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World of Warcraft

Prior to the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, my physics teacher became excessively hyperactive in her random speeches about her favourite game in the universe; today she took this obsession to a whole new level when she skipped her responsibilty as a figure of education in order to stay home and play the new expansion. This is why I don't play MMORPGs; they're just too tempting. Back in the day I had an addiction to Runescape, a game generally considered to be inferior to other MMOs. Just recently I've been having sudden urges to play it again, like a smoker who's kicked the habit only to want another smoke years later. A while ago I lost one of my best friends to WoW, and like her, I'd never be seen again if I got my grubby little hands on a copy...

You know what I hate?

Aside from the obvious conundrums that plague everyone's daily life such as bugs, being broke, annoying people, etc, I've noticed that there are a few things that really grind my gears.

The first one (and the most obvious really) is pet food. More specifically dog food, marketed to be "full of vitaminey goodness for man's best friend, with a taste they'll love". No they won't love it. My dogs won't touch the stuff, they'll just leave it until flies begin to lay their eggs on it. The dog food companies cram it with so many vegetables you could probably feed it to a pet bunny. All these vegetables are most certainly nutritious for a human, but dogs not only don't need vegetables, they lack the digestive system to break them down properly. Just plain meat and kibble are all dogs need, plus they actually do love the taste.

Next grievance I have is with the imperial system of measurement. Units such as 'pounds', 'gallons' and 'farenheit' have been out of use for years in nearly every country. Only three countries have yet to convert to the superior metric system, still keeping the old, barbaric measuring system. Grrr I hate pounds.

And my final grievance is directed at hand sanitizers, quite possibly one of the most loathsome products on the market. They belong in hospitals and laboratories, not in bathrooms. "But why?" You may ask, "they kill germs, don't they?" Yes indeed they do. In fact, they kill too many germs. An ultra-clean, germophobic society is my idea of hell. The germs that invade the body naturally are absorbed and fed into the immune system, where they learn to fight off this strain. This means that without them, illnesses are less common, but a lot worse when they do occur. Because of my carefree attitude to germs I rarely ever become sick. In the past 2 years I've had a few runny noses and a cold. Some of my aqaintances have all recently broken down with viral infections, and in one instance, unexpected, explosive and public diarrhea. :?

God damn it's hot in here...

Le Tag

Apparetly the aim of the game is to list things worse than unrequited love, if you have any problems with this or you feel this is not how this works, blame SeraphimGoddess, whom I was tagged by. For everything you list you must tag someone.

In no particular order:
Not coming up with decent additions to lists
That one guy who is always screaming at a concert
Being paranoid
Feeling a bug crawl up the back of your neck
Having cold feet when stepping into hot water
Stubbing your toe
Living "no fun allowed.jpg"s
Being the only person to not get the joke
Getting stale food despite the packaging being fine
Being forced to copy things you don't necessarily agree with
People you would pick to be tagged already being tagged
Finding dead bugs in your bed
Finding live bugs in your bed
"I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown"
Realising you're old.
Realising you're young.
Not having a job.
The fact that there are 26 Simpsons video games.
Having a job.
Steve Irwin's death
Spiders that look like ants
Spiders that look like two ants doing it.
Bugs that look like things that aren't bugs.
The ending of "Cloverfield"
Realising that "Friday the 13th" has no real plot
Waking up too early
Waking up too late
Anakin Skywalker
The Flat Earth Society
Time Cube theory
Nicholas Cage's career
The number of people who believe horoscopes
This blog post

The realisation that I have few friends on here that will accept this tag, or pay attention.

I lost the game.

People who enjoy the sitcom "Scrubs".

The possibility that the big rip theory may be correct.

Goose liver pate'.

Sting ring.

Sylvester Stallone.

The fact that I'm participating in silly blog games when I have 2 essays and a narrative to write by tommorow. And it's currently 10:45pm.

2010 Sydney Zombie Walk

On the 24th of October, Sydney played host to quite possibly the single greatest event in recent history: The 2010 Sydney Zombie Walk, of which I was a proud participant. The walk was nothing short of phantasmogorical (yes, it's a real word), a vast array of costumes were on display, ranging from standard zombies, surgeons, schoolgirls and brides to Umbrella Corporation employees, police officers and McDonalds employees. Special mention goes out to Death, Waldo, Jesus, the Mario Brothers (and Peach) and of course, terrorizing the children before they fought back, Pedobear.

Words cannot describe how epic this is.

The walk was organised on Facebook for no apparent reason, yet around 360 people still turned up, despite being relatively unknown and the inclimate weather. Starting at 2:30, the walk began in Hyde Park before descending down the CBD into the constant thrum of city life, amusing, disgusting and bewildering buisnessmen and tourists alike.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, the walk concluded at around 4:00. Yet for the big kids, it did not stop there, an 18+ afterparty was held (oh the obscure irony) but not being within the age cap, I sadly could not attend.

Ok kids, let's play Where's Waldo? I'll give you a hint: He's in front of me

The Sydney Zombie Walk was the most fun I've had in yonks, and thankfully there will be more.

If you're interested to know what went down, here are some links: Note: I make a cameo appearance with my friends 3 minutes and 36 seconds in.

Anyone interested in participating in future walks should observe this -

I don't care what country you live in, you will be there!

7 Things About The Video Game Industry That Anger The Gods

The video game industry has always been a great source of controversy, nearly everything that stems from it seems to enrage someone; violence, swearing, antisocial behavior, people in scantily clothing, etc, etc. Everyone has an opinion on the subject, yet one religious group founded shortly after the formation of the universe has had their opinion repeatedly ignored... Until now.

Communicating with the Gods via medium of goat liver and interpreting the obvious, it can be concluded that they (with the exception of Hermes) generally have a negative attitude towards the entire video game industry, however there are seven particular points of interest the Gods take great offense in.

1. Why so serious?

Those of you who play multiplayer on games may have encountered these people before. Maybe you are one. Regardless, nobody likes them; these people (who I shall refer to as crankies) may start out innocently enough, enjoying a fun online match of Pokemon or Call of Duty. A few deaths later, however, and they become increasingly irate at an alarming speed, early symptoms include lack of enjoyment, vain determination, swearing, yelling, which may quickly progress into fits of psychosis, noob-tubing, camping and ragequitting. Crankies are generally counter-productive to society as a whole, and this, ironically, invokes the wrath of the Gods.

2. The Australian Attorney-General's Board

A long publicised debate between the Australian Attorney-General's Board and the video games industry regards the introduction of an R18+ rating scheme for games. Due to a certain former Attorney General, video games that would otherwise be given an adults only rating are instead edited or banned. In most cases. Oftentimes, they are instead given an MA15+ rating and sold to minors. This invokes the wrath of the Gods.

3. Pandemic Studios

Pandemic Studios was an independent video games developer founded in 1998, most notable for the Destroy All Humans!, Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries series of games. The wrath of the Gods was invoked when Pandemic Studios was acquired by EA games in 2007, Lady Fortuna herself cursed them with a series of mediocre video games which sold poorly and forced its closure in 2009.


1998 - 2009, R.I.P.

4. The God of War series

The God of War series follows scantily-clad Spartan warrior Kratos as he invokes his wrath upon the Gods. This invokes the wrath of the Gods. The first game introduces us to Kratos, mere mortal and servant to the Gods of Olympus as he embarks on a quest for revenge, seeking to destroy the God of War. The second and third games follow Kratos on more blood soaked, gore filled, fun-fest quests to destroy the rest of the Olympians. Any medium that represents the Gods being dismembered, tortured and broken isn't likely to promote their kindness. To date, 4 games (not including ports and the mobile phone one) have been made, with a 5th due out soon. Let us hope the will of the Gods allows for a safe release.

S***'s gunna get hectic!

5. Fanboys

The scourge of the internet and video game industry alike. Young children or adults with the mentality of children that will rigorously defend a particular console and / or video game. Many, if not most people are prone to minor bouts of fanboyism towards their preferential game and / or console. This is a normal part of human psychology which is a watered down version of 'material superiority,' dating back to the stone age where 'caveboys' would have minor disagreements over which club worked better against the local smilodon. In modern times, this expresses itself as a hasty defence of video game / console criticism. People who completely revert back to the caveboy mentality (fanboys) will usually ignore any valid criticism against their favorite game / console and respond with harsh, unverifiable points of their own. When they fail to convince someone of the superiority of their favorite game / console, their mentality can become very similar to that of the crankies who roam online multiplayer. Oh, they also invoke the wrath of the Gods.

6. Pirates

Theft always has, and always will be a frowned upon act in society. Every now and then, some middle-aged guy in his parent's basement decides to copy the files from a game that video game developers toiled night and over onto their computer and distribute it for free, robbing the studios of money and disturbing the laws of economics. In ancient times (and in some modern countries) a thief would have a hand cut off as punishment, these days many people get away scot-free, invoking the wrath of the gods. In relatively rare (and hilarious) circumstances, pirates may get sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

They don't always look this dashing.

7. Hackers

Ah yes, cheats, or as they prefer to be called, 1337 H4x0rz. People who have serious dominance or skill issues may resort to using software hacks or bots to gain an unfair advantage over others. Imagine playing an online game with some friends, it's a capture the flag match and you've worked out a rather cunning strategy to take home the win. Just as you are about to execute the plan, a homing fireball fired from across the map and through several walls kills you and your team, while one of the enemies flies over and takes your flag. This not only invokes the wrath of the Gods, but the wrath of everyone else. Please note, ragequitting is acceptable at this point. Cheating spoils the fun of the game. The only time the Gods approve of cheating is when one uses cheats already placed in the game for comical effect, such as a code that sets you on fire.

If Action Replays were used in the animal kingdom...

So what is the moral of the story? Immaturity, theft, cheating, mediocrity and deicide are all sure-fire ways to invoke the wrath of the Gods. So don't do it!

Something meaningful, coming soon...

Well, I'm off on holidays for a few days, going to Tweed Heads which is a nice little city just south of the orgasmic Gold Coast.

^ That's right homies, I'm going there.^

Anyways, once I get back I will hopefully get started on meaningful blog posts. Peace out.

Spartacus, exams and...Roadkill?

Well today was the final day for my preliminary exams, all 7 subjects worth. I didn't do too well in a few tests... Aced Biology though. I'm supposed to be finishing an essay on Spartacus at present too, instead I'm on Gamespot talking about it.

And of course if you're reading this curiosity may have struck you regarding the "roadkill" in the title. Basically I was driving home from Brigade training last night and a stupid possum runs out in front of me. I thought I may have just missed it until I hear a *ding* noise eminating from somewhere near the front wheel. However no possum corpse was found in the area so it's either in several pieces up my engine or merely wounded. Considering the lack of blood I'd say I didn't kill it....Much..

On a brighter note I've sent a job application to the overlords of the electronics retailers, JB HI-FI. I hope I win.

[Insert title here]

It's 11:53 at night, (AEST) and I'm lying here in bed, with my brand new laptop finally content that my piece of sh*t old computer rots in my cupboard when a strange thought occurs to me: am I hearing cows? I swear I can hear cows mooing in the block of land across from my house, despite the fact it's empty and the noise is more likely my sister snoring, but still...

I should also be studying for my yearly English exam which is tommorow, a large portion of which revolves around Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra". I hate that play so much, but at least I know what a strumpet is.

And did I mention I have a brand new laptop? Yay me!


Ugghh... My neighbor's been playing playing really loud doof-doof (techno) music all day now; I liked it at first but now it's starting to bug me... I can literally feel the music in my head now.

The other day in physics class we learned about other dimensions, I can now imagine 10 different dimensions thanks to a video that raped my mind. And I loved it. And finally, an object that only has one side.

All hail the mobius strip. Yes there is only one side.

All this is off topic, I know, but I can't concentrate with that party next door!

The best thing I have ever come across

Probably old news but I have come across quite easily the best game, nay philosophical view in the history of mankind. I am of course, talking about Robot Unicorn Attack. It might be my sleep deprived state, or my procrastination of doing the dishes, but after 5 minutes of playing it I want moar. I love the simple controls, the fantasy landscape and that awful song by Erasure. And I thought I was over flash games.

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