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Battleborn is an innovative FPS, which uses a variety of solutions straight from the MOBA genre. We are dealing with a work team Gearbox Software, an experienced manufacturer of first-person shooters (from his hand came among a series Brothers in Arms and Borderlands). The game shows us a vision of a world in which dark force known as Varelsi, led to the destruction of all the stars in the universe except one.


Battleborn Cracked:

Fleet five deprived of home fractions – from all sorts of fairy tales – come together in the last survivor of the solar system called Solus, which results in the start of the war for resources and living space, waged in different environments of the planets of this system.At the time of launch games it was available in 20 form with a very high degree of differentiation. Here we have both an Oscar Mike “classic” Soldier native of Call of Duty, and armed with two swords pseudo-samurai Ruth and Thorn, agile elf firing a bow. With time, the pool of characters expanded through DLC add-ons.