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    Gaming Backlog

    It has been years since I have blogged on gs. I don't really expect any comments since the site has changed so much and its been so long since I've been active. I really just wanted a place to list my...

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    Been gaming on my ps3 and psvita lately. I've amassed quite a backlog of games. I'm thinking about blogging about my progress as I journey through my stack of games.
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    @encotopic: It's difficult to cover something when there is nothing to cover. I approached the PR agency handling this game several times because I wanted to provide coverage; they were unable to ev...

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    @GazaAli said: @deeliman said: @GazaAli said: @returnedbro: ok, whatever makes you sleep at night.He's an idiot, pay him no mind.I concur, but I'd like to know whose alt this is. We'll never know I...

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    @Dreams-Visions said:"The early reviews of Call of Duty: Ghosts--including mine--mentioned that the PlayStation 4 version of the game suffers from occasional frame rate issues. For me, it usually sho...

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    How you doing Phoenyx9 ? Long time no chat, hope all is well and sunny out there in SAnta Cruz ! C-ya online ..