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Wow, I haven't posted since the begining of summer...

Well my summer went great and I got great GCSEs which is exactly what i wanted.

I bought many games for my xbox 360 and a few for my ps3, still waiting for some great ones to come out.

2007 was a great year, did loads and wnat this year to be even better.

I know I haven't posted in a while but i'll try to come on here more often now and post on everything.

well summer began a while ago!

My GCSEs finished three weeks ago now and i've been enjoying the wonderful rain of the british summer.

I got an xbox 360 a week ago and have been building up my gamerscore quite a bit, i'm enjoying it a lot and I beleive this summer is going to be great!


... I haven't posted a blog on this for ages. WEll, lets begin.

 I got my PS3 on launch day as i said in my last blofg and i'm very happy with it. I really enoyed Motorstorm and Resistance and online play is very fun. I've recently bought Oblivion for it (which i already have on PC - But there's too much lag, however i managed to complete it), still a great game with lots more and will keep me entertained for hours.

 I got my Free Casino Royale through the post last month, very good film.

I also bought God of war 2, what a game. The story isn't as good as the first but the gameplay and what it's leading up to are inmense. A good purchace.

 I went to see spidey 3 the other week, amazing. I loved it and i don't know why people are saying that it sucks, it has great effects, great enemies and it's freaking spiderman. However, venom could have been in it for longer and there's lots of complaints to do with eddies character ( but i wont go into that).

Speaking of spidey,  I bought the game last friday and completed it yesturday. What a cool game (yet again i don't know why people say it sucks) it's better than spidey 2 however there are more glitches but it's still really fun. Kraven was solid...MAke him easier...eeerrrggghghh!

Also, i've just began my GCSEs. They started last week with PE and today i had English Lit and IT.

PE =  Easy

Eng = Not too bad

IT = Easy

 Well then, i've got a week and a bit then my GCSEs are properly on and i've got like 11 more to do. Then it's over and i get an 11 week summer, oh yesh.

Not Long now

I have just 4 days until the playstation 3 is out, it's been a long wait, but it's finally here. This is going to be a slow week, but it'll be worth it. Oh yesh, ma PS3.

I should be Getting :

Resistance:Fall of Man


Tony Hawks Project 8 Another Controller

That should do me for a while. GCSEs coming up so i don't want to buy too much, else i wont revise and i'll fail them. oh well, 4 days.

haven't been on in ages

Well i haven't posted a blog in ages and i'm hoping to start doing it again.

over the past few months i haven't done much, bought a few games. Bully, guitar hero 2, timesplitters 2, beyond good and evil and all of them are amazingly great.

Guitar hero 2 is one of my favourite games to play, ever. It's so addictive, i love it to bits.

Timesplitters 2 used to be my favourite games ever, like 4 years ago, however i never owned it so i thought i'd buy it for something to play.

still saving for a ps3, i definately have enough now, so what ever price it is, i can afford it.

Completed Kingdom Hearts 2

It has been a long and hard journey but i've just done it. Took me about 30 hours, which is pretty long but not as much as some games. Already i want the third one, arrrgggghhghhhhhhh!

Anywho, it was a great game and i think it had become one of fav games ever.

Kingdom Hearts 2

After waiting for over 3 years it finally came out on friday, i was soo happy and i couldn't stop thinking about it all day. When i got home it was there, waiting for me to play it. Sadly i had to do my paper round but i ran as fast as my legs would allow and finally it was time to play.

I put the game in and started it up, this is kingdom hearts 2.

This game is fantastic, having not yet completed it yet though i can't really give a proper opinion, but so far this game has given me everything i've wanted for the sequal and i can't wait to see how this game ends, it's so cool.

Tgs reactions

well it was a while ago now but i haven't posted my thoughts.

The MGS trailer was the main thing for me, seeing young snake just made me feel good inside (even if it's not him).

i liked seeing a couple of new games and things but it was hard to take it all in and i can't remember half of the stuff i've read about.

DMC 4 also looks fantastic now and i can't wait to get a ps3, pitty i have to wait until march.

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