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    What justification do they give for a price hike?......you don't get Jack from Sony!...free games my arse!...they are bilge.....when is that Scorpio console out?Looks like I am going back to Micro$oft...

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    I like the game(played beta open and closed), for me it's a console saver.....meaning i was thinking of selling my console.....all the games that have been released so far suck, or get boring very qu...

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    yeah when you can connect to the crappy servers...............Damn this game is old and tired.......on my second PS in less than a year....i never had that with my old 360'and now....i can't even con...

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    they wanna sort out the PS4 first.....on my second console in little less than a yeargames keep crashing and can not get onto my friends list since last up date.....bsthinking i should of stayed with ...

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    last DLC sucked the big one.....boring time trials.....tried and got bored very quickly

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    yup my 360 constantly crashes when i'm playin BF4 , and i know of others who are havin tha same issues.