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This thread does not advocate putting images in this thread. That is against the TOS. You will be reported if you do.

This thread is to discuss the appropriateness or lack thereof of this event.

So, apparently there is a 'Everyone Draw Holocaust Day' facebook page that has been put up. I don't believe it is appropriate, however given the way 'Everyone Draw Muhammad Day' was acceptable, it makes it harder to justify against this. I am against both days because neither is truely about 'free speech'.

However, what I want to observe now is how this situation will be handled. On one hand, it will be interesting to see whether the media covers this. It will in turn be interesting to see how they react to it. In short, I want to see how closely this is looked at in comparision to the Muhammad one.

What are you thoughts?

Draw Muhammad day was an act for the freedom of speech, this group is just missing the point entirely and just trying to be funny. This is actually disgusting.
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Some are just weird...

LOL Clapping hair FTW
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This is the best ever.

What in the world :o
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This is a a commercial about Robocop wanting fried chicken. I love you Japan. Post your favorite Japanese commercials

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Searches: Nathan Fear


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Id ask him 'if you go walk through walls, home come you can walk on the floor?'

I'd then walk right through him, yehhhhh

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Probably a junkie.

Look at the video in the link, he doesn't exactly look like a junkie, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he'd committed suicide.

Didn't watch the video beforehand sorry. I just assumed from how his wife went.

She wasn't a junkie
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Hey everyone.

I've been having some serious issues since January, I've posted another thread regarding something similar but its been along time and I never asked this specifically.

Anyways since about Janauary I have been feeling I don't know extremely depressed, I have lost the will to do anything and at the same time I am miserable about sitting at home doing nothing looking for a job.

The issue is though I have no idea what I am suffering from, I originally thought it was just depression, but then when I looked into it I thought it was a anxiety isssue, because every time I had work or uni (When I went for a month) I got really nervous before hand. Then I thought I had social anxiety because I am not a very outgoing person, for example I am shy around people I don't know but once I get to know the people I am very talkative around them. But today I've been researching more and I've started to think its Bipolar disorder or something, I am not sure though. Firstly I am not here for a 100% diagnosis :P because I know its a games forum, but I know there are people here who are smart enough to explain this and sort of get the idea of what I mean.

Why did I think I had bipolar?

Well the last 2 years I've been very mood swingy by that I mean I am depressed then I am overly happy inside me. It's so difficult to explain correctly even writing it but I'll try get it a little bit more in depth. Say I get up in the morning I am usually down like hell, I think about starting uni again, I think about starting work again and I just don't feel like it because I am so depressed, however randomly during the day I can start to feel happy again but then I start to have doubts about things again and I feel depressed again. Over the last few years I've also gotten more 'angry' I guess, maybe its frustrations of life maybe something else, but when I'm playing a game I am more likely to break the controller than I was 4 or 5 years ago, it is also the same with anything else I tend to get to my snapping point alot earlier than a couple of years ago, and lately I have been extremely nostalgic.

I personally dont understand what is meant by 'Manic' when talking about bipolar, I have never been so happy that I start jumping around and smashing stuff ? I do however remember one time maybe in early february where I could not fall asleep of because how happy I was about buying something the next day (The something wasn't anything big or that I like, I know stupid) while being depressed only a few moments before, since then I've never had such an outrageous happiness.

Any help would be appreciated thanks heaps.

I dont see the point in me reading all of this. If you feel depressed then you should see a doctor as they can help, gamespot on the other hand will not help, unless you see a pretty darn good YLYL that is.
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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Final Fantasy X

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Only metal gears I ever played are the ones on NES...I tried the MGS4 demo and thought ehhh this is OK...should I download the first one from PSN? Is it too late to go back to a game like this? Or just skip to 4?

Its never too late to experience a classic.