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I AM BACK......hehehe

OH my God. It seems like an eternity since i last entered gamespot.com Many things have changed:shock: So hope i get to see all the guys that i used to talk with.......( i still remember illiatse, tsapman, rattlesnake and many more....:D) ok hope to talk soon. c ya


Believe it. This is my desk at school.(!)(50k warning)

Hey you all

Long time since i last wrote in my journal. So i though of making something nice for my come back.:wink:.

Here are some pics of my school desk. It took my over 3 months to make it and now that i have finished the chairman of the school told me and the guy i am sitting with to clean it up, elsewhere we are gonna be banned for this. So i managed to take some pics of it, in order to remember it forever.

I have also mde a sig for it.:)

Hope you like it.lol.



Finally i got rid of XBOX.

I was so excited when i first bought, but after some time i realised that it was a mistake. It seems like i can't become a console gamer at all. The basic reason that made me sell my XBOX was the fact that i wasn't playing on it at all. Plus the fact that i couldn't afford to buy both PC and XBOX games and at the same time upgrading my PC. So i made my choise. I sold it for about 120 euros and i made a small but considerable amortization of my latest PC upgrade.

What i learnt from that story : "If you don't like consoles, don't buy consoles"


c ya

---Its not a beautiful day--- (part 2)

Another sad day has come. I still haven't went over Barca's disqualification and another of my 2 most loved teams looses and might be out of competion. This time Olympiakos lost and its probably out of the Uefa. If it wasn't that referee then Olympiakos would have surelly win. The ref blow a penalty at the 12th minute and showed a red card to Georgatos(olympiakos player). For the ones that didn't watched the match i have to tell that there was no penalty. But the ref didn't stop there. He send another Olympiakos's player out. That time it was Kostoulas who was showed a red. After these two send offs the ref continued blowing against Olympiakos. As a result of all these Olympiakos lost 1-3 by Newcastle. Now in order to pass to the next stage Olympiakos needs to score 3 goals in St. James Park (the game is gonna be played in 1 or 2 weeks) without conceding any goals.

I have to say a HUGE F??K YOU to the spanish referee.

I am not sad but proud of Olympiakos.


-----Its not a beautiful day----

Today is a sad day. Barca was knocked out of the Uefa Champions League by Chelsea in a very evently sided match at Stamford Bridge.

Barca madea dreadful start to the game. Mourinho's team send the ball at the back of Barca's nets 3 times in the first 20 minutes of the game!!!! But the catalunian team proved to be to hard to die like this. After a continuous counter-attack managed to score 2 goals before half time. If the score remained as it was (3-2) then Barca would have been the team to qualify. Blaugrana started the second half with the role of the boss in the match. After many wasted chances by the Spanish side, Chelsea fans saw their scoring the crusial goal. In the 76th minute Terry scored. This is were the story ends. 4-2 the final score. No continuance in the European dream..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Here are some photos of the match

New MGS sig

Ok. This is the second sig ever made by me but my first serious attempt. Of course i wouldn't have reached there without the very heplful advise of BloodMist (thanks man). So whats your opinion? I can't say its a masterpeice but atleast i tried. The guy displayed is Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2: Subastances.

Any suggestions about how to improve are free to be made.

c ya around

Rexastous OZ

Level 11!!!!!!

Yeah its true. i have finally became a Toobin.lol. I want to thank everyone responsible for that and especially my Mr.GNC for helping me in all my difficulties.

Now looking forward to level 12!


Greece 2 - Denmark 1

Yeah this was the final score. A great game (atleast on the first half) with 3 goals and many chances for both sides. I was in the stadium and i can assure you it was really really cold in there, not to mention how windy it was.

Anyway Greece managed to take the 3 points with two goals by Zagorakis and Basinas(pen.) in the first half. The Danish team reduced to just one goal in the first half stoppage time after a tragic mistake of Nikopolidis(the Greek GK). Both sides had many chance to score a goal but all of the were wasted.

The Greek crowd was once again amzing. The Greek fans created a trumentous atmoshere in the stadium and they trully helped their team win.

The best refeere of the world Colina wistled the match. In a percent of 95% his wistles were correct, that makes as a fair and square match.

After that win the Greek team once a again entered the contests for a place to the World Cup of 2006 at Germany. I think the next game is with Georgia and the one after it is with Albania (i live for this game). Good luck to Otto Rehhagel and his players and may we never face a loss.


NEW SIG!!(caps)

I have finally got a new sig. I want to thank BloodMist for making me this awesome staff. The sig is about MGS2(my currently favourite game). Personally i love it. Hope you do too.:P

Thanks BloodMist.Awesome work.

NEW Graphic card!!!!

hey guys

i just bought a new Graphic card. It is a NVidia 6600 GT. The graphics are awesome. I have tried to play HL2, PES 4 and MGS2 in high setting and there is no problem playing them.

K i have to go. i can't stop playing .

see you later

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