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Welcomes and Apologies

As of right now I am not taking any extended-vacation time from GS that I know of, so I say hello hopefully for the rest of the summer to you guys. I want to apologize to any1 from the club whatever union that reads my blog cuz I've been gone a mysterious absence, and more importantly missed 2 box office weeks! Terribly sorry for that, glad you didn't take away my officer position. I also apologize to the slim to no chance that any1 from the rest of my unions that actually reads my blog(i.e. NCAA Football, Triple A, GBPU), that I have virtually abandoned those unions. The simple answer to that is that my time has been constricted from Xbox Live(which I need to re-new subscription), job, and vacation. I simply had to pick 1 union, and the union I have highest rank in, the club whatever union. So I apologize, but there is really nothing I can do unless things change. That is all.

packernation31 :P

I'm back!........but leaving again :)

So I dropped by to say hello again, and goodbye. I found out Saturday that the day after I get back from St. Louis I'll be departing for Florida, the best state ever, to visit my cousins! I'll leave at 9:45 in the morning on July 17th and I'll get back July 28th. I will most likely be on almost every day, but not as frequent. And I had an awesome time in St. Louis, I got to go up the arch and I wasin the Rams dome every day! I will try to get a couple of pics from that up sometime.

Been gone all week at church camp

Me and my friends go to church camp every year, and it had to be the best this year. We came Monday morning, had to wake up at 7(ugh), and I got there at like 10. That day we just hung out and had evening service.We have morning service and evening service every day. Tuesday I went white water rafting for the first time in my life, and it was awesome. I almost drowned in one of the rapids, though :(. It was on the oldest river in the world, The New River. It was mainly in Summersville, West Virginia, and I also went under the NewRiver Gorge Bridge, the 2nd longest steel arch bridge in the world. Wednesday we just had our services and did sports. Thursdaywe spent a day on a lake, it was pretty cool. And today I left and stopped by Wendy's. The nights sucked, though.the other years i usually got 6 hours of sleep the whole week, but that was the average for every night. They were very strict on that this year. So overall, it was cool. I highly recommend anyone that can go to any type of church camp go, because it has to be one of the easiest ways to start a christianity life, and not only do you spend time with God and learn new things every day, it is a great time.

Searching For Elites Are Ridiculous

     So I finally gather up $480 for my Elite. Thinking my mom could get home around 4:30, get there and get it at 5, and be at my friend's house by 5:30. But things are never that easy. I go to the local mall, eat at Subway, and stop at the Gamespot. They say they DON'T HAVE THEM IN STOCK! This was something I didn't even consider, as I predicted they would make few. So they call the other Gamespot up on the hill, and they don't have it. So I think, well, I'm in a town loaded with places to buy this, by the time I get to like the fifth store, if it came to that, I should have it. I then went to Best Buy, another Gamespot, Target, Wal-Mart, realizing they don't even sell Elites at Wallie World. But before, when I was at Target, I was getting pretty upset, so he suggests he looks up other Targets close by. It's, like, 6 now, by the way. We got two, I picked one like a half-hour away. The drive there killed me, seeing I've been patiently waiting forever to get one. We get there, I buy it, go to my friend's house, and the rest is in the process. I can't stand them not supplying enough, for any console at that.

Activity Goin' Down

Most of my unions are losing a ton of activity, and I personally am not interested in Gamespot unions anymore so don't be suprised if I don't post as much anymore.

Saw 28 Days Later...

     So I watched 28 Days Later last night and I found it to be one of the most suspensful movies I have ever watched.  Maybe because I was watching it on a 50" TV and with 7.1 Dolby Surround but that's beside the point.  It had the best suspensful sounds I've ever heard, the best "Scare the living crap out of you" scenes, and most of all, killer looks on the zombies.  I just found it to be a great movie, too bad everyone says the sequel that just came out, 28 Weeks Later, says it sucked.

In an odd situation...

So my friend I don't get to see very often came over for the weekend and brought his 360(still don't have one :x). I personally am not the most fond of his collection(Halo 2, NFS Carbon, Tony Hawk Project Eight), so not very big. We went to Target and I've been naggin him to buy Gears Of War and he still hasn't bought it, so I know I'm gonna get a 360 this summer, I figured why not buy it now so we're not bored this weekend and I'll play it when I get a 360. But now I own it, and since I don't have a 360 I just let him borrow it till I get one. I then realize by the time I get a 360 there will propably be better(mostly newer)games out there to play and not many people might be playing it anymore.
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