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quick catch up note...

Well the move from Ky. to In. is complete. I landed a factory job at Tru-Flex in West Lebanon, Things are falling into place, and its time to get back to the things I love and enjoy. Nothings better than finally knowing the official launch date for Zelda Skyward Sword, Saturday December 31st. Now we wait! Hopefully I can make more time for the things I enjoy, for there my friends is a piece of true happiness.

Just a quick holiday entry on my thoughts of the moment ending 2007

Christmas was good for 2007,

My family received all the material things they wanted and then some.

There is nothing in life that compares to Good Health, Warmth during cold weather, good abundant Foods & spirits, family and good friends love to engulf a person during the holiday season.

I was lucky enough this year to have it all.

Being the Gamer that I am, my favorite gifts were the games and accessories.

I love my Hard back Zelda Phantom Hourglass guide, and 360 Rock band!

My whole family loves different games and systems so we did alot of our shopping at Game King and Gamestop.

(Excellent Game King Christmas Party! Kudos to Jim, John and Lonnie, We love you guys!)

I wish every one a wonderful New Year!

I hope I have more time to be around Gamespot this coming year.

Peace - Love - Joy - Happiness to all who read this.

My new games wish list.... Whats yours?

I know there will be many more but these are at the top of my wish list;

Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass - DS

Mass Effect - XBox 360

Halo 3 - XBox 360

Mario Galaxies - Wii

God of War 3 - PS3

Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Wii

Fable 2 - XBox 360

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles -Wii

Im Playing Metroid Corruption

Its been a while but Im now Playing Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, I like it.

Ok, I had to have it on release day,I did not get the Metroid Guide, (I want to have headaches because I cannot find the morph ball blast spot so I can move forward to aquire the grapple upgrade!)

CurrentlyIm only at 13%, Imin the process ofdismantling the 2 turrett guns so I can activate my ship to bomb the second half of my mission.

O... talk about a pain to upgrade your ship.... I wont even go there..... Classic Metroid stuff! Run here.. run there... then re-run.

It was puzzling to activate the Golem that was held captive by fuel gel hoses, and the bosses keep getting better, Bezerkers, Meta Ridley, Korakk the beattle type boss was the last one I beat.

Strategy....I shot his rider off quickly, kept a safe distance, shotKorrak in the mouthor toungethen while hes stunned, I morphed into ball shape and blasted under his belly, then quickly stood up and grappled his tail and pulled him upright for some fast shooting of his weak belly. Good stuff.

All I can say is if you get stuck and Im farther than you I may be able to help, but then again I may need help myself.

I will be here more since Summer is winding down.

Tonight is opening night for Rob Zombies HALLOWEEN.

I will be there.

July 8th entry

Call me crazy but I'm saving my last level of Super Paper Mario to beat later.

I'm having a nice summer!

We've been to Kings Island (Ohio) & rode the new FIREHAWK! .... Awsome 2.5 mins long.

I was treated to Terre Haute Indiana's new Resteraunt; Cheeseburgers In Paridise &

got to see Stephen Kings movie 1408 with one of my best friends Monte Garrett.

July 4th was my Wedding Anniversary and we watched fireworks.

July 6th we went to Indianapolis Indiana to see Def Leppard, Styx and REO Speedwagon in Concert at the Verizon.

July 7th my BIRTHDAY, cake, ice cream, and family.

Today we went to Cumberland Falls, Corbin Kentucky - Had a picnic.

I hope everyone elses summer has been as good as mine.

Just another update

OK,   Dustin, my son entered his second Gears of War tournament.

He won both levels of the competition: (single and multiplayer gamer)

He won in store credit of $50. &  a Nintendo DS, 

( now he can keep his paws off of mine! )

My latest Wii obsession is Super Paper Mario,  I love it!

Now to change the subject,

Which is the worse PROM theme:

Disneyland / Princesses    Pirates of the Caribbean?  


 That wraps it up for now..... someone holla-back.



Last week in review.....for me.

Heres my quick review,

A big Holla-Out to all my friends whom I havent talked to in a while.   Holla-back!

1)  We went to the movies and watched Grindhouse.... personally I Luved it. Its a Zombie gorefest & Stunt people with a twist!    

2)  Picked up Wiis Super Paper Mario and 360s Viva Piniata.... Mario is great Ive just placed the 3rd / yellow pure heart into its pedestal! and now Im off to complete the 100 room challenge. The 360 is still being dominated with Gears of War and Guitar Hero 2, but sometime soon Im gonna try out Viva Piniata.

3)  My oldest child Kayla had a Birthday! She turned 18 on April 15th! (We devoted a whole day of shopping and spending money on clothes and jewelry just for her, needless to say she loved it.)

4)  My youngest son Dustin, who is now age 12, has plans to enter another Gears of War contest.      I hope he Wins.

5) And lets not forget filing TAXES at the last min.  I recomend to everyone.... file early!

That wraps it up for now.