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Its been awhile :D

To whoever reads this blog..............

Wow! its has been a long time since I wrote something here, well enough of that. Lets talk about the new Grand Theft Auto coming up, From the trailer itself it says that its going to be in San Andreas and from my point Its about time to go back there and have fun. Also from the trailer the speaking character looks quite rich (Judging he's probably the protagonist of the game) unlke the past GTA's the main protagonist Carl, Nico and Tommy came to their places empty handed, So I think rockstar could be putting a twist from the basis of the story itself (But still we'll never know until we buy the game :) ) . Sadly that's all we can say from the up coming GTA V. but I'm sure another trailer will pop up soon :D

OMG! my little cousin is left 4 dead 2 addict!

Hi, I just want to tell you about my little cousin, he's 5 years old and Here's the story, Since he was three years old he already knew many things about gaming Xbox360's, PS3's PSP's and other gaming stuff including games, now his favorite type of games are shooting and one of those games are Left 4 Dead 2 :shock: . He's playing Left 4 Dead 2 for quite a while (months maybe?) Then yesterday they went to my house to visit Grandmom then later I was playing Left 4 dead 2 on PC then he came along and said use the Baseball Bat (a melee weapon in Left 4 Dead 2) then i just played along and then let my other cousins play, then his mom came and pick him up to change clothes and he said "Mom i want to play Baseball Bat" and his mom said "Later at home" then i ask my cousins "does he have a baseball bat?" and they said yes and my other cousin said "before he had a baseball bat, he used a Frying Pan (also a weapon in left 4 dead 2) and played it in his bed room and i said "OMG my cousin is a Left 4 dead addict" :o

Now whats next? guns maybe? :o

Back To Reviewing!

Hi People

Well i'm back to reviewing games this January, but somehow i'm somewhat busy so i only finish 1 review in a few days.

well anyway, have a good start this 2010!

Just a Funny Story to tell before new year

Hey Guys!

I was Playing this game called Freestyle Basketball, then in the game i was using a Female Character (I'm Hiding from Someone) then soon everyone was asking "r u a girl?" but i didn't say anything, but they still keep asking because they don't want lose to a girl (I was having a good streak)but not just that, everyone taught i was really a girl, so they were calling me mom and some other girl stuff,then I was laughing so hard on my desktop because of that. :lol:

Waitin' for new year's eve!

HI Guys

I'm Just Passing time by Playing Freestyle Philippines, however i'm kinda bored (because i lost much matches) so i just watch the movie "The Miracle at St Anna" but somehow i find the movie a racist (its a Story about black soldiers during WW2)

and thats all i can say for Know. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Days away from 2010!

Hey Guys

A decade is almost complete!, its December 30 right now in the Philippines and i just went from a vacation with my cousins and family. we had fun playing with the PS3 and the XBOX 360 and witch soon i will be finished reviewing the games we played and post it here.

Hello People

Hi guys, Im Currently Playing Cities XL, and somehow i'm making reviews for some games, and sorry this is all i have to say for this first post at my blog. and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR

December 22 2009