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The calling of non-rewarded activities.

I know that many players feel motivated by in-game achievements and like to 100% a game. I personally don´t care for that at all. Specially in open world games I take much more pleasure from creatively engaging with the world then by going through a check-list of things to do in order to get a pop-up congratulating me for doing stuff.

Recently With the Witcher 3 I´ve been spending some time searching for good spots to mountain slide and also cliff diving. In Farcry 3 the flying suit kept in engaged in finding the best jumping places.

Do you often engage in this type of non-rewarded activities? Or you like to follow the achievement book best?

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Witcher 3 and the great (system) war.

I´ve slaughtered beasts and monsters and men that were both. I´ve grown tired.

There´s a part of me that longs for peace, a core that yearns to forget all the blood and carnage... I see mountains in the horizon and I wish to conquer them. I want to make their summit my home and there meditate just to open my eyes to a new world.

The sun rising as if for the first time, winds cleansing land and heart.

And I wonder... it 1080p60fps?

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Since The Wither 3 release the system war went crazy... again, it was the perfect storm. For PC gamers this would be the best looking game ever made. To PS4 owners their version would completely obliterate the X1 version and make the PC irrelevant. Meanwhile Xbox One users were secretly wishing for a last minute miracle to bump their game to full 1080p glory.

But reality, as usual, wasn´t kind for anyone.

The PC version was downgraded, as suspected, since its promotional trailers. And with consoles the PS4 version suffers from FPS issues and struggles to keep up with 5yo CPUs and $100 GPUs, while the X1 never really achieves full 1080p in-game. It was a disgrace, a small catastrophe, where in the end we were left with -arguably- just one of the best games ever made.

To some PC users this was again due to console peasants holding back the glorious PC. Never mind the importance of the console market to fund a game of this magnitude- as stated by one of the developers – and never mind that if the game was to look anything like the initial promotional videos maybe 5% of the PC users -at best- could run the game. So, shame on CD Projekt for not investing millions of dollars into making a game that could be played only for a handful. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Seriously now, the PC version is by far the superior one. In ideal conditions, with this game running at 4k +60fps and with Hairworks enabled, we are looking at a game far beyond any of the current consoles capabilities, and frankly there is a chance that even next gen consoles in 5 years or so, wont be able to run this game at that level. Still, it is also true that not many people have the PC to run it as we speak. I think it makes much more sense to make a more "democratic" game where everyone, including PC gamers with low-mid PCs, can still enjoy a great game.

To PS4 users this was a cruel blow. They were promised a “Supercharged PC” -whatever that is- and as we stand they don´t even have the definitive console version, not if you favour FPS over resolution. And compared with the PC, the performance is miles behind a mid range gaming PC. This is where, in my opinion, the Playstation community felt victim of themselves. So much emphasis was made over the 1080p superiority that the Playstation ended up with a game running at low-mid setting with a poor frame rate. PR over quality and we all lose in the end.

Regarding the Xbox, it appears this game will force some to accept the limitations of their system and maybe overtime it will help its community to achieve a Nintendolike liberation, where game design trumps over performance numbers... this is to say that although the game runs smoother when compared with the PS4, it has done so at the cost of significant visual sacrifice. In a generation where corporations were specially cheap with their hardware profiles Microsoft - one of the riches in the world - was the cheapest.

All this to point out how pointless this war is. The gaming ecology is made of all existing systems where all parts are equally important in their own way. Just like in the natural world, if you eliminate one part the consequences can be terrible as a whole. And the Witcher 3 is probably a good example of that. A vast expensive game that can be enjoyed by both console and PC players, done by a non-mainstream developer. Is it the best game it could be? Well... no. But maybe the other option was Witcher 3 not existing at at, at least not like this anyway.