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Whats Been Going Down

Well I bought tony hawks project 8 and Gta VCS for ma psp making it now have 2 games wow. I downloaded Geomitry wars! more later!

My first console

I just found out from reading an article in a magizine that my first console that i ever played was the amiga 500. It was the first console my family had, my mum's friend gave it to us as it was useless but i loved it the first game i played was a simpsons platformer it was awesome> just though i'd put this on the web for everyone to see!

Long Time no blog

Long Time No Blog

It's beena a while since i last bloged alot has happened. Rockstar has announced Manhunt 2 for the psp and the wii which makes me want a wii again. On the  subject nintendo still hasn't given any news about super smash brothers which gets me angry real angry!! But microsoft has again helped its consumer base in the U.S by giving them prizes for points how kool is that. WELL NOT KOOL i live in the UK which is the worlds 3rd biggest gaming market and yet NO PRIZES FOR POINTS now this ain't kool in any way first no video market place and now this damm u microsoft!

The wii

This week my friend sam got a wii. I've not played it yet u tit looks well good. But i've got to say its never gonna be mt first console of choice. In the last gen war i backed the wrong team with my gamecube, i'm not saying i don't love my gamecube as it has had some of the greatest games of all time on it(pikmin ssb etc) but it lacked new 3rd party games It had great nintendo games on it for sure but it didn't have gta etc. This gen i think that the wii will win but still i would rather have my 360. The wii has made some real big differnces to the gaming world what with it trying to get people who aren't gamers gaming. BUT the fact is still the same I'M A GAMER and i like other gamers if xbl was flooded with crap non gamers it would be s*it (pardon my french) The fact of the matter is the same i like xbl's exculsive club and i don't what it to change. So thats why i can wait to but a wii!


Again is has happend the 360 version of a game is betta that the ps3 one Marvel Untimate Aliance got 8.3 on 360 but 8.2 on ps3 SONY YOUR F**KED!

Call Of duty

CoD got 8.8 on 360 and 8.2 on ps3 so your gonna pay more money for your console and your game but its not as good as a cheaper game on a cheaper console with ap!

Gears of War

I bought gears of war and wow like wow ps3 looks so bad when you see this and what 360 truely can do. Its like playing online offline its amasing it deserves all the great reviews!

Ps3 how more **** can it be

Its been slated by the press and now its lost 2 more excluseves i mean come the **** on sony give up alreay devopers have lost any and all faith in your next gen hope and thats all it is a fools hope mon teh 360 all the way ohhh yeah