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100k posts achieved!

So yeah, I finally reached the 100k post mark! 8) It's been like 19 hours ago, yesterday at 9pm and Im already at 100,500 posts haha. Well it basically took me...3 years to complete. That's basically the time I been here of GS and I would say that at least for me, is one of my biggest achievements here:) I want to give thanks to all of you. Also btw!

I made a party in SCU! You can go to this thread and celebrate there!=P LINKAnd this is an image of when I hit 100k posts!

My next achievement should be to hit 110k posts, will see when that happens:P

TGADU Alive!+ In need of a couple of officers!

2 days ago some users helped me revive my union, The Guide and Discussion Union, and now we planning to keep it alive for a long time:) It's all an off topic union. I want to make it active like it used to be a year ago, and maybe more active than that.

Right now Im in need of a new administration team, wanna know if there is people out there that are willing to help with my union rebuild!

If you want to join, your always welcome! Here is the LINK!

Also if you want to be officer and help with the rebuild process, you can always follow and click the following LINK

We are recruiting new posters, so if you wanna check out the union you're always welcome to check it out!:D

This was Paper, signing out!

3 Years in GS! D: My Anniversary...:O

I can't believe that three years ago I joined this site >.< I quite remember how noobish I was...exagerating my posts, spamming a lot, random and always screaming with my posts=P

That first year I learned a lot in GS tho. During that first year I remember I joined the Nintendo All-Star union, one of my first ever unions. Same with the Great Nintendo Gamers Union, bak1234567890 should remember me how I was back then, with my little weirdo posts=P And well later I joined the Social Cafe Union, right julian_jr?:P I remember sending you a pm back then asking you what was the union about xD I also remember posting so random...xd

Many great memories that first year..later in the second one, I made my third union, and I must say it was quite very succesful:) Is not that active right now, but hey it stayed active for like one year and half, and it makes me proud!:)

I meeted Cloud_765 that same year, and joined All-Out Nintendo Union. One amazing union indeed, I have grown a lot in that place!:D I also meeted Munchgun, one of my best GS friends, I wish he was still around tho:( I even joined the Naruto Union, back then when Colmillios was the leader! Loved her leadership! And the Gotei many things^_^

This last year wasn't that meaningful for me...I was quite away from GS, wasn't that active like I was during 2008, 2009 and early 2010:( Still I made many great friends...Shy_Guy_Red, amazing person, Alondite, zeldarocks, zeldafreak9, and many other people!:)

Yah...I still have like 3.5k posts left to reach 100k posts, hoping to do that this year:P

Hoping to see you all around!:D And I leave you all with one question, what was your best GS year during your stay here in GS?

Today was my graduation! D:

And well was my graduation D: I now move to college to start studying psychology. I love everything that has to do with the brain and mind, and well which is why I decide to study that. I love helping people:)

I graduated with 4:00, excellent score, receiving advanced math gold medal, biology gold medal, library asistant medal and the excellency gold medal. Also I got the 3rd highest score in the College Board test in our region, which means a lot for me:)!

The bad thing about this is that I will have to leave lot of things behind...most of my best friends, I won't even going to see them again for some time. It's basically a new life, and well a big change for me right now isn't what I expected.

I even have to live in another town now, at least I will be spending my new house with 3 other best friends. But yeah I dont feel prepared yet to get a new life. D:

What you guys think about college, getting a new life and such?'s been a while!=P

Hello Gamespotters!=P I stopped posting a lot...for like a year now=P I plan to start been active more now, school is over and well I don't have to do many things like I had to.

All the unions I used to be active, I will try to be more now, so like expect me more around the forums posting and such.

Oh btw, I have to make my 100k post now in summer, hoping so:P

Signing out!

Union Awards Nominations! Nominate your union today!;)

Alright people the nominations for Union Awards 2010-2011 are up;) There are a total of 12 categories to nominate. You can start casting your nomination in the following thread. LINK

Welcome to the Union Awards 2011 Nominations! Here you will be able to nominate the unions that you feel deserve to move to the second round of the awards! Before beginning however here are the rules for your nomination to be valid:

-User must be above level 6 and have over 50 posts.
-User must nominate in at least 9 of the 12 categories.
-Users cannot edit their nominations after the nomination round has ended, however you may change them at any time before the nominating period is over.
-The SCU will NOT be participating in the nominations, so please do not nominate them.
-Please nominate only one union per category.
-Please no discussion in this thread,if you want to talk about the awards usethisthread.

Union Categories:
-Union of the Year 2010-2011
-Best Visual Union
-Best OT/Discussion Union
-Best Special Interest Union
-Best New Union (has to be under a year old)
-Best Community Assistance Union
-Best General Console Game Union
-Best Game Specific Union
-Most Dedicated Union
-Most Informative Union
-Most Thriving Union
-Best Officer Team
-Leader of the Year 2010 - 2011

The nomination round will be lasting for approximately two weeks. Following this there will be approximately a week to allow the people working on this to count all the votes and set up the following round. To all unions in Gamespot: Good luck!!!julian_jr

Spread the word people, we need more people to nominate more unions! To end this blog, good luck to all unions!:)

Gamespot Union Awards 2011=O! Renaissance!

Hiya people!:) Back then in the past, awards were handed to different GS unions for their efforts and work the leaders have put in thhem. Right now a group of users are trying to revive this, last one was during 2007and sadly no one hasn't try an attempt to revive this. Of course, if we want to make some progress and give this some life, we are going to need lot of help from other GS users to help out with this big event.

You can go and visit the following thread. LINK. All your suggestions, news or anything related to the project will be posted there:) Let's make some change pals, let's spread the word so we can make this a succesful event!:)

Papermariofan57's Ornament Hunt Entry

Here's my entry to the ornament thing.

CLUE 1: Van Nguyen-

CLUE 2: Jody Robinson;blog1

CLUE 3: Guy Cocker-

CLUE 4: Matthew Gravish-

CLUE 5: Chris Watters-

CLUE 6: Kevin VanOrd-

CLUE 7: Aaron Sampson-

CLUE 8: Alex Sassoon Coby-

CLUE 9: Wernher Goff-

CLUE 10- Jan Heir-

CLUE 11: Randolph Ramsay-

CLUE 12: Andrew Park-

CLUE 13: Mark Walton-

CLUE 14: Justin Calvert-

CLUE 15: Sophia Tong-

CLUE 16: Kurtis Seid-

CLUE 17: Giancarlo Varanini-

CLUE 18: Justin Porter-

CLUE 19: Ryan MacDonald-

CLUE 20: Tyler Winegarner-

CLUE 21: Maxwell Mcgee-

CLUE 22: James Kozanecki-

CLUE 23: Frank Adams-

CLUE 24: Sarju Shah-

CLUE 25: Shaun McInnis-

CLUE 26: Ricardo Torres-

CLUE 27: Tom Magrino-;blog1#post_comment

CLUE 28: Dan Chiappini-

CLUE 29: Homer Rabara-

CLUE 30: Takeshi Hiraoka-

CLUE 31: Tor Thorsen-

CLUE 32: Jim Maybury-

CLUE 33: Carolyn Petit-

CLUE 34: Tom McShea-

CLUE 35: Dan Mihoerck-

CLUE 36: Jane Douglas-

CLUE 37: Brendan Sinclair-

CLUE 38: Laura Parker-

This was damn easy, only one that took me some work to find was #4. Well I enjoyed it:)

Unions, Paper: Alive?

Hello everyone!=D It's been a while, and yes Im alive O_O. Just going to express what has been up with my life.

I don't come to GS as muchas I used to=/ For that reason, I decided to resign from most of the unions I didn't post or check. I think I had a number of 22 unions, right now it was reduced to 13. Will continue resigning from some, for the leaders Im sorry=/ I dont have much time to post a lot like i used to:P

As for my life, I been trying to spend more time with friends. Im starting to go to the gym next Monday, I started playing the trumpet once again, Want to learn to sing, and lot of things I have in my shedule. It's just fun been with them, they make my depression disappear for some reason:P Makes me happy.

I will try to post in some unions each day, not a promise, but will try:) What you guys been up to?

What you guys think of GS activity?

Have you guys found GS a little boring lately? I don't know if this has been happening with any of you, but I been losing interest:P I don't know, the unions I used to post in have disappeared in activity and hardly visit them. Maybe this addiction I had disappeared after working with it for a long time:P

But yeah I feel that GS unions have gone down in activity, users I use to post with have left and barely come. How is your experience right now, you think is more fun those days or was it better back then in 2007-2008?