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Bullshit. Difficulty settings give you difficulty. You dont have to pick Lunatic+. You can pick Hard, which is also challenging. Superbosses aren't artificial difficulty either >__>Capitan_Kid


Or be like they did in the game Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams in the beginning.

Game had no easy difficulty settings. It was easy in the first world, up till the boss level, became much harder in world 2 and ultra hard in world 3.

the difficulty was that you had to play each level very well in order to progress to the boss level. Losing as few lives and collecting as many gems as possible. you had to collect a certain amount of stars to unlock the next level.

As a result initially only 2 % of players did finish it. After countless hours of frustration I reached the last boss but was too tired to beat him. Didnt play the game since. They released a patch later reducing the amounts of stars required for the boss level.


but the developers are from the Commodore days, when platformers were ultra hard, even harder than arcades, mainly due to poor controls. But they proved that they can also make a challenging game.


Ironic that Miyamoto who started on arcades with Donkey Kong, would make such comments.

It is not that games got easier, it is just that they got more user friendly and there is much better info available and videos as well

if you put the effort it is much easier to finish a hard game now than in the past, when you didnt have a clue.

I guess Japanese have the language barrier. Japanese guides of foreign games are not so common when compared to the opposite. So there is less info on Western games.