trainer battles and stuff after the Elite Four is over and done with.

2) Half the cities serve no purpose

Seriously, a lot of the cities and towns in Unova are just there for window dressing. Opelucid City is useless once you beat the eighth Gym Leader and the triple/rotation battle house is not a saving grace as the Pokemon there are unevolved and under-leveled. Iccirus City is a pretty sight in winter, and there actually secrets that are only accessible during that season, but no other post-game function after you beat the seventh Gym. Lacunosa Town tells an interesting story about Kyurem's legend, but is otherwise a junk town that could have been so much more. Undella Town is another gimmick showing off the seasonal changes, with people showing up only during the summer. There's Cynthia though, so it's not all bad. I remember the post-E4 cities in Sinnoh...Battle Area, Resort Area and Survival Area. There were actually things to do in each, especially in Platinum version. Unova's cities are just so...meh. The only ones really worth revisiting over and over are Striaton (for the breeding center), Castelia (Royal Unova, Massage Lady and Game Freak) and Nimbasa (everything else).

1) No option to rebattle trainers

This is Pokemon B/W's biggest mistake. Did Nintendo think we didn't like battling Trainers anymore? What happened to the Vs. Seeker? What happened to any gadget allowing us to schedule rematches with AI trainers? Without it you're left with the 16 daily fights in Nimbasa's two stadiums (which, I emphasize, are not enough), Royal Unova, and the goddamn Elite Four. Do they realize not everyone likes to whale on the Elite Four over and over again because they're the only people where you can get decent Exp. Points from? This is the dumbest decision they have ever made. Even if there are no Gym Leader rematches, it's a minor oversight compared to not being able to rebattle anyone at all. Blasphemy, I say. The third game has some serious fixing to do.

And that's my two cents. It's still a great, great game, but those who play deeper may find themselves with a less-than-sweet aftertaste. There's just not enough of B/W for major players to really sink in.

Also, in other B/W related news, I beat the 5th Gym Leader in Driftveil. Here's my team. Not in the picture are Swoobat, Gigalith, Pansear, Herdier and Minccino.

Saw a 3DS for the first time

I've seen the ads, I saw the recorded streams, I've seen the console in pictures and a billion articles of what it can do and the games it can play. I've seen so many people unboxing and having their first excited try at it. But I've never actually seen one up close, they weren't brought to my country until very recently.

A great gaming store in a mall near my rented apartment brought an import Japanese 3DS to display on their shelf. I saw it and was pretty surprised someone would actually bring one over without first waiting for the US release (which is just around the corner, by the way). A few people were testing it and I tried to look over but couldn't see the crazy 3D effects everone were talking about. From what everyone online had said, it was like nothing they'd ever seen before. I wasn't excited, mainly because in the case of a console like this you have to actually hold it in your hands to know.

Although I loved the idea that there would be a new Nintendo console, up till now I was never really hyped for it because its main gimmick was hidden from my eyes, as well as the eyes of everyone who only see the console on their 2D PC monitors. It seemed like just a 'higher spec DS' on paper. Combined with all the positive comments by people who have played with it before, and it just makes trying out the actual console seem that much more enticing. Perhaps this is why Nintendo were so aggresive in their 3DS promotion, and why the marketing was so successful. Do you have any idea how many demo booths were set up for 3DS, and in how many countries?

Anyway, when I saw that the Japanese 3DS was occupied by another dude I left the store. Curiosity got the better of me and I returned shortly after. The guy was gone and I gazed at the black 3DS and its box. It was right next to all the other DS units, and it's no bigger than a DSi, which is nice. The person in charge took it down and gave it to me to try.

The first time the new hunk of plastic touched my hands.

Feels so good to finally be able to test a new console :D It's much lighter too. I fiddled around a bit, pressed some buttons, and moved the analog nub, which feels a lot like a bigger and more comfortable version of PSP's own analog. I pressed the Power button....

...Geez, that was a long startup time. About 7 to 9 seconds at least. Must be the 3D tech. I reached the menu and woah...double vision. I turned the 3D slider down, then up again. My eyes took a moment to adjust, and I *strike* FINALLY SAW THINGS POPPING OUT OF THE SCREEN */strike* could finally visualize the 3D effects! I switched menu items to and fro and saw the objects on the top screen move around, as if the screen extended inwards into the console. It was like looking into a fish tank! How could a flat surface look like it goes inwards? I turned the slider all the way down and the same 3D image lost its depth, then it regained it when I turned the slider up again.

I was extremely fascinated with the technology. I tried one AR game and watched the Super Mario Bros promo video (which came with the JP firmware update). Didn't get to try any real games though- the only game there was Street Fighter IV and it was wrapped up. If I unwrapped it it's considered sold. Oh well, all I wanted was to get a taste of the 3D. I bet everyone else wants to see their first 3DS just for the same reason too.

But like the billion other people who've tried it, I can't convince you or visualize the 3D effect for you through words. You really, really have to see it to believe it. Also, don't believe the ads because like I said, there is no 'popping out of the screen' effect. Keep waiting for holoscreen projectors for that :P

Also, in other news, I'm at Nimbasa City on Pokemon White- that's the 4th Gym...yeah I'm slow. My current team (Swoobat, Victini, Pansear not pictured)

Whoops *rushes off to heal Swadloon*

Pokemon White!

Two months since my last blog post...where have I been? At my usual forum site all the time and not spending enough time here...I didn't even know about the Reggie high-school photo being featured until just a few days ago :P I bought myself Pokemon White yesterday and am having a blast with it, even though I've been through it all before in Japanese. Language barrier counts for a lot, even if I do know enough Japanese to navigate myself perfectly through the whole game and know all the attacks, abilities and whatnot.

For some reason I had the impression that Pokemon game boxes would be a bit...I don't know, flashier. I thought Pokemon B/W had lenticular covers? Even Pokemon D/P/Pt before this had glitter all over the box (which I admit was a bit ugly). Spent RM 140 on this, which is about US$35. Crazy bargain!

Back of the box. Basic reading ability is required to fully enjoy this game. Um, just like every other game then?

Well with all this stuff at least I know I'm not buying a counterfeit game, what with the cheap price and all. Cartridge is a darker color than usual. Box cannot be recycled (meh, was planning to keep it for all eternity anyway)

And now I leave you to start my game. I already have a team of six and am at the 2nd Gym with a level 15 Oshawott among others. Have fun with yours too!

Nostalgia in Kirby's Epic Yarn


You know, I had the impression that everyone would have played through the entire game without me so I didn't bother to write about this. But just a moment ago I read the Iwata Asks article on Epic Yarn (again, I'm late to the party), and I saw the discussions going on about the music. Hirokazu Ando was there to talk about his old Dream Land compositions.


Iwata: So in the end, how did you integrate the songs made by HAL Laboratory and the songs made by Tomita-san?
Ando: The structure of the story was important, so Tomita-san's music plays during the first half and towards the middle.
Ikegami: In other words, we used the new sound in the first half and middle to highlight the difference between this new world of yarn and the usual Kirby world.
Ando: And HAL Laboratory was in charge of the songs that play in the latter stages. As you proceed through the game, an arrangement of the Kirby theme that everyone is familiar with plays, so you feel like, "Ah, I've come home." I think it's a very effective structure for the game.
Iwata: The structure of the levels and the music that plays during them are directly connected.


This is amazing. It's like Ando-san read my mind, and probably the minds of all Kirby fans everywhere. After all the new music, suddenly coming back to this really does feel like a happy reunion with all the familiar things you knew about Kirby. It's spoiler territory to say which stage this remixed Green Greens theme plays in, but I will say- it's more than just the music that will be familiar to you when you get there. Pretend you're Kirby, and take 'I've come home' very literally. Know which stage I'm talking about now?