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ufc 113

UFC 113 is the best UFC I've seen in a long time.

Kimbo Slice proved to the world that he does not belong in the UFC when he became gassed after just a few minutes into the first round. Was quite a pathetic display of MMA if im quite honest, although it was very exciting due to the fast pace.

Josh Koscheck went into his fight with Paul Daley as the bad guy, a role he plays so perfectly. But the image of Paul Daley was ruined after Koscheck frustrated him to the point where he throw a punch after the fight had ended, effectively ending his UFC career. Koscheck went in the bad guy but Daley came off much worse. I was verysurprised with Daley's actions and lost all respect for him. This is MMA, not a street fight.

I really wore my heart on my sleeve during the main event, the rematch between the undefeated and, to be frank, godlike Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua. Many, including myself thought that Rua should have won by UD in theoriginalfight. I was rooting for Rua to take the win, I wanted it so bad, but I didn't think he could do it. I assumed Machida would be at the top of his game, but Rua went in for the kill. Rua refused to let the fight go to decision again so he behaved very aggressive towards the counter striker Machida. But after only 3 minutes in the very first round, Rua lands a massive blow to the head of Machida, sending him to the floor. Rua then landed some vicious ground and pound, thus ending the fight via KO.



Cant wait for Rampage vs. Rashad at 114. Shame Griffin isn't fighting due to injury but it is sure to be a great night for a fight.

ufc 112

Well, let me firstly say that I was overly shocked at BJ Pen's performance. He didn't deserve to win and I am very glad that he didn't. Lets hope this completely opens up the lightweight devision when it comes for competing for the UFC Lightweight championship.

Anderson Silva once proved again that he should never be given the main event of any event. He's either gold or rotten egg. And tonight he was rotten egg simply because after show boating and making his opponent for the first 2 rounds, he completely shut down and became boring, so boring that the crowd even began chanting his opponents name even though Silva was clearly taking the fight. Let's hope he gets his act together because this really was a disgusting fight if I ever did see one. I mean, im so annoyed that he just didnt choose to go for the finish but instead he just danced around. I would like my money back please.

Also, it really was cool seeing a UFC event take place in an outdoor arena. Keep em' coming Dana.

UFC Ultimate Fighter Ep1

The last prelim fight featured probably the best broken nose I have ever seen! Good times, very very good times. Look forward to watching ep2 next wednesday

Wrestlemania XXVI

Great night, shame I missed the first hour due to Virgin Media being a giant letdown and not starting the programme when it started and making me miss 2 and a half matches. Gosh, my blood was boiling. Little things like this make me wonder why I didnt just watch it for free online like everyone else. Screw you Virgin.

Godfather 2 on my PS3

Just bought the Godfather 2 on my PS3 because it was cheap and because I wanted to see just how bad it really is.

Much to my surprise, that game isn't terrible. Sure, it's nowhere near to amazing but the game is so brutal that its quite fun. Earlier, I rammed a baseball bat into some guy's before smashing his face against the floor. I'm having fun :P

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