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Sitting next to scottishboy at the moment. Topics on the plate at the moment are Battlefield Bad Company 2, Internet, Rachel (well now it is) and telling him to stop reading my blog when im typing!!

Friendship Mended

Phew... Me and scottishboy just finished an up till 1 o'clock on live messenger trying to chat up holly valance, playing minesweeper and arguing. Excellent times! :) Think Ill do it again sometime


Back from the dreaded passport photos booth. Thank goodness it over for another couple of years at least anyway


Steve(my sim) keeps trying to eat the dog (i think)! Why steve why??!! What did crackers do to you?


Still getting the hang of the sims 2 accidentaly drowned one, killed by fire another and the last one keeps having mental breakdowns for no apparent reason. Too much espresso? pedmond2010


Alas I knew i was too positive mass effect will not work and after a hour of tinkering I'm settling on the Sims 2. Stay posted!

Call Of Rip

Am I the only one here who owns MOHAA and the expansion packs? If not then does the same people work for COD too (the earlier ones)? I just bought the above said Medal of honour game and I could not believe the amount of similarities when I compared it to Call of duty. The mission letter is almost identical to the diary in Call of duty and some missions even have huge similarites. I dont know which one came first but lets hope that the new Medal of Honour (set in a MODERN WARFARE time) wont be ripping of CODMW2. pedmond2010
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