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i am sorry for everyone who was offended i meant the name in a football term as that what we normally call liverpool supports so if you were affended i'm sorry.

Flash from the past almost

We almost beat them a bentner penalty , two red cards and a couple of fights a typical derby. We dared to dream as we held on and then after the o-neil vs pardrew fight off the pitch and the Mc clean vs tourte on the pitch fight. The we flash back to 18th march 2001 when sorenson saved the penalty this time 4 of march 2012 and mignolet is the only one that stands between a draw and a win and he saved it the dream was still alive. But then in the 91st minute that geordie appeared and sneaked the ball in but it wasnt over we always win 2-1 after all. But it wasnt to be theirs always next year bring on liverpool next week and everton in the cup. But without sess and catts its going to be hard let the fight to be top dogs in the season begin. man of the match - simon mignolet keep the faith

derby day countdown

Tomorro is the derby and things are heating up , sunderland going well for once and with a geordie spy replaced with a sunderland fan we dare to dream. But our rivals are also going strong even if i kills me to belive it its true and luck is never on our side but with the diastor of halloween a few years ago we deserve a win. I will take a draw or a large win but a 2-1 win would be magic. Lets hope the diastor at the baggies last week and the fact sess is stuck in france the martin revival isnt over not yet keep the faith sunderland till i die